Friday, October 27, 2006

What the...?! Another 2 versions of "O"-正.反.合. album?? Ahhh nooo~ *runs to the corner & weep* I bought version B which has CD+DVD. Guess what the version C & D are all about? Both are CD+DVD but two songs in the CD will be different. Of course Version C will include the Vacation drama (wha??), NG scenes & photosketch I think. Version D contains 3rd album showcase, old MVs+"O" MV & lastly, making of Balloons MV. Evil money-minded SM -_-" *prepares to kick SM*


Today is the 3rd 4th day I'll be watching Hell Girl on Animax. Sorry for the random statement. I kinda got hooked to this new anime. It looked quite interesting since I have fondness for mysterious horror flicks. This anime is not that scary, though. This girl, Ai Enma is a person who helps to deliver vengeance for those who call upon her through a website which only appears at the stroke of midnight. She gives a voodoo doll to the summoner & will only grant his/her wish when the red string is pulled from the doll. I'm hoping future episodes will feature more of the girl's background. I mean, the anime just can't go on about how everyone wants to seek revenge. Right?

Last night, I was randomly surfing around & decided to visit the Walkman site again. God, Sony just came out with another new Walkman model called the S700F/600 series. It has an OLED colour screen. Can you believe it?? Gosh...I just bought mine few months ago. Curious about how the new Walkman looks like? Click here. Loads of extra features to offer according to the site about this model which includes noise cancelling, clear stereo, bass bla bla. And the earphones included are noise cancelling ones too. *spazzz* No matter what...I'll stick to my good 'ol Walkman. ^^ Just couldn't imagine Sony is that quick. *sighs*

Did ya know the Dong Bangs can so dorky & childish, yet still look adorable? I came across this fancam video taken from their Gag concert. I died of laughter, trust me. See it for yourselves. Click the link below to view. Meanwhile, gimme a moment while I run to the corner & starts spazzing XD.

TVXQ Animal Kingdom dancing to Balloons

Credits for the link: 벼리, 새라새롭, 체리키스, 리즈, 푸른하늘, 사랑스런밍이 @ Bestiz