Pose, smile, snap...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I went for a photo shoot this afternoon to have my graduation portraits taken. Oh boy! I didn't know that photo shoots can be such a fun activity though pretty exhaustive. At least this one did compensate for the lack of photo sessions with my buddies on Friday. And of course, the pics will turn out absolutely stunning as compared to those taken on that day. I can't imagine how the pics those graduands who decided to shoot their portraits on that day will turn out. Everyone was sweaty all over & faces so greasy that overly shiny appearance without doubt will be reflected in the portraits.

As for me, my family had a peaceful & relaxing time having the photographer to tell us how to pose yadi yada. It was definitely a great time for family bonding. We had decided to get cousin bro to put on the robes too since he missed the opportunity to do so months ago. What's better than having two graduates to taking pics simultaneously? ^^ The tiring part was making poses as instructed by the photographer himself. Sometimes the position was so darn awkward that we end up feeling pretty stiff & uncomfortable during the session. Seems like posing in front of the camera to achieve that best shot is not so easy after all. This futher proves how professional models are while on the set when they don't even need the art director or photographer to provide word-by-word directions to them.

Anyways, the proof shots will be ready by next week for us to select the good ones to be made into a 5R album & a an 11R size that comes with canvas & frame for my solo shot. Pretty cool, eh? This whole package costs RM399~ Ouch! Worth it, I guess. *shrugs* Here're some pics at the studio that we quietly took with my phone before the lady caught us red-handed. Fyi, cameras aren't allowed in the studio -_-".

Total opposites: Giant & midget (Cousin bro & me)

Partners in crime XD (Me & lil' sis)

Aunt Choo & me ^^