Goodbye, Michael

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One's passing is a norm; another part & parcel of life but when the news broke about an icon's death, legions of fans can't help feeling shocked & terribly upset & devastated. Especially when it's none other than the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Honestly, I was incredibly shocked when my colleague informed us over breakfast that morning. My mind was blank for a few minutes. I didn't know how to react as I was struggling to digest those words, half hoping that I've heard wrongly. It's undeniably true, however.

Upon reaching home after an exhausting day, I quickly joined the rest of my family to tune into CNN. His death was too sudden & yes, I admit that I found it difficult to accept the fact he's no longer here. Who would've expected that he has short-lived when all this while, I have this general idea that a legend like Michael would live on & die of old age. Not like what's reported - overdose of prescription drugs.

I'm not an avid fan, in fact. Nevertheless, I grew up listening to his songs & watching his lengthy movie-like MVs; awed by this amazingly talented singer cum dancer. I remember watching his entire collection of videos on laser disc 10 years ago, not to mention playing this really lame & funny MJ game in the arcade centre - with a fuzzy Smooth Criminal tune playing from the game machine speakers. Those memories still remain vivid in my mind. Out of all the songs that he wrote, the one that brought me tears is Heal The World each time it was played. His innocent voice with a tinge of sadness in this song without doubt tug many heartstrings of compassionate souls out there. Most importantly, his songs spoke clearly of the world around us & the need for us to make a change.

There I was sitting in the living room while Heal The World was aired on Channel V; tearing up & pondering about the fact that humans are so cruel to take advantage of his innocence; denying the liberty & privacy that he very well deserved all this while. What good did it bring with all the evil plots to take his money now that he's no longer alive? If only you knew that you're loved this much, I believe all your sorrows will can be dealt with or perhaps remedied. Rest in peace, our beloved King of Pop...

If you enter this world knowing you are loved, and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.
-Michael Jackson

The revenge is not over

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The movie I've been waiting for such a long time has finally reach our shores.

Decepticons' leader, Megatron is back to seek revenge of a previously lost battle with the Autobots. With the presence of The Fallen & new robots being introduced throughout the movie, it had definitely got me glued to the screen. More robots meant massive robot wars & that equals to awesomeness XD. Much better than the first one. Not to mean that the first one ain't good but I'd say that the sequel sorta depicted the robots a little more accurately. At least the filmmakers did put some effort to stay loyal to the original.

I won't be saying much about the movie. You go watch it & be the judge. For me, the movie kicked ass! What else would you be keen to oggle at besides witnessing the gigantic robots battle among themselves? Ah, I know. The guys surely do gush over the hottest chick on the planet, Megan Fox. See how filmmakers are doing fanboys a favour. :P Of Not to forget the smexy cars featured in the movie. I think car enthusiasts are hyperventilating now.

Spot me on the web~

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm feeling exhilarated & amused at the same time; seeing a photo of myself being exposed publicly. In a website, I mean.

I looked so funny. Haha. *rofl*

Something new to look for (not)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finally, I've decided to change my blog skin after using the old one for several months. It's starting to get a little boring, isn't it? I believe the transformation is for the better, signifying a fresh new start. Anywhow, it's not exactly a new start in my insignificant life story.

Although nothing much has changed lately in my life except for the fact that my workload has increased significantly. I'm not exactly sure if I should be shouting happily about it as I'm currently in a confused state at the moment. No doubt you're given more tasks & responsibilities to handle when you've successfully gain others' trust. Could be signs of a future promotion, no? Or just another false hope?

But think about it...what if the workload is testing your capabilities to the max? And it didn't mean that you're lacking the abilities. It's just that the workload has become a burden that you feel guilty for not able to deliver as promised. Especially when the stack of paperwork which by right should be delegated to several people ended up piling high on your desk. Indeed you're delighted that your responsibilities have increased as it's a sign that people trust you. However, a part of you feels dejected at the same time. =(

It's a horrible feeling. What can you & I do?? Tolerate. That's the only word that can be applied on a universal basis in the outside world. If that word doesn't exist in your vocabulary, you risk losing your job no matter where you go. So where exactly can you go, huh? Start your own business then.

OneNote is the way to go!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I just installed Office 2007 this afternoon & was doodling around with this new program that I've not used before previously. I believe it's not new to many of you out there but it certainly is, at least to me.

I find it pretty versatile for note-taking purpose & organising the dozens of important notes taken during meetings & lectures. Or even organising your schedule. Works somewhat like your personal organiser. Too bad I didn't have the luxury of owning this program while I was still in university.

I'm still in the midst of familiarising it & I'm pretty sure that there's more to this than meets the eye. Hehe. There must be some hidden features that I've yet to discover. ;)

The return of the Judgement Day

Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's been a long time since the last trip to the movies with WL & since it's the start of the summer blockbuster season, we decided to watch Terminator Salvation. The movie seems good judging from the casting of Christian Bale as the legendary John Connor, leader of the Resistance.

As much as I'm captivated with the brilliant use of graphics forming the Terminator face from the ruins of LA in this promotional poster, the same can't be said for the movie itself. It was action packed but the plot & character building left much to be desired. The story ain't focussed on John Connor who initially is one of the army troops of the Resistance & then later became the prophecised leader. It was more about Marcus Wright, a prisoner soon to face a death sentence row - donated his body for science. What he didn't realise was that the project led to the development of a half-man half-robot, kept in Skynet's underground lab (known as Cyberdyne then) for decades & to serve its purpose as an infiltrator to the humans, more so the Resistance.

Sounds interesting, huh? Well, what's lacking is that...argh, I really don't know what's missing. When a movie kinda sucks, you'll know it immediately while watching it. There were plenty of loopholes & flaws in the movie that it'll take you days to ponder about it. So don't bother. And shouldn't John Connor be dead from the nuclear blast on the underground lab at the beginning? Or perhaps die from the massive shockwave of the aftermath? Furthermore, I'm amused that Marcus Wright can be put to sleep using general anaesthetics for heart transplant. He actually still has veins, ah ha! No organs though.

There you have it - a brief review about the movie. I can definitely say that it's better than Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines but worse than the first two Terminator movies. It's sad that the movie missed out so much points that even a high profile star like Christian Bale failed to boost the ratings. In conclusion, it's the end when the story sucks.