All Shiny White Date Day 7

Thursday, September 03, 2009

With constant brushing using Darlie's All Shiny White toothpaste, there is a no doubt that my teeth is sparkling white every single day.

Ohh la la...that's shiny!

Next, it's time for me to go for a manicure to groom my little nails. Which guy wouldn't wanna hold the hands of his girl with such beautilicious, perfectly polished nails? Long, beautiful nails exudes a sense of feminity & charm in a woman/girl.

There were 5 different manicures to choose from & being a girly person that I am, I settled for the Garden of Eden. It's painted with light pink varnish plus floral patterns "airbrushed" on it & coupled with some shiny studs to add a bling effect to it.

I'm ready to roll~ Can't wait for my white date with my perfect dream guy...or should I say, with WL? ;)