Chill out

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It was my first night out with my colleagues on a Friday night. Sanctuary was the hangout place for the night as they wished to finish up the remaining Hennessy bottle that they signed up for months back. So, I've decided to accept their invitation out of gratitude for them being so nice to me. We had dinner at this Thai restaurant called Sutra which is situated at The Curve. Much to my oblivion, I have the faintest idea that this mall is the "in" place to be on every Friday night. There's so much life & music at the outdoors. In addition, a bazaar is on each night (I think) to satisfy the needs of budget-conscious shopaholics. Guess I should go out more & absorb the night air.

As we all know, it's the jolly season again. Yup, that time of the year. Without doubt, malls are decorated with their most extravagant Christmas decorations to date. And The Curve is definitely not missing out. I took a snapshot of the famous nightwalk cuz it was so dazzling. It's a pity that I left the camera at home. This is the best I could get out my miserable 2mp camera phone.

Food was not too bad though Thai cuisine is not particularly my preference. On the other hand, Sanctuary was good. The DJ played good music too, imho. What's more, it gets better & better after each song. Much better than Club Quattro. I didn't drink much - only 2 glasses of dilluted Hennessy with lots of Coke & ice. This is how an alcohol intolerant person would consume his/her pint. Even so, my eyes were reddening despite only taking merely 2 glasses. It's a good thing that my colleagues aren't being pushy about these things & that gave me opportunity to escape from being drunk. All I did was danced wee bit & groove to the sounds.

I left the club at 11pm. Not the right time to leave as the night is still young. People are starting to swarm into clubs & party the night away. But what can I do. I have a curfew & family's calling. After all, I'm not the kind who likes to stay out too late. Midnight is still fine but 1am...nope, I don't think so. It was fun nevertheless ^^.

Wedded at noon

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's a once in a blue moon thing to be able to attend a wedding in the afternoon. It still seems odd to me to have a wedding reception at such a bright hour; not unless if it's a garden wedding. Last Saturday, one of my relatives had his big day at a ballroom of Palace of The Golden Horses. Technically speaking, he's my Dad's cousin bro from the paternal side. This officially makes him my uncle. Btw, having a wedding in a ballroom sounds really nice despite the fact that banquet food sucks. The venue makes the event more grand & pompuous in which allows you dress up as glamourous as you can. Sadly, people here don't really conform to the formalities of a ballroom attire although the invitation card had clearly stated otherwise. Fortunately, my family are one of the few who did dress up prim & proper. And I'd have to say that we were among the best dressed by far. *smiles proudly* XD

Honestly, I had no intention to get a new dress as I was on a strict money saving regime. I made sure that I don't spend on unnecessary things before I lay my hands on a job. Now that I have one, I still have to be savvy on my spending cuz I'm on my own now for most things. Besides, I already have a few dresses to suit the occasion. People say that you don't wear the same dress twice but I don't give a damn. I suppose it was purely coincidental that I found the perfect one a day prior to the wedding when I accompanied my aunt to collect her altered cheongsam. Never in my life I've managed to find one that fits my petite (or rather thin) body so well. And whats even weirder is that I fell in love with it the minute I laid eyes on it. Is that supposed to be pure coincidence or fate? I was quite reluctant to purchase it cuz it was really way of my budget for a dress. No doubt it's absolutely beautiful but the staggering price is enough to burn a hole in my pocket soon enough once my half month salary is in. Ah well...T.T I bought it anyways.

There's nothing of significance throughout the wedding. As expected, many guests dressed inappropriately but seriously none of my concern. No typical loud & rowdy yam sengs among the tables (Thank God!). Just a simple yam seng toast by the groom & bride (plus immediate families) as to pay respect to our traditional customs. And then a toast by the couple at each table before the photographer takes the shot. Now if only the dearly beloved couple would take the stage & give some speech. That way the wedding is perfect, just like what I wish how mine would be in the future XD.

Food is okay, nothing great. Like I've said earlier, ballroom dining is never ever good. Pics are up on Facebook so feel free to click here for your viewing pleasure. Boy, I look stunning XD.

First job

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I assure you there's no better way to start the next chapter of my life by securing a job not too long after my convocation. As most of y'all are well aware that I've started working a couple of days ago. In a company that manufactures Asian drinks i.e. soya milk, chrysanthemum tea, sugar cane & etc. I'm not saying names reason being to avoid putting my career at risk. I reckon some readers may be spying on statements that I make. Hence, the importance to be extra cautious is greatly highlighted here.

So far, I did learn new stuff that I had no opportunity to do so in previous jobs that I took on a part-time basis. Getting familiar with the employees & their operational systems are part & parcel of the job but given the access & responsibility to use SAP sounds so glamorous. And I need not go through any SAP training. My good ol' senior passed on the knowledge to me, patiently guiding me through. Ain't she sweet? ^^

Speaking of colleagues, they're a bunch of lovely people. Very hospitable, indeed. A little bit crazy at times; joking around & laughing real hard at each other's silly jokes. Glad that they make the work environment less dull. At least there is a reason for me to look forward to going back to the office XD.

First day was pretty interesting. Almost the whole Marketing department went out for lunch courtesy of the GM. It was more like a meal to welcome the newcomers into the "family". Coincidentally, the first day on job was the birthday of the other newcomer who came in on the same day as me. What an interesting day for her, eh? Today was my senior's birthday & so you could imagine having to eat free cakes for two consecutive days. It's pretty fun when all the colleagues remember & celebrate each other's birthday. How exciting can the my working life be? XD

Animal ears from "Madagascar"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just cuz it's so darn adorable that I have to lay my hands on it though everyone knows so well that it's not that worth it. It's time to shake your bum & get movin'. Go eat McDonald's or pay RM5.90 to have one on your head now. Fyi, I'm not paid for doing publicity on behalf of McD. Had to talk about it cuz the ears are soooo irresistible XD.

Pose, smile, snap...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I went for a photo shoot this afternoon to have my graduation portraits taken. Oh boy! I didn't know that photo shoots can be such a fun activity though pretty exhaustive. At least this one did compensate for the lack of photo sessions with my buddies on Friday. And of course, the pics will turn out absolutely stunning as compared to those taken on that day. I can't imagine how the pics those graduands who decided to shoot their portraits on that day will turn out. Everyone was sweaty all over & faces so greasy that overly shiny appearance without doubt will be reflected in the portraits.

As for me, my family had a peaceful & relaxing time having the photographer to tell us how to pose yadi yada. It was definitely a great time for family bonding. We had decided to get cousin bro to put on the robes too since he missed the opportunity to do so months ago. What's better than having two graduates to taking pics simultaneously? ^^ The tiring part was making poses as instructed by the photographer himself. Sometimes the position was so darn awkward that we end up feeling pretty stiff & uncomfortable during the session. Seems like posing in front of the camera to achieve that best shot is not so easy after all. This futher proves how professional models are while on the set when they don't even need the art director or photographer to provide word-by-word directions to them.

Anyways, the proof shots will be ready by next week for us to select the good ones to be made into a 5R album & a an 11R size that comes with canvas & frame for my solo shot. Pretty cool, eh? This whole package costs RM399~ Ouch! Worth it, I guess. *shrugs* Here're some pics at the studio that we quietly took with my phone before the lady caught us red-handed. Fyi, cameras aren't allowed in the studio -_-".

Total opposites: Giant & midget (Cousin bro & me)

Partners in crime XD (Me & lil' sis)

Aunt Choo & me ^^

Here comes the big day!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The day has come & gone. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that this thing about graduation seemed like a distant thought. Little did I (did we) expected I'll be graduating soon I've graduated. And sad to say, the ceremony turned out to be a little disappointing. Reason being the schedule was untimely (evening) & no thanks to an incredibly long-winded irrelevant speech presented by one of the VIPs drove the ceremony to a standstill. Having minor aches pounding against my head continuously only made matters a lot worser.

I was feeling very anxious most of the time cuz I had no one to pass my handbag for keep's sake. Graduands weren't allowed to bring any bags into the ceremony hall & unfortunately my parents decided to be fashionably late. There I was, at the sports complex fidgeting nervously while almost tearing up the small piece of paper in my hands that even the tall guy sitting next to me that I got to knew for a couple of minutes had to calm me down. As we exited the complex towards the multi-purpose hall passing by the canteen, I realised that the piece of paper I was holding earlier was missing. Ran I did back to the canteen & searched frantically, hoping to find the purple sheet. Thank God I found it at the canteen not too far away from the hall; lying on the floor crumpled but still in one piece. I swear I would've have had a heart attack if it was nowhere to be seen.

Next, I squeezed back into my position in front of Kenneth & behind that tall dude. *sighs* What a klutz! When we were about to enter the hall, I was in a panic situation cuz Mum was not at sight as promised on the phone when I told her to come collect my bag. I couldn't imagine I'm in such bad luck for the entire day. I cursed "Shit!" out loud; tossed my bag on an empty chair near the door & entered the hall unceremoniously, quicken my pace to try catch with Kenneth & that dude - while the graduation anthem was being played. I kept texting Mum to get the bag & she replied that she couldn't find it. WTF! I'll be so dead meat if it's lost cuz my IC, credit cards, cash are all in there.

When I was steps away from receiving my certificate on stage, I told myself that I have to forget about that damn bag. Now's my moment...that's all I should be looking forward to. And it all happened so fast. Walk to the chancellor, smile & thank him when he congratulates & presents the cert, turn to the front & pose for the cameras, descend the stage while flipping the tassle to the left. Officially graduated! In the end, it was all good cuz Mum managed to find my bag. Some good samaritan (apparently the guard) found it & kept it in case someone comes to claim it. Thank God once again...*phew* The only depressing thing is that my family (parents & grandparents) insisted that we leave immediately as it was getting rather late. I mean, I barely took any pics at all. And so we quickly snapped some shots, rushed over to the sports complex to meet up my buddies, do whatever we need to do & left.

It's so sad, really. It was my big day but my own family complained so much that the event was so lengthy & insisted to go home without bothering about how much I wanted to mingle with my buddies just for a little while to snap pics. I thought they were supposed to be so supportive... =(

For more pics, click here.