Tuesday, November 28, 2006

For the first time in my life, I went for a blood test. It's for the sake of checking whether my body has Hepatitis B antibody. Hepatitis B surface Antibodies (HBsAb), so to speak. Why the sudden random blood test? Well, just because Mum went for a full blood test a couple of weeks ago & decided to make me do the same. Of course, it's only for that hepatitis thingy. So, off I went to LifeCare which is just next to the cafe I work in. One of Mum's friends works there & I guess that explains it all.

Knowing my paranoia for needles, I thought the experience would turn out to be awful. Haha. But everything was fine. Silly me! It felt like getting an injection. I yelped a little when the needle was being pulled out but it wasn't that bad after all. Since I had no idea about my blood group, the admin lady gave the blood group test for free. Very nice of her ^^.

Results came out few hours later. The conclusion is...I have the antibodies! Yay for that~ ^^ I get to save up RM100++ instead of paying for the jab. And my blood group is O positive. All this while, I knew that blood O flows in my body but didn't expect my rhesus is a positive. Oh well...*shrugs*

Sunday, November 26, 2006

AHHHH!!! I really couldn't hold on to my excitement. How should I put it? TVXQ WAS THE BIG WINNER FOR THE 2006 MKMF AWARDS!!! OMG!! If only I could watch the live telecast & join them to cry & sob over the win...that could've been awesome. My dear Dong Bangs won 4 awards last night.

  1. Best Group
  2. Mnet Plus Mobile Popularity Award
  3. Mnet.com Award

and lastly... *drum rolls*


Congrats to the boys!!! I'm so proud of them. Not to forget my darlings from Japan...


Ahhh~ This is definitely a weekend to remember. The weekend for awards show with great achievements from w-inds. & TVXQ. おめでとう!これからもっとがんばってね!

Credits: Star News, mydaily

Saturday, November 25, 2006

OMG! The Dong Bangs were at the film festival in Taiwan yesterday~ *spazzz* They looked so fregging hot!! *drools* The best part is, they were the presenters for Best Music Award & also performed "O"-正.反.合. in front of audiences from all over the world. Anyways, the movie Perhaps Love was announced the winner for that award. Too bad the event wasn't telecast live in my country. Apparently, Astro AEC will be showing the recorded version on Dec 2. Definitely looking forward to that show. *puts a mark on the calendar* XD

Since there wasn't any good shows to watch, I ended up watching the live telecast of 43rd Golden Horse Awards. Also held in Taipei, the awards mainly focused on films from Hong Kong, Taiwan & China. No big winners tonight as the awards were quite spread out. The results of the show is available from the link below:

The 43rd Golden Horse Awards Results List

The person who really surprised me was Goum Ian Iskandar, the winner of Best Supporting Actor award in After This Our Exile. Firstly, his name is not even close to a Chinese name. Secondly, he is soo young. Thirdly, he speaks perfect Cantonese *applauds*. I saw some clips of his acting during the nominations. He does have star potential. I guess we'll be seeing more of his shows some time in the future.

Will be back to edit post later. I was thinking of posting pics of TVXQ in Taiwan but I forgot to save some of them from LJ. And now LJ is bitching on me giving me a hard time so I couldn't access the comm again -_-". Sorry about the boring post. Bye for now~

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I broke a ceramic cup today T.T. It was an accident but it was all thanks to my careless-ness. Part of it was due to the lack of space at the counter. I guessed it was my mistake to put the cup too near the edge of the counter. When the customer called me, I accidentally dragged the cloth which the cup was on. In fact, I was prepared for a paycut but the boss said it's okay since it's just a cup. But she sounded kinda pissed when asking me about how the cup fell & broke. Felt really guilty throughout the day *sobs*. Boss' mood lightened up a little bit later in the afternoon. I wasn't so stressed up anymore. Anyways, I was too busy with work to even care about the incident since business was pretty good as usual. Hope that nothing will happen tomorrow.

Speaking of customer, this middle-aged Malay man...sorry, I'm not being racist here but I'm only referring to this idiotic old man who called me before the incident happened. He's such a pervert whenever he sees me. His stare sent chills down the spine. He came in yesterday with a colleague & started staring at me non-stop. At first, I shrugged it off...thinking it wasn't a big deal since it wasn't the first time I received stares from Malay men. The first time was while working in KL. Hey, wait. I did mentioned this before, didn't I? *checks archive* Oh, my bad. I totally forgot XD.

It happened in March while I was working for the taxation institute, if y'all remember. This office-boy came into the office to deliver some documents & the minute he laid eyes on me, the staring didn't end there. Then he asked, "did you go to Hard Rock Cafe last Friday night?". I was like...o_O BWUH?! "I thought I saw you there & you looked really familiar," he continued. "Erm, I don't even go out at night. I'm not allowed to," I muttered. Haha. You should've seen how embarrassed he was. But dang, that didn't stop the staring. He freaked me out, seriously. Hate those pervy stares. Grrr~

Back to the pervy old hag today, first off he told his Indian colleague that I'm pretty. The colleague nodded in agreement. Next, old hag commented that I should pinch my nose to give it a higher lift. What kind of comment is that?? I ignored but felt really intimidated after that. I know I shouldn't be so flustered about this man. Y'all will most likely suggest that I ignore his statements. But I feel that this harrassment should stop. Better than letting it get worse. Mum's friend said she'll take the orders if that old man appears. At least, I don't have to face that dirty old man. I don't mean to be racist so please forgive me if I offended anyone.

This is specially dedicated toTVXQ member, Youngwoong Jaejoong:
Dear Jaejoongie, now that your biological father has decided to withdraw the lawsuit...take good rest & give your full spirit in the performance for the 51st Asia Pacific Film Festival in Taipei tomorrow. Same for Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu & Changmin. Regardless of whether you're adopted or not, we as fans will always give lots of love & support to you & TVXQ. You'll always be our beloved Kim Jaejoong/Youngwoong Jaejoong. TVXQ hwaiting~

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

As I promised, here are the pics for version C & D. Trust me, version D is love~ ^^

The albums were inside this little box. I'm still keeping since it comes in handy :D

TA-DAA!! From left: Version C & D

Inside version C

Inside version D

30 magic cards (Jaejoongie in a lion suit is so fregging adorable XD)


Business was really good today. This time, we were more organised so no mistakes in orders were made. Kudos to everyone of us! ^^ Hmm, maybe it was the early afternoon rain that brought more customers in. I should start performing rituals to ask for more rain XD. Haha. Anyways, rainy days are expected towards the end of the year cuz it's now the monsoon season. Weird thing is...the northeast monsoon season only happens in north-eastern part of peninsular Malaysia. Perhaps it's the after effects of strong winds blowing across the Banjaran Titiwangsa. So, all we get is heavy downpour every day. Am I boring y'all with all my geographical knowledge? Opps, sorry -_-"

I've read several comments regarding the VACATION drama. There were both positive & negative feedbacks on the storyline. It seems not many fans favour Episode 1: Cassiopeia. Talking about irony, that episode is supposed to connect the most with the fans but sadly, it failed. To be honest, I was quite disappointed with Yunho's one. Not to say his acting ain't good but the story was bland. If only there were more character development. One whole episode was put to waste *sighs*. The best one, imho is Episode 2: Beautiful Life. Follow by Episode 3: The Way U Are & Episode 4: Eternal.

Jaejoong's episode could've been the top in my list if his was given a more elaborate ending. The fact that he just walked away after getting beaten up badly in front of a hospital. In fact, he should have a broken bone or two considering those gangsters hit with sticks. How can he stand up & walk?? Yeah, he was limping but still...o_O. And the ending for Eternal was pretty confusing. He travelled back in time to rescue his childhood sweetheart who supposedly died 8 years ago. But the rescue mission was done in a DREAM. Whereas one scene showed his childhood sweetheart was alive & waiting for him. He didn't meet her cuz he thought it was a dream, after all. I have to admit, Yoochun acts really well. The conclusion...I still think this theatrical drama is awesome despite the minor weaknesses. Could've been even better if the story is given more elaboration to prolong the show. The banjuns scripts were much better. I guess the MV & trailer gave too many spoilers *sighs*.

It was a good move to take my bath immediately after arriving home. I was like a walking onion just now XD. Whereas yesterday, my body smelled fishy with credits to tuna fishes. Anyways, I'm more like an onion every day -_-". I'm signing off for now. Will be back later with pics of "O"-正.反.合. repackaged albums. Tata~ ^_~

Monday, November 20, 2006

I just found another pic of Yunho's earrings look-alike. I want this!!! *spazzz*

Credits: crazypangi@in:com, soompi forums


*PHEW* What an exhausting day! Business was exceptionally good today. Too good thatl all of us got messed up with the orders. At first, we had 13 delivery orders for sandwiches & drinks. That was pretty much to handle & we ran out of ingredients. Boss had to go for grocery shopping while I helped out to garnish the salad. It was pretty fun at first cuz I don't normally get involved with the cooking process. Got to learn something new today ^^.

But then, people started coming in & that's when we couldn't serve even simple food in time. I felt so helpless since I couldn't lend a hand in preparing food. And I forgot to distribute forks/knives/spoons to the customers after their food were served XD. Another embarassing mistake & lesson learnt for the day. There were 2 mat sallehs who ordered so many sandwiches & drinks that I almost got confused again. They can really eat THAT much o_O. Reminds of the first time I ordered sandwiches in a cafe back in LA. The women there can gobble up food twice the size my dad can take in. *gasps*

Yesss! I already opened my package & tested the DVDs too. VACATION is awesome. The mood & set of the dramas do feel quite cinematic. I had no qualms while watching it cuz the boys can act well. It's a pity the runtime is only approximately 25 mins per episode. Another problem is the absence of English subtitles. I'm so desperate for them though I sorta know what's going on with the story. Episode 4: The Way U Are is the most interesting of all. A little predictable towards the end...hmm, I think I've got potential to be a scripwriter XD. I've got the ability to speculate the next part of the story, y'know. Lol...alrite, alrite. I watched too many dramas, that's why.

How I wish my piercings were still there. Those earrings worn by the Dong Bangs are so pretty which gave me the urge to get my ears pierced again. Back then, it was w-inds. that influenced me to get it done despite feeling all scared & paranoid about needles, intense pain, bla bla bla...and now, the Dong Bangs are driving me nuts about earrings again XD. I'm dying to get earrings like Yunho's. Something like this...

Or something like this...

Hmm...I wonder where I can get these lovely items.

Credits: Asmama.com, ace_chan@LJ

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I totally forgot all about someone's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYOHEI!


I have good & bad news. The good news is...my package came this morning! *spazzzz* It came earlier than I expected. The estimated arrival date should be around next week or so. Anyways, this time YesAsia wrapped the orders in a nice cubic box. I thought they would send in a foamed envelope like they usually do. Hmm, I haven't got to open it yet. I'm leaving it till later cuz at least there's something to cheer my up.

Why? The bad news is...I almost killed my own keyboard. I intended to clean my Internet keyboard this afternoon so I started unscrewing it. Upon removing the cover, I found out that it's quite difficult to remove the keys for some serious cleaning. The only way to do it is by using a screwdriver & take it out, one by one. To my horror, the rubber pieces underneath the black panel which holds the keys started falling off & got trapped in between. Every rubber piece went out of position. And so I tried taking out the black panel but I ended up breaking it -_-". Moreover, I accidentally tore the soft sensors underneath the panel. The keyboard is definitely spoilt, I told myself.

Finally, I managed to assemble all the pieces back together & tested it. Guess what, the keyboard worked miraculously! Thank God~ The only problem is some keys are stuck. It seems the rubber piece was out of position again. *sighs* A fully-functional keyboard ends up getting spoilt thanks to me T.T. I'm using my good ol' IBM keyboard right now. Couldn't stand fixing the keyboard again. I'm leaving it for tomorrow. Spending 5 hours on that thing really drained me out. Hopefully the fixing works well. Wish me luck. ^^

Friday, November 17, 2006

Yay! I got my pay for the week. This time, the amount is RM4.50 extra compared to last week. Lady boss has decided to reward me cuz I've been a good girl for the entire week XD. Well, I worked an extra hour on Tuesday so she thought it was fair to pay me accordingly. I usually leave at 3pm but that particular day, customers kept on coming in during that hour. It was something that none of us expected. Of course I didn't leave my co-workers to handle the customers. It would be so selfish to do that. Today was pretty quiet. A little disappointing, though. I guess it's okay cuz it seems there are worser days.

Grandma's left eye became swollen cuz the cooking oil got into her eye while she was frying fish. There was no way to avoid this since grandma is always careless. She doesn't pat the fish dry with a paper towel before tossing it to the wok. So, off we went to the hospital yesterday. My mouth fell wide open the minute I stepped into the building. Assunta's new block is indeed sophisticated. Haven't been there for ages & I could hardly recall my last visit there. Haha, isn't it good news that I don't have to visit the hospital often? It shows that I'm healthy & normal. Thank God for granting me a normal life! I feel blessed...btw, grandma's eye is fine now. Just a few drops of eye solution & ointment prescribed by the doctor will do the trick. Not to worry ^^.

Remember the catalogue I was talking about in my previous post? I found an online version of it from Sony's official site. You need Flash to run the program unless you download the pdf file. Click the link below to explore.

Sony t!me Year-End Promotion Online Catalogue

I'll keep this post short for today. Feeling rather sleepy & it's already late here. Before that, I've been listening a lot of songs from this Korean dude, K who looks like Jay Chou. He sings better than Jay, imho. The strange thing is he's more popular in Japan compared to his home country. What to do...Korean music scene is all about cheesy bubblegum pop & sappy love ballads. Anyhow, I recommend 抱きしめたい taken from K's Japanese debut album; Beyond the Sea. Ciaoz!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I met a quirky customer today. Btw, he's Indian & totally weird. So weird that it annoys me a lot. First, he came to order tuna egg sandwich; insisting on having 3 pieces of bread. The first two slices were packed together while the last one was separated. How pathetic! This is a waste of sandwich wrappers & stickers. Those things are expensive, you know. What's more, he was so "busybody" to tell us to fill up the coffee pot with more water while boiling it(the coffee pot was placed near the tables). Geez...just because the pot was 1/4 filled with water -_-". Hello?! It was already after breakfast hour. Who bothers to boil more water when nobody's gonna order coffee? And who drinks coffee for lunch, neways? Only him...I presume.

My boss told me that he ocassionally drops by just to exchange cash for bigger notes. Sometimes she refused to do so cuz she needed those notes. Guess how he reacts? He sulked & walked off. *rolls eyes* I wonder what's wrong with him.

I finally received the long-awaited pics taken during my 2-day job at PWTC. It's funny that I only managed to get it few days ago. The pics were in my friend's camera & that gadget belongs to her mum. Apparently, the USB cable is in her mum's office. My friend was supposed to remind her mum to bring it home but my dear friend keeps on forgetting. And I was told by my friend to keep on pestering her so that she could remind her mother. But my forgetful-ness got the better of me. That explains the long wait. *sweats* It's getting a little confusing here. Anyways, here's how I look in a 3-piece suit. Not too bad, eh? That suit cost me a bomb, okay. You better appreciate the pics & start rewarding me praises XD. Lol, joking~ Oh yeah, a million thanks to Jen!

This is me! ^^ (The girl next to my counter is Esther)

This is me again...(with a clearer shot)

Finally, the last shot with me & Jen looking tired out. It's already late in the evening.

I was surprised that Sony Malaysia has been so generous on their promotional expenses. A full colour 97-pages catalogue was distributed to every home. I tell ya, the pics in the catalogue are shiny~ Every product in it is so gorgeous that it makes you wanna have them so badly. But the price tag is hefty T.T. Who wouldn't wanna own a Sony, rite?

Ahh, the Dong Bangs have changed their hairstyles again. From what I can see, they going back to old skool. Pretty similar to their debut image. They dyed their hair in honey brown (my fav colour ^^) except Junsu. So far, they're not revealing much about their new image. All I can say is...I love their new hairstyles. They must be preparing to film the next MV. I pity the boys...SM, better stop tormenting the boys or I'll summon the Hell Girl pushing the boys to their limits.

To my dear friend, Enya. If you happened to be reading this, I'm truly sorry for not replying your mail. The waitress job gets me tired easily -_-". All the best for SPM! もっとがんばってね~

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Monday today. The start of the 2nd week for my job as a waitress. Business was good during lunch hour, just like last week. There's nothing much to say about work cuz it's almost similar every day. Wiping all the tables clean is my job the minute I arrive at work. Then, it would be wiping the dishes dry & putting them back to where they belong. I would be standing, staring out through the glass panels while waiting for customers to walk in. It's usually boring during 11.00am-12.00pm cuz there is no customers. Besides scooping ice creams to be served as free desserts for set lunch orders, I'd most probably be staring at the cars passing by. Or dance around the ice cream fridge while looking at how awful my 2 year old Skechers have become XD.

Btw, I just realised how lame unimaginative Malaysian radio stations can be on the choice of songs on their playlists. The radio in the cafe is tuned to Light & Easy FM 24/7 & it's not like I can have a say about changing the channel. Throughout the 4 hours, I've been listening to songs that were already played last week (or worst, just few days before). You know, it's like the DJs are too lazy to include new songs & rather put the CDs played on repeat, shuffle or whatever they can think of. Ohmygawd... *sighs*

It's so NOT me to talk about politics or any issues related to it, not even in this blog. I personally loathe & despise politics & the people behind them. Unless it affects me really bad, I couldn't be bothered ranting about it. It's a total waste of time & space. Did I mention that someone wrote in the newspaper earlier this year proposing to censor/ban bloggers from giving views on sensitive issues? I'd say they should ban those who spread false rumours on racism but not prohibit people from having opinions. Am I right? We're lacking human rights & now the government is restricting freedom of speech. Where is the democracy that we all deserve??

Forgive the sudden outburst. I wouldn't have been so enraged if one of the state municipal council leader hadn't put blame on the female journalist for sexy dressing. Just because he's in denial that his security guard is a horny loser, the victim was loosely blamed for enticing the guard to focus the CCTV on her thighs. C'mon, she's wearing a knee-length skirt. An A-line cut. What's wrong with wearing a decent skirt to work? Is that what you call sexy/sex-provoking outfit?? Geez...this stupid article really spoilt my lovely Monday morning.

On a happier side, my orders have been shipped earlier this evening *squeee*. Ahhh~ I really can't wait to get hold of my copies. Will be doing some screencaps from the DVDs, hopefully. That is if my Windows Media Player decides to work. Had no idea why the player wouldn't pop up whenever I double-clicked the icon on the desktop or quick launch toolbar. Even my Winamp has gone wonky as well. Stupid PC! *kicks CPU* And I'm on the lookout for external hard disk drive. Preferably a portable one & reasonably priced. Any recommendations? I seriously need one...my HDD is dying from all the massive Dong Bang clips. Tag me if you know of any good brand worth considering. Thanks~ ^^

061027 MBC Golden Fishery feat. Jaejoong & Yoochun (Part 2)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

061027 MBC Golden Fishery feat. Jaejoong & Yoochun


[Recap from previous chapter...]

Jaejoong & Yoochun got into a fight because of Candy.

As usual, these two guys can never tell the difference between real & reel life. * shakes head*

[The battle got really serious & out of hand...]
Jaejoong stabbed Yoochun...Yoochun lost!

Candy: NOOO!! T.T
Yoochun: *dies*
Jaejoong: ... *mourns*

[Candy loves Yoochun more than Jaejoong. Feeling upset & disappointed, Jaejoong walked off. Btw, the battle was a fake after all. Yoochun was faking death to make his act more dramatic -_-".]
And so Yoochun & Candy lock lips. Meanwhile...
Mosaic Man: Explicit content. Parental advisory is required.

Mosaic Man gets smacked for interfering the intimate moments. XD

[On the other hand, Jaejoong ponders the meaning of life at the dance studio.]
Jaejoong: I feel so lonely. I'm such a loser.

[Ju Hyeon came into the room to console poor Jaejoong.]
Ju Hyeon: Don't worry, Jae oppa. I'll be the one who will heal your broken heart.

Jaejoong: Dad~ *hiccups*
Ju Hyeon: Eh?? I'm not your father. This is Ju Hyeon. Your soulmate...
Jaejoong: Hmmph, Dad. I dunno why. But I just can't take my mind off her. Oh, my Candy~ *sings*
Ju Hyeon: What?! Oh God...

[Feeling more depressed than ever, Ju Hyeon stomped out of the room leaving Jaejoong behind.]
[The next day. All of a sudden, a guy who looks like Lee Junki stopped by the common room. Both Jaejoong & Yoochun were stunned.]
Kang Junki: I'm Kang Junki. Heard that club is recruiting new members & I'm interested.
Jaejoong: Ju-un...ki?! What a beauty!
Yoochun: *gasps*

[Kang Junki breaks into a song, serenading the two guys who are already deeply swooned by his feminine looks.]
Yoochun joins in the signature Junki dance.

Jaejoong is touched by the beautiful rendition of Junki's song.

[The rest of the group have no idea what is going on.]
Ju Hyeon is going bonkers.
Ju Hyeon: OMG!! I can't stand this madness!!

Candy: Hey, guys! Hold on a sec. What is exactly going on here??
Yoochun: The time has come for a change. Gone are the days where kingkas in dramas go for dorky girls like you.
Candy: Huh??

[Ahhh...so these guys are also secretly obsessed with restricted dramas ---> guy-guy romance.]
Jaejoong: Can I call you my "baby"?
Kang Junki: Aww... *blushes*

Jaejoong: Here, have some crackers.
Kang Junki: It's delicious~
Yoochun: Gah! I'm so in love that my heart hurts. I need you, Junki!

[The conclusion...?]
*ROFL* It's just a parody, anyways. What were you thinking, eh? XD


Ed's note: Thank you for spending some time to read this little crap of mine. The Junki guy in the screencaps is actually Kang Ho Dong. He is impersonating the famous pretty-boy actor, Lee Junki whose fame catapulted after starring in My Girl drama. Kingka means popular guys in Korean. Oppa refers to a female addressing/acknowledging a male who is older than her.

Friday, November 10, 2006

It's the end of the weekdays & the start of a new weekend. Work turned out fine as usual. Because it's a Friday, we sorta expected lesser customers to turn at the cafe. As you know, it's the day when Muslims go for prayers. Somehow the number of customers were quite consistent with the ones on previous days. I'm starting to think...am I the lucky charm for the cafe's business? XD Alrite, I was being a little perasan. It's not like the lady boss is gonna increase me my pay even if I do attract customers. *sighs*

One of Mum's friends working in LifeCare came by to visit me while I was at work. We had small talks like everyone does. Nothing great. Can't imagine the consequences of having 2 women who know Mum & they're working close to me (one of them is my co-worker). I'd probably be their chit-chat topic whenever they meet up for linedance lessons. Just the other day they were talking about me. Pretty creepy, don't you think? Hmm maybe I shouldn't be so paranoid.

The one thing to look forward to every Friday is...my salary! Yup. My dear lady boss pays her workers weekly. So, I've already received RM90 for the 1st week. ^^ Though RM4.50 may seem a small amount...but hey, it's still money~ Multiply that with 4 hours which equals to RM18. Make that 5 days & there you have it, RM90. Not too bad for a simple job. The trade-off is standing for almost 4 hours with only 15 mins rest during lunch break. The long hours of standing do have its effects on my feet especially the right one. I sprained my right ankle real bad in 2003. You see, old wounds don't really heal. It's common for it to hurt once in a while. I've gotten used to standing now. Btw, I've already experienced it at Dong Bang's concert. Not a big deal...

Heavy rain always invite odd creatures to the garden. The humongous garden snails are no exception. I noticed these snails behave in a odd way too. Times have changed even for those creatures. Snails no longer survive on nibbling leaves or grass. They eat RICE, believe it or not. Anyways, it's not the first time I see snails hanging around in my dog's bowl. But this is the first time I see a snail nibbling the rice one by one. That's why I snapped a random pic of this snail. Noticed the rice bits on the floor.

I know this is gross but this is an eye-opener!

You all might think I'm crazy when I tell ya this. In fact, I am. I pre-ordered "O"-正.反.合. version C & D from YesAsia. I couldn't resist the double-deal offer that's why I need to have them. And I've been dying to own VACATION drama on DVD so this is it. It's a pity that SM is not releasing these repackaged albums with subs. I thought subs for All About 東方神起 DVD set was a good move to attract overseas fans to buy it. I'll be broke again but it's okay...as long as I'm a happy girl ^^. Oh boy, I can't remember myself fangirling like this -_-".

Version C

Version D

Credits: Bestiz

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Here's the report on my job for the 2nd & 3rd day. I'm starting to get the jist on how to be a good waitress. As business picked up on Tuesday, my efficiency skills was put to the test. Surprisingly, business on the 2nd day was unusually good despite the lack of variety in the menu. I guess customers really love the juices. Mum was jokingly saying that I'm indirectly attracting customers to the cafe to boost the business. Haha!

Things got a little chaotic during lunch break. Nevertheless, all of us managed to pull through the mess. When the crowd subsided, I had to help wipe the dishes dry. Nearly dropped one plate on the floor but I caught hold of it just in time *sweats*. I'll never put myself at risk of paycut again. And that plate was bought from Ikea. In fact, 90% of the shop is Ikea-furnished/equipped. That plate alone would probably cost more than a take-away chicken rice at a hawker stall.

Work ended at 3pm but that didn't mean I'm heading straight home. Cuzzie bro had some problems with his left ear so I had to accompany him to consult a ear specialist. There's one clinic at Section 14 which I'm sure will solve his issue. Staying in Section 14 makes everything so convenient ^^. Apparently, the earwax in cuzzie bro's ear was too stubborn & needed more time for it to soften with specially formulated solution. He had to see the doctor again on Saturday. Sad~ It was almost 5pm when consultation was over. Had to ditch my plan to visit Digital Mall for portable hard disk drive scouting trip XD & return home instead.

Third day of work...hmm. Business was good but not as busy like on Tuesday. At least it was still better than Monday. I tell ya, the cafe was really quiet that day. It made me wonder how the lady boss can survive if this kind of situation persist. The funny thing was I served the food to the wrong table. Again, it was an embarrassing moment. This is the inexperience side of me. As for today, I managed to wipe all the dishes dry before I left for home. What an achievement, eh? Hehe *grins*.

What the heck?! "O"-正.反.合. album version C & D are already available for pre-order!! Noooo~ I want them~ I'm surprised that these 2 versions are cheaper than version A & B. Here are the links to the album details.

Version C

Version D

*sighs* Temptation is getting the better of me. YesAsia is offering a double deal price for purchase of both versions at USD27.99. I'm sooo getting them...*spazzzz* Oh my, there goes my money T.T *money flying away*

Monday, November 06, 2006

First day of work. So far so good for me ^^. I'm extremely glad that I didn't break any glasses, bowls or even spilt noodles in hot soup onto customers. This job as a waitress really put my marketing skills to the test. That is direct interaction with customers. I kinda screw up with my first order for the day. What's more, the customers are mat sallehs of all people. And I forgot to jot down the bowl of fruits they ordered in the list. In the end, they had to call my co-worker to serve. It was pretty embarrassing but I learnt my lesson.

What do you expect from a girl who's a noob at taking orders & serving customers? I mean...I'm comfortable approaching strangers to start a conversation. Got some experience from selling adoption certificates for Adopt-A-Duck campaign by randomly asking shoppers at a shopping mall. Thank God for that! But taking food orders?? Haven't done that in my life. Hence, mistakes happened. The mat sallehs were kind enough not to pin point my error. Perhaps they noticed that I'm new & the fact that they're frequent customers. They left the cafe with smilling faces which really motivated me to work harder.

Oh yeah, I forgot. I've been rambling about my job but none about the workplace. It's called One 2 Juice Cafe. It is situated on the ground floor of the MCIS Building. Won't miss it cuz the cafe is painted apple green at the outside. Basically, the menu consists of healthy food which is suitable for people on a strict dietary regime (patients, old citizens etc.) or just wanna stay slim. I noticed the noodles provided are not exactly healthy cuz it's actually instant noodle. Don't be deceived. The cafe's specialty is its plethora of freshly blended juices, though. Some enhances digestion while one is said to rejuvenate the skin & keep it radiant after drinking. Tsk tsk...this only works if you drink it often.

So, do drop by & have a look. I'll be ever ready to serve you XD. Haha...see? I'm starting to promote the cafe. I don't get any benefit from doing it but yeah...no harm trying out the juices at this cafe that you've never heard of, rite? All juices are 100% pure with no water & sugar added. Unless the fruit used has insufficient juice for blending then water is required. Come, come & show some support! I need some love. ^^

This pic is taken from the T-shirt uniform I wear to work everyday.

Cafe part-time job

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The meeting with the lady boss this morning turned out well. I got accepted for the job & will be trying it out for the 1st week. Pay is pretty okay for RM4.50. I wouldn't complain much cuz the cafe is so near my house. Working hours is from 11am to 3pm. Lunch will be provided as well ^^. Not too bad, eh? Depending on my work performance, the lady boss might consider a pay rise if I do well. Hopefully my 1st day at work won't spell disaster. I should be having great fun doing it. It's like seeing Diner Dash coming to life. XD

Gah~ Can you believe it? Jaejoong is becoming more adorable day by day. He's no longer the emo guy with black hair like in the Rising Sun days. Just found some recent pics of him at the 2014 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Concert. For your info, PyeongChang is one of the candidate cities in the running for the Winter Olympics in 2014. Btw, I'm so fond of his blonde hair now. Found it weird to be looking at his old pics ever since I got used to his new hair colour. His platinum blonde hair made him look like a manga/anime character. Seriously...and look at his lips. So pouty~ XD Everything about him is so feminine & yet he's a GUY! He's the perfect example of an androgynous man. A beautiful one too XD.

Jae is always in a daze. It fits him though... XD

I guess this pic was taken while he's performing. But it's a really adorable random shot.

Oh yeah, Dad just further confirmed the fact that the Dong Bangs will be coming to Malaysia again. He heard the announcement on the radio but dang...he missed the details of the visit. I pressume it'll be an album promo event. I'm definitely bringing my sis to see them this time. She'll love it, that's for sure! TVXQ, here we come~

Image credits: HeroJJBaiduBar & chocomilo@Cyxion

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ever wonder why dogs pick up a certain human language & not multiple languages? I noticed that on my two dogs recently. The female Chinese sharpei responds to English while the male German Sheperd+Paria only understands Cantonese. It seems dogs will only understand a particular language if the owner frequently speaks to them with the same language.

How true is this? Well, I've tried experimenting my dogs by switching the language back & forth. Believe or not, the male doggie couldn't understand a single command I told him to do when I spoke in English. At least the female one knows a little Cantonese but half the time, she got pretty confused. Bizarre, isn't it? My family has been speaking Cantonese to the male one since he was puppy. Meanwhile, my aunt trained the female doggie in English before she left her at my house. That explains such phenomena, right?

Now if my statement is scientifically proven, I'm curious whether dogs in Korea know that they'll be slaughtered & stewed in a hot pot; then savoured by Korean diners in restaurants. I mean, if I'm the dog...it is horrifying to hear & even understand that I'll be eaten. What if animals knew that we're gonna turn them into food? Like the chickens...ah, I better stop. I'm becoming too imaginative. Must be the signs of long holidays boredom. Hey, hey! It's only the end of the 1st November week.

Mum's friend recommended a job to me. So, I'm supposed to go meet up with the lady boss of this cafe in the MCIS building tomorrow. It's situated nearby PJ Hilton & directly across the road facing KFC. My job is to take orders & serve customers. It's my first time doing this kind of job. Definitely something new & I hope I'll be able to handle it. *sighs* I'm worried that I'll end up with a nervous breakdown -_-". Wish me luck people!

P.S. Part 2 MBC Golden Fishery screencaps will be up soon. ^_~

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

%#&@!! Why did I screw up the one & only exam paper I have for the short semester? Grrr!! Okay, I didn't exactly busted the entire paper but I failed to give a conclusion for the argumentative essay. Sucks, isn't it? I have poor time management so such things are expected to happen. Oh well, it's over. Nothing can be done about it. I hope I won't end up failing the paper. Do you think I will? *shrugs* Whatever it is, time to do happy stuff~ ^^

I just couldn't resist making screencaps to capture the hilarious moments of the MBC Golden Fishery. How can be so lazy in my previous post? *smacks head* Anyways, the drama cut story is pretty simple. It started off with this popular girl wanted to date either one of the two university male students who are also popular among girls. The problem is these two dudes are freakily obsessed with dramas. They fancy klutzy girls with pathethic fashion sense, or so the TV drama said. Even worse, they start mimicking drama scenes in their real lives. Here's how it goes...


[A girl named Candy walked in to Jaejoong & Yoochun's dance club studio. Apparently, the club is looking for new members.]

She fits the criteria of a klutzy girl with bad fashion sense. And she's picking her nose XD.

They saw her & couldn't believe their eyes.
Jaejoong+Yoochun: CANDY AHH!!

[To test out whether Candy resembles those female characters in TV dramas, both guys decided to talk to her. Jaejoong makes the move.]

Jaejoong: Move away! I'm gonna chat up with the gal.
Ju Hyeon: Eh?! Noooo... T.T

[Candy's response has proven that she's similar to those drama girls. With that, Jaejoong & Yoochun rejoiced!]

Jaejoong+Yoochun: WE FINALLY FOUND HER!!

[And so the two of them compete to see who dates Candy first...]

From Full House drama
Jaejoong forces Candy to see his body by appearing topless but blames her for peeping. *notice the white suit guy who's supposed to be the Censorship Man*
Candy: AHHHH!!!
Jaejoong: Hey! What you looking at???
Mosaic Man: Phew! Managed to cover up his nipples chest in time.

[At that moment, Yoochun appeared & got furious. He grabbed her hand & started yelling at her.]

From Lovers in Paris drama
Yoochun: Why the hell you keep quiet?? You know he's a pervert, flashing his skinny body in front of you. You could've just give him a punch on his face...#@&$%!! *his lines are really long -_-"*
Candy: He came in topless, it was too late to do anything. He was threatening me to sing 3 bears song. Besides, his body looks good...*sheepish*

Yoochun: In that case, I'll show you mine as well.
Jaejoong: BWUH?!
Candy: Not again?!
Mosaic Man: Ahhhh! Too late...he's EXPOSED~

[Next day, Yoochun takes Candy out for a dinner date at a restaurant.]

They were about to kiss...

Candy slaps the waiter for interupting.

[The kitchen in the restaurant caught fire. Everyone evacuates except Candy. Yoochun came back, hands the bill to Candy & runs away. Jaejoong came to her rescue.]

Jaejoong: I'll save you from danger. Forget that useless idiot!

*Candy's head knocks the pillar down*

*Jaejoong couldn't contain his laughter. He's sniggering... XD*

[Jaejoong brings Candy to a place & confesses his feelings.]

Jaejoong forces a kiss on Candy but she resists

Mosaic Man: Kissing scenes need to be censored. Sadly, he gets a slap from Candy *rofl*.

And a kick as well. *rofl*

Poor Jaejoong also got a slap from his beloved Candy.

[After all the confessions, Jae finally managed to capture Candy's heart. She's touched by Jaejoong's sincerity.]

While Jae & Candy are hugging, Mosaic Man is contemplating whether to block the scene or not.

From Winter Sonata drama
Anyways...he performs a song specially for Candy.

[Yoochun arrives & got furious again. He tells Jaejoong to buzz off & stay away from his girl.]

The two buddies end up in a serious fight all because of Candy.

To be continued...