Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's raining now. Isn't it great? The haze has been really bad for past few days. The sky is in need of a heavy rain to solve the problem. Hopefully there'll be a clear blue sky tomorrow. As you can see, I was on a hiatus mode for almost a week. Frustrated, I was throughout the week about having to put up with the pathetic broadband connection. It really disrupted my work & I seriously thought of changing to another ISP. Maxis High Speed 3G broadband, perhaps. Wouldn't mind paying slightly higher as long the speed remains consistent.

My ENL208 presentation was scheduled on Thursday. Unfortunately, things didn't turned out well for my part. I would say my teammates performed well except me. I was panic stricken & started fumbling when between my words when my voice wasn't as loud as it should be. Then only I realised the haze had made my throat really dry. And silly me for not taking a sip of water before the presentation. The lecturer later commented that my "hand twirling" habits was rather disturbing, poor voice project & the tendency to refer to the slides too often. Gosh, I wasn't even reading from the slides. I was just looking at the points & further reinforce it with my explanation while looking at her. There goes my grades, falling deep into the pit. I was devastated & nearly burst into tears. My self-esteem had disappeared...kept asking myself, "What the hell happened to you, Mei?! You were so full of confidence back in semester 1!".

We had another short presentation during MKT233 class but this one is not graded. Somehow, I regained my confidence again. I fumbled a little at the beginning cuz I'm a lousy talker but eventually got back on track & started blabbering. What's more, the slides are about my personal life. And there I was, enlightening my classmates how great w-inds. & Dong Bang dorks are using high resolution images XD. My confession about being apple pie fetish got one of my classmates to tease & tempt me all the time -_-".

I was so relieved after handing in the Finagle report. Did you know that I woke up at 7am just to finish up the last question? Was typing vigorously on the keyboard the whole morning, racing against time & finally completed the report at 10.30am while class was about to start in half an hour. Btw, there's this weird girl in college approached me & started staring. All of a sudden, she introduced herself to me. Huh? What the...? I blurted out, "Do I know you?". She shooked her head & walked away. Weird, isn't it?

Basically, nothing much happened during Mooncake Festival. Reunion dinner with families is expected but I wasn't interested to play with lanterns cuz of the haze. Was watching the sappy Korean drama, My Girl with Mum & later this reality show called So Now You Think You Can Dance. It's surprisingly good despite the fact that I dislike watching American Idol copycats. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna go catch up with the new Dong Bang videos I've downloaded for the past few days. My package should be arrive next week. At least there's something to spazz about XD. Cheers & good nite~