Exhausted & demotivated

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I've been given a job promotion. But sadly, I'm not sure if it's a happy thing to shout about. Especially when things are in a total mess right now. I do enjoy a certain part of my new responsibility. However, I realised I became less efficient cuz I now have to deal with people who are exceptionally difficult to work with. On top of that, it's impossible to leave my old job behind.

*sighs* I'm so drained out & I need help. Hoping that things will become a little wee bit easier in months to come. Crossing my fingers now. I really don't know how long I can go on like this. How demotivating. =(

All Shiny White Date Day 14

Thursday, September 10, 2009

D-day has finally arrived! Or should I say today is my big day. One final task to do & I'll be heading to paint the town red white. With my darling WL, of course.

Brush twice a day & I'm all set for tonight. =)

All Shiny White Date Day 13

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Omg, it's the 13th day already. How time flies! Tomorrow will be the final day for my preparation. And I'll off to for my perfect white day. As usual, I wouldn't miss my daily regime of keeping my teeth sparklingly clean with a scent of fresh minty breath.

It's makeup time. With the right selection of colours, any ordinary girl can be transformed into a beautiful "princess". My task is to identify the type of look that I want to achieve for my date. Be it the sweet, innocent lady or a sexy siren.

Knowing that my facial features wouldn't be able to pull of a sexy, sultry image...I've decided to go for a sweet, innocent look to highlight my natural beauty. I feel that pastel colours would suit me more. Those dark colours would probably make me look like a drag queen =P

All Shiny White Date Day 12

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Day 12!! Two more days to go. Can't wait~ XD

Let's brush, brush. Keep on brushing for that dazzling white teeth.

All Shiny White Date Day 11

Monday, September 07, 2009

Eleven days & counting...to my fabulous white date with my beloved. Can't wait! What better way to charm my date with a perfect white smile? With Darlie's All Shiny White toothpaste, of course.

A beautiful dress is incomplete without a perfect shoe to match. After much searching, I've decided to pick this shoe to complement my date. =)

It's the Cole Haan Ceci Air Rose Slingback with fabulous rosette details & designed with Nike Air technology for extra comfort. It sure is expensive but definitely super duper comfortable.

After all, who wants to go on a date & having to fake your smile while your ill-fated shoes are pinching hard on your feet? You can always flaunt your style without compromising comfort.

The last & final destination

Sunday, September 06, 2009

I was in for a bloody, gory movie yesterday. Movies that I never thought that I would pay to watch in the cinema. I decided to give it a try since WL had shown much interest in this massive killing movie.

It didn't turn out to be scary like you would expect from horror movies. Of course, the movie was as disgusting as you can imagine it could be. I thought I'd nearly puked. You see human flesh get squashed & minced into pieces just like you insert meat into a food processor. Eww...

In general, I personally prefer the 3rd instalment of the movie. Not that I'm huge fan but this 4th movie is so ridiculously short - merely 1 hour 40 mins - that it's definitely a waste of every dollar we spent. The plot is predictable like all Final Destination movies but I remember the previous ones were much better, to be honest. Nevertheless, it was a good experience watching with WL cuz I was holding on to his arm tightly each horrific scene appears. XD Felt so good that he's around.

All Shiny White Date Day 10

Believe it or not, it's already 10 days that I've gone through the preparation for my white date. Four days left & I'll have a perfect white date with my dream guy.

But before that, I need to freshen up my breath & brighten my smile with Darlie's toothpaste, All Shiny White. Dazzlingly white~

All Shiny White Date Day 9

Saturday, September 05, 2009

It's Day 9 already! Five more days to the white date with my perfect guy. I can never forget my daily regime - using Darlie's All Shiny White toothpaste for fresh minty that lasts almost the entire day.

Every inch of a female needs attention in order to look her best. The next important thing is the crowning glory - hair. Choosing the right style is essential in order to create a presentable & attractive image. The hairstyle & colour should at least reflect one's individuality & enhance her image by highlighting the good; hiding the flaws.

I'm not as fortunate as some ladies who are blessed with thick, dark beautiful hair that looks good no matter what kind of hairstyles they adopt. For me, I have to be very selective & so far...I looked the best in soft, luscious curls. Something like...



Or this.

I bet my date couldn't lift his eyes off me after seing such gorgeous tresses. =) My perfect white date, here I come!

All Shiny White Date Day 8

Friday, September 04, 2009

I just can't get enough of brushing with Darlie's toothpaste. So refreshingly minty & the white effect is to die for...

Surely my white date can't resist the temptation to lean over to me for a kiss! XD


All Shiny White Date Day 7

Thursday, September 03, 2009

With constant brushing using Darlie's All Shiny White toothpaste, there is a no doubt that my teeth is sparkling white every single day.

Ohh la la...that's shiny!

Next, it's time for me to go for a manicure to groom my little nails. Which guy wouldn't wanna hold the hands of his girl with such beautilicious, perfectly polished nails? Long, beautiful nails exudes a sense of feminity & charm in a woman/girl.

There were 5 different manicures to choose from & being a girly person that I am, I settled for the Garden of Eden. It's painted with light pink varnish plus floral patterns "airbrushed" on it & coupled with some shiny studs to add a bling effect to it.

I'm ready to roll~ Can't wait for my white date with my perfect dream guy...or should I say, with WL? ;)

All Shiny White Date Day 6

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

(Only) Darlie's All Shiny White toothpaste can bring out that dazzling smile in you.

Even cats love it too~ =P

Keep brushing, ladies!

All Shiny White Date 5

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Time for brushing!!

And a little facial that do wonders for the skin. It's important to identify the type of skin you have as each individual differs from one another. This is to ensure that the right products that suits the skin is used & prevent any further outbreaks or skin complications.

Ladies with dry or normal skin is advised to use foam cleanser cuz it helps to maintain a moisturised skin. Whereas gel cleanser is recommended for ladies with oily skin so as to wash out dirt & excess sebum that might lead to blemishes & outbreaks i.e. pimples, acne yadi yada.

After wash, moisturiser can be applied to dry or normal skin to keep it hydrated. Otherwise, ladies with more oily skin should stay away from moisturisers. And then you do mask once a week to restore its natural smoothness & radiance. Cucumber slice works wonders in treating tired eyes & tensed skin due to its cooling effect.

Voila! Here I am with beautiful fair skin, simply irresistible to him.