Sunday, October 01, 2006

My broadband has been bitching for the whole day. It came to a halt at precisely 12-1pm, the connection speed slowing down till it died. Initially, I planned to do further research on my Finagle assignment but that damn ISP failed. The whole day was spent on reading newspapers, watching w-inds. & Dong Bang videos, lepaking around the house (cuz I got nothing else better to do) & then a brief shopping trip to Digital Mall later in the evening. I only got to blog this post late at night after resetting the modem again -_-". You can imagine how bad my connection was.

Btw, I wasn't a lazy ass after all. I did try reading up on materials related the assignment & refreshing my memory on the topic of external environment. Seems like my good 'ol A Level Business Studies book still comes in handy ^^. But the text isn't concrete enough to support my statements, of course. It just gave outlines on what external environment is all about as well as the factors behind that affect business strategies. I still need to rely on Internet sources, somehow.

I'm sure y'all are aware that I've made orders in YesAsia yesterday. YesAsia is seriously overcharging for Japanese dvds compared to CDJapan. I was obligated to order Works vol. 5 from YesAsia. Didn't wanna miss out the free shipping for Dong Bang's CD too. Since CDJapan's shipping charge is freaking expensive, buying from YesAsia makes no difference. *sighs* Say bye bye to RM200~ Lots of love to my aunt for allowing me to use her credit card again ^^. I gave her more credit points, ya know. There's mutual benefit in the process. *grins*

Despite being pissed off for the whole day (almost yelling at the Streamyx guy on the phone again...), watching dorks turning into sex idols jaw-dropping performers never fail to amaze me XD. I saw Keita's PV on YouTube the other day. It's pretty decent, nothing great. Nevertheless, it does portray his maturity. Can't always expect him to dance like he used to, rite? But the last part was orgasmic~ XD All of a sudden, he took off his jacket & jumped on the bed, lying down & grinning cheekily at the camera *faints*. I had no idea why he did that. See it for yourself.

Ok, no cheeky grin here. I chose this screencap cuz it's the most orgasmic among all~

And the gifs below are what I called the ultimate orgasmic video ever. *nose bleed* This is the Dong Bang dorks we all know too well. Taken from their latest MV, "O"-正.反.合...this is Yunho shaking his ass like there's no tomorrow as well the sexy dance by the guys.

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Yunho's signature pelvic thrust

Caution! Not for the faint hearted girls...

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Chest molesting in the process XD

Credits: shinigamitabris@LJ (Michishirube PV screencap) & indicted@LJ ("O"-正.反.合 MV gifs)