Sunday, October 29, 2006

The girl in wflforum who takes orders for Dong Bang merchandise finally replied my message. And yes, she's still accepting orders. You've guessed it right! I've already confirmed my shopping list. ^^ Ordered a black t-shirt & phone strap which cost me RM195 (including shipping fee). So now I can die a happy fangirl~ XD The items are gonna burn a hole in my wallet. I dunno about you guys but felt this is worthwhile. This is my first time buying concert goods direct from Japan. Okay, not exactly direct but through a middleman. Praying hard they will arrive soon after I make my payment tomorrow. Weee~ ^^

I made a new friend though TVXQ's LJ comm but she's younger than me by 3 years. We started emailing each other, sharing our interests & stuff. The best part is she lives pretty near my house. A great opportunity to arrange a meet-up eh? Hehe. I'm looking forward to it...that would be after her SPM. Lots of good luck to her!

After listening to Keita's solo single, I felt that his style is leaning towards Mr. Children. The music is guitar-ish yet more like soft rock + ballad. Usually songs that fall into this genre will be used as an anime theme song. No wonder 道標 is chosen as the opening theme for an anime. Can't remember the title but don't's not even on Animax yet. Perhaps it's already available for download in raw format. Anyways, I can't be an avid anime & idol fan simultaneously cuz that would eat up a lot of my time. Watching Hell Girl is enough while I prefer to focus my energy towards Dong Bang crack XD. Those are enough to satisfy my daily cravings.

As usual, Dong Bang cracks never fail to keep me amused. Just got a video called MBC Golden Fish Fishery fresh from the "oven". It featured Yoochun & Jaejoong re-making the scenes of several famous Korean dramas, parody version. Though there isn't any subs but the actions kept me laughing all night long. I'm too lazy to make caps for now. Maybe later...after my lunch. ^^ Here's 白い天使 signing off for now. Forgive the randomness.

Friday, October 27, 2006

What the...?! Another 2 versions of "O"-正.反.合. album?? Ahhh nooo~ *runs to the corner & weep* I bought version B which has CD+DVD. Guess what the version C & D are all about? Both are CD+DVD but two songs in the CD will be different. Of course Version C will include the Vacation drama (wha??), NG scenes & photosketch I think. Version D contains 3rd album showcase, old MVs+"O" MV & lastly, making of Balloons MV. Evil money-minded SM -_-" *prepares to kick SM*


Today is the 3rd 4th day I'll be watching Hell Girl on Animax. Sorry for the random statement. I kinda got hooked to this new anime. It looked quite interesting since I have fondness for mysterious horror flicks. This anime is not that scary, though. This girl, Ai Enma is a person who helps to deliver vengeance for those who call upon her through a website which only appears at the stroke of midnight. She gives a voodoo doll to the summoner & will only grant his/her wish when the red string is pulled from the doll. I'm hoping future episodes will feature more of the girl's background. I mean, the anime just can't go on about how everyone wants to seek revenge. Right?

Last night, I was randomly surfing around & decided to visit the Walkman site again. God, Sony just came out with another new Walkman model called the S700F/600 series. It has an OLED colour screen. Can you believe it?? Gosh...I just bought mine few months ago. Curious about how the new Walkman looks like? Click here. Loads of extra features to offer according to the site about this model which includes noise cancelling, clear stereo, bass bla bla. And the earphones included are noise cancelling ones too. *spazzz* No matter what...I'll stick to my good 'ol Walkman. ^^ Just couldn't imagine Sony is that quick. *sighs*

Did ya know the Dong Bangs can so dorky & childish, yet still look adorable? I came across this fancam video taken from their Gag concert. I died of laughter, trust me. See it for yourselves. Click the link below to view. Meanwhile, gimme a moment while I run to the corner & starts spazzing XD.

TVXQ Animal Kingdom dancing to Balloons

Credits for the link: 벼리, 새라새롭, 체리키스, 리즈, 푸른하늘, 사랑스런밍이 @ Bestiz

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

*stretches* Hmm...I guess some of you weren't aware that I was away from for a day. Haha, yeah. A day~ Basically, I just came back from Ipoh this morning after celebrating my maternal grandma's birthday last night. Dinner at the club house Chinese restaurant was okay...I wouldn't say it was that good either. The 3-styled fish was the worst dish I ever ate in my life. *shrugs* I shall not elaborate on that. Thank goodness we had a sumptuous Tiramisu cake for granny's birthday. Before everyone started chomping down the cake, I jumped at the opportunity to take a snapshot of it XD.

*scratches head* said "Greatest Mum, happy birthday!" Right?

A pic of granny with her cake ^^

There was a massive camwhoring session going on after the meal. Of course, the pics are not here cuz they're in my cuzzie's camera phone. Each of us took turns to pose with granny, giving her a smooch on the cheek. On the other hand, me & sis did a rather unusual pose. I managed to pester my sis to do the "saranghae" pose. Felt kinda embarrassed & ecstatic at the same time. Nevertheless, it was fun XD.

The minute we arrived home, me & sis started doodling with our camera phones. I took pic of her hair & she took shots of my eyelashes. Yup, that's right! My lashes are naturally long but the mascara gave them extra length.'s rather difficult to see the length in the pics. Just to show you that me & sis can be nuts at times. Hehe.

Oh boy, I look so ugly in close-up shots -_-"

That's all about my Ipoh trip. Btw, do y'all know what is "ah pom"? It's some sort of Chinese delicacy. I'm not sure how to call it but it's a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar & errr...well, whatever is needed to make it. It's one of my obsession since I was a kid but it's hard to get good ones in PJ. What's more, it's uber expensive~ Imagine paying for a small piece of dough for 50 cents. But I found a guy in Ipoh who sells them for only 25 cents a piece. Omg, I'm so gonna stalk him again in the next trip. *paws the hawker guy* XD Yo~ "Ah pom" seller, here I come! Yarrr!!!

Here's a pic of the "ah pom" before I finished all of them ^^;

Mind you, I ate almost 70% of the 20 pieces my mum bought XD

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I was chatting up with my cousin bro while driving my sis to a Deepavali celebration at her friend's house. And he brought up the conversation he had with his gf and her gal friends. Apparently the gals (including the gf) are going to attend a ball so they're busy shopping for clothes. This was what the gf & gal friends said.

Cousin bro (CB): So, have you gals finished shopping for all
the stuffs for the ball?
Girlfriend (GF): Not really. We've
still got 1 more to go...
Friends: Yup. It's the dinner bag
we're looking for.
CB: Say what?!
Friends: Dinner bag~ *rolls eyes* The ones you put things
CB: You call those dinner bag? *dies*
don't call those dinner bag! It's a handbag.
Friends: We
thought there's a term for bags used for special dinners or ball.
GF: ...
CB: -_-"

Honestly, I would've smash my head on the wall/desk so many times after hearing it. I thought I'm a noob enough to not know much about fashion terms. Didn't know there're people who are worse. C'mon, it's such a simple term ---> handbag. There's no such thing called dinner bag, for God's sake. How stupid can the gals get?? offence here. Just can't stand the stupidity. And those girls dress up & do more makeovers than I even apply a simple lipbalm or gloss. *shrugs off*

For the past 2 months I've been "stalking" Yahoo! Japan Auctions, hoping that someone would auction off TVXQ's concert goods. I fell in love with the phone strap & insisted that I must have it. Being a noob in Japanese as usual, I failed at making bids. What's more, most of the sellers refused to ship overseas. In fact, I found the official site which sells their goods but it does not accept international orders. *sobs* This is so unfair. My luck seems to have turned around *wipes tears*. I came across this fella at wflforums who's willing to take orders for TVXQ's merchandise for both A Nation 2006 & 1st Live Tour 2006 ~Heart, Mind & Soul~. The best part is...the orders are strictly for Malaysians only. Kyaaaaa! I'm so overjoyed. I've yet to confirm my order list cuz there're some issues to be finalised. Besides, that fella didn't mention the preferred the payment method. Will see how things go about cuz the items are freakin' expensive.

These are what I'm planning to order...

T-shirt (front)

T-shirt (back)

Phone strap with cross charm

I'm gonna be so broke after buying these. T-shirt=RM90 while phone strap=RM55.

RM90 + RM55 + shipping fee = T.T

Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm back, people! Did ya miss me? XD. Anyways, I'm so relieved this short semester has finally come to an end. Technically, my semester ends today but I didn't bother attending the last class. Who wants to go for a 2 hour class which only starts at 3pm?? See what I mean? Since I'm so free, I'm back to being a chauffeur again XD.

Btw, the haze condition is not getting any better. It seems to get worse day by day. Even the heavy downpour is not helping either. *sighs* Curse the neighbour country for causing this. Grrr! Unless that country puts out the blaze in their forest, there's no other way to clear the hazy skies. And dammit, I caught a flu as well -_-". Oh yeah...earlier today I was experiencing a terrible tummy ache. It hurt so badly that I could barely bent down or move around. Then, I thought there was seriously something wrong with me. But lucky thing those black chinese med pills saved my day. In the end, it was only wind in the stomach that caused so much pain. All I can say is that chinese pills work best for queasy feeling stomachs. Trust me~

What I'm about to say here is old news but I just wanna share with y'all. I had a shock of my life when news reported that Yunho got poisoned after drinking from a bottle with superglue on the mouth area. Apparently, some anti-fan of TVXQ managed to sneak into the backstage during Heroine 6's filming & passed the bottle to the manager as a fan gift to Yunho. Poor fella who didn't expect anything just drank from it...*poof* he ended up at the hospital. Geez, can't imagine Korean anti-fans can be so violent & rebellious. What's more, the culprit is a 20 year old college gal. Talk about immaturity, eh? I seriously think she deserves some form of punishment though she admitted to the police. Why? For inflicting such harm to another person. She could've killed him, that's for sure. Glad that he's fine now. He even went for a radio program yesterday. Here's the proof...

TVXQ singing "You Only Love" at radio station

I was watching Vacation NG clips yesterday. Guess what, I almost died of laughter cuz it was so full of crackiness. Decided to make 3 screencaps of Jaejoong to show how gay pretty he can be XD. See it for yourself~

Look at this pretty dude~ *dies*

Ok, erm...that shirt & gold chain is making him so gay -_-" (the hair as well...)

Awww...his cute smile is enough to make my day. Who cares if he looks gay, rite? XD

Now, the NGs are turning me uber excited about the DVD release. There're scenes with Yoochun topless in it *drools*. Kyaaaaa!! Can't wait~

Friday, October 13, 2006

I was happy & relieved this morning. The assignment on branding was finally completed & handed in. Couldn't care much about revising for English test cuz I was already brain drained & exhausted for 2-3 consecutive sleepness nights. Perhaps part of me was being over-confident just because it's English. The paper wasn't difficult but the time given was rather short. And so I bombed the paper, failing to finish the last report writing question in time. It was my mistake for spending so much time on the first two questions & being too elaborate in my report. I'm prepared to fail this paper but I'm praying hard it won't affect my coursework marks.

So, yeah...I felt so angry about myself~

Thank God this thing arrived just when I needed something/someone to cheer me up.

Yeahhhh!! My orders~ *squee*

The shiny! ^^

And Mum came back from some outing with this cute little cube sized miniature.

Unique, don't you think?

At the end of the day, I'm back to being a happy person again. ^^ Forgive this random+lame post...I'm sleepy.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Boo-hoo! Rainy days didn't help to clear the hazy skies. Although the rain on Friday night was effective but the sky was hazy again on Sunday. It got worse this morning & the neighbourhood was barely visible. How I wish I could show y'all how bad the sky condition has become. But my lousy camera phone was not able to capture the blurry view cuz the image quality is already that poor. Perhaps the old photo I took last year would give an idea how the sky is now.

This is how Malaysian skies look like during evenings

The weather is much cooler now compare to weekends. Hopefully the condition will get better in days to come. Meanwhile, I'll be on a hiatus again cuz of assignments. I have yet to start typing MKT233 assignment & it's due on Thursday. I'm so dead...any good ideas on how to commit suicide besides jumping off the building or slicing myself?? XD

Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's raining now. Isn't it great? The haze has been really bad for past few days. The sky is in need of a heavy rain to solve the problem. Hopefully there'll be a clear blue sky tomorrow. As you can see, I was on a hiatus mode for almost a week. Frustrated, I was throughout the week about having to put up with the pathetic broadband connection. It really disrupted my work & I seriously thought of changing to another ISP. Maxis High Speed 3G broadband, perhaps. Wouldn't mind paying slightly higher as long the speed remains consistent.

My ENL208 presentation was scheduled on Thursday. Unfortunately, things didn't turned out well for my part. I would say my teammates performed well except me. I was panic stricken & started fumbling when between my words when my voice wasn't as loud as it should be. Then only I realised the haze had made my throat really dry. And silly me for not taking a sip of water before the presentation. The lecturer later commented that my "hand twirling" habits was rather disturbing, poor voice project & the tendency to refer to the slides too often. Gosh, I wasn't even reading from the slides. I was just looking at the points & further reinforce it with my explanation while looking at her. There goes my grades, falling deep into the pit. I was devastated & nearly burst into tears. My self-esteem had disappeared...kept asking myself, "What the hell happened to you, Mei?! You were so full of confidence back in semester 1!".

We had another short presentation during MKT233 class but this one is not graded. Somehow, I regained my confidence again. I fumbled a little at the beginning cuz I'm a lousy talker but eventually got back on track & started blabbering. What's more, the slides are about my personal life. And there I was, enlightening my classmates how great w-inds. & Dong Bang dorks are using high resolution images XD. My confession about being apple pie fetish got one of my classmates to tease & tempt me all the time -_-".

I was so relieved after handing in the Finagle report. Did you know that I woke up at 7am just to finish up the last question? Was typing vigorously on the keyboard the whole morning, racing against time & finally completed the report at 10.30am while class was about to start in half an hour. Btw, there's this weird girl in college approached me & started staring. All of a sudden, she introduced herself to me. Huh? What the...? I blurted out, "Do I know you?". She shooked her head & walked away. Weird, isn't it?

Basically, nothing much happened during Mooncake Festival. Reunion dinner with families is expected but I wasn't interested to play with lanterns cuz of the haze. Was watching the sappy Korean drama, My Girl with Mum & later this reality show called So Now You Think You Can Dance. It's surprisingly good despite the fact that I dislike watching American Idol copycats. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna go catch up with the new Dong Bang videos I've downloaded for the past few days. My package should be arrive next week. At least there's something to spazz about XD. Cheers & good nite~

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My broadband has been bitching for the whole day. It came to a halt at precisely 12-1pm, the connection speed slowing down till it died. Initially, I planned to do further research on my Finagle assignment but that damn ISP failed. The whole day was spent on reading newspapers, watching w-inds. & Dong Bang videos, lepaking around the house (cuz I got nothing else better to do) & then a brief shopping trip to Digital Mall later in the evening. I only got to blog this post late at night after resetting the modem again -_-". You can imagine how bad my connection was.

Btw, I wasn't a lazy ass after all. I did try reading up on materials related the assignment & refreshing my memory on the topic of external environment. Seems like my good 'ol A Level Business Studies book still comes in handy ^^. But the text isn't concrete enough to support my statements, of course. It just gave outlines on what external environment is all about as well as the factors behind that affect business strategies. I still need to rely on Internet sources, somehow.

I'm sure y'all are aware that I've made orders in YesAsia yesterday. YesAsia is seriously overcharging for Japanese dvds compared to CDJapan. I was obligated to order Works vol. 5 from YesAsia. Didn't wanna miss out the free shipping for Dong Bang's CD too. Since CDJapan's shipping charge is freaking expensive, buying from YesAsia makes no difference. *sighs* Say bye bye to RM200~ Lots of love to my aunt for allowing me to use her credit card again ^^. I gave her more credit points, ya know. There's mutual benefit in the process. *grins*

Despite being pissed off for the whole day (almost yelling at the Streamyx guy on the phone again...), watching dorks turning into sex idols jaw-dropping performers never fail to amaze me XD. I saw Keita's PV on YouTube the other day. It's pretty decent, nothing great. Nevertheless, it does portray his maturity. Can't always expect him to dance like he used to, rite? But the last part was orgasmic~ XD All of a sudden, he took off his jacket & jumped on the bed, lying down & grinning cheekily at the camera *faints*. I had no idea why he did that. See it for yourself.

Ok, no cheeky grin here. I chose this screencap cuz it's the most orgasmic among all~

And the gifs below are what I called the ultimate orgasmic video ever. *nose bleed* This is the Dong Bang dorks we all know too well. Taken from their latest MV, "O"-正.反.合...this is Yunho shaking his ass like there's no tomorrow as well the sexy dance by the guys.

Image Hosted by

Yunho's signature pelvic thrust

Caution! Not for the faint hearted girls...

Image Hosted by

Chest molesting in the process XD

Credits: shinigamitabris@LJ (Michishirube PV screencap) & indicted@LJ ("O"-正.反.合 MV gifs)