Sunday, October 29, 2006

The girl in wflforum who takes orders for Dong Bang merchandise finally replied my message. And yes, she's still accepting orders. You've guessed it right! I've already confirmed my shopping list. ^^ Ordered a black t-shirt & phone strap which cost me RM195 (including shipping fee). So now I can die a happy fangirl~ XD The items are gonna burn a hole in my wallet. I dunno about you guys but felt this is worthwhile. This is my first time buying concert goods direct from Japan. Okay, not exactly direct but through a middleman. Praying hard they will arrive soon after I make my payment tomorrow. Weee~ ^^

I made a new friend though TVXQ's LJ comm but she's younger than me by 3 years. We started emailing each other, sharing our interests & stuff. The best part is she lives pretty near my house. A great opportunity to arrange a meet-up eh? Hehe. I'm looking forward to it...that would be after her SPM. Lots of good luck to her!

After listening to Keita's solo single, I felt that his style is leaning towards Mr. Children. The music is guitar-ish yet more like soft rock + ballad. Usually songs that fall into this genre will be used as an anime theme song. No wonder 道標 is chosen as the opening theme for an anime. Can't remember the title but don't's not even on Animax yet. Perhaps it's already available for download in raw format. Anyways, I can't be an avid anime & idol fan simultaneously cuz that would eat up a lot of my time. Watching Hell Girl is enough while I prefer to focus my energy towards Dong Bang crack XD. Those are enough to satisfy my daily cravings.

As usual, Dong Bang cracks never fail to keep me amused. Just got a video called MBC Golden Fish Fishery fresh from the "oven". It featured Yoochun & Jaejoong re-making the scenes of several famous Korean dramas, parody version. Though there isn't any subs but the actions kept me laughing all night long. I'm too lazy to make caps for now. Maybe later...after my lunch. ^^ Here's 白い天使 signing off for now. Forgive the randomness.