All Shiny White Date 5

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Time for brushing!!

And a little facial that do wonders for the skin. It's important to identify the type of skin you have as each individual differs from one another. This is to ensure that the right products that suits the skin is used & prevent any further outbreaks or skin complications.

Ladies with dry or normal skin is advised to use foam cleanser cuz it helps to maintain a moisturised skin. Whereas gel cleanser is recommended for ladies with oily skin so as to wash out dirt & excess sebum that might lead to blemishes & outbreaks i.e. pimples, acne yadi yada.

After wash, moisturiser can be applied to dry or normal skin to keep it hydrated. Otherwise, ladies with more oily skin should stay away from moisturisers. And then you do mask once a week to restore its natural smoothness & radiance. Cucumber slice works wonders in treating tired eyes & tensed skin due to its cooling effect.

Voila! Here I am with beautiful fair skin, simply irresistible to him.