First job

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I assure you there's no better way to start the next chapter of my life by securing a job not too long after my convocation. As most of y'all are well aware that I've started working a couple of days ago. In a company that manufactures Asian drinks i.e. soya milk, chrysanthemum tea, sugar cane & etc. I'm not saying names reason being to avoid putting my career at risk. I reckon some readers may be spying on statements that I make. Hence, the importance to be extra cautious is greatly highlighted here.

So far, I did learn new stuff that I had no opportunity to do so in previous jobs that I took on a part-time basis. Getting familiar with the employees & their operational systems are part & parcel of the job but given the access & responsibility to use SAP sounds so glamorous. And I need not go through any SAP training. My good ol' senior passed on the knowledge to me, patiently guiding me through. Ain't she sweet? ^^

Speaking of colleagues, they're a bunch of lovely people. Very hospitable, indeed. A little bit crazy at times; joking around & laughing real hard at each other's silly jokes. Glad that they make the work environment less dull. At least there is a reason for me to look forward to going back to the office XD.

First day was pretty interesting. Almost the whole Marketing department went out for lunch courtesy of the GM. It was more like a meal to welcome the newcomers into the "family". Coincidentally, the first day on job was the birthday of the other newcomer who came in on the same day as me. What an interesting day for her, eh? Today was my senior's birthday & so you could imagine having to eat free cakes for two consecutive days. It's pretty fun when all the colleagues remember & celebrate each other's birthday. How exciting can the my working life be? XD