Sunday, October 22, 2006

I was chatting up with my cousin bro while driving my sis to a Deepavali celebration at her friend's house. And he brought up the conversation he had with his gf and her gal friends. Apparently the gals (including the gf) are going to attend a ball so they're busy shopping for clothes. This was what the gf & gal friends said.

Cousin bro (CB): So, have you gals finished shopping for all
the stuffs for the ball?
Girlfriend (GF): Not really. We've
still got 1 more to go...
Friends: Yup. It's the dinner bag
we're looking for.
CB: Say what?!
Friends: Dinner bag~ *rolls eyes* The ones you put things
CB: You call those dinner bag? *dies*
don't call those dinner bag! It's a handbag.
Friends: We
thought there's a term for bags used for special dinners or ball.
GF: ...
CB: -_-"

Honestly, I would've smash my head on the wall/desk so many times after hearing it. I thought I'm a noob enough to not know much about fashion terms. Didn't know there're people who are worse. C'mon, it's such a simple term ---> handbag. There's no such thing called dinner bag, for God's sake. How stupid can the gals get?? offence here. Just can't stand the stupidity. And those girls dress up & do more makeovers than I even apply a simple lipbalm or gloss. *shrugs off*

For the past 2 months I've been "stalking" Yahoo! Japan Auctions, hoping that someone would auction off TVXQ's concert goods. I fell in love with the phone strap & insisted that I must have it. Being a noob in Japanese as usual, I failed at making bids. What's more, most of the sellers refused to ship overseas. In fact, I found the official site which sells their goods but it does not accept international orders. *sobs* This is so unfair. My luck seems to have turned around *wipes tears*. I came across this fella at wflforums who's willing to take orders for TVXQ's merchandise for both A Nation 2006 & 1st Live Tour 2006 ~Heart, Mind & Soul~. The best part is...the orders are strictly for Malaysians only. Kyaaaaa! I'm so overjoyed. I've yet to confirm my order list cuz there're some issues to be finalised. Besides, that fella didn't mention the preferred the payment method. Will see how things go about cuz the items are freakin' expensive.

These are what I'm planning to order...

T-shirt (front)

T-shirt (back)

Phone strap with cross charm

I'm gonna be so broke after buying these. T-shirt=RM90 while phone strap=RM55.

RM90 + RM55 + shipping fee = T.T