The last & final destination

Sunday, September 06, 2009

I was in for a bloody, gory movie yesterday. Movies that I never thought that I would pay to watch in the cinema. I decided to give it a try since WL had shown much interest in this massive killing movie.

It didn't turn out to be scary like you would expect from horror movies. Of course, the movie was as disgusting as you can imagine it could be. I thought I'd nearly puked. You see human flesh get squashed & minced into pieces just like you insert meat into a food processor. Eww...

In general, I personally prefer the 3rd instalment of the movie. Not that I'm huge fan but this 4th movie is so ridiculously short - merely 1 hour 40 mins - that it's definitely a waste of every dollar we spent. The plot is predictable like all Final Destination movies but I remember the previous ones were much better, to be honest. Nevertheless, it was a good experience watching with WL cuz I was holding on to his arm tightly each horrific scene appears. XD Felt so good that he's around.