All Shiny White Date Day 13

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Omg, it's the 13th day already. How time flies! Tomorrow will be the final day for my preparation. And I'll off to for my perfect white day. As usual, I wouldn't miss my daily regime of keeping my teeth sparklingly clean with a scent of fresh minty breath.

It's makeup time. With the right selection of colours, any ordinary girl can be transformed into a beautiful "princess". My task is to identify the type of look that I want to achieve for my date. Be it the sweet, innocent lady or a sexy siren.

Knowing that my facial features wouldn't be able to pull of a sexy, sultry image...I've decided to go for a sweet, innocent look to highlight my natural beauty. I feel that pastel colours would suit me more. Those dark colours would probably make me look like a drag queen =P