Another one gone

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A couple of months ago, two managers decided to leave after years of service in the company I work for. It was quite a sad moment for most of us cuz it feels like we have lost two great leaders. For me, it's a little unfortunate reason being I didn't have the opportunity to know them better. Or perhaps work with them in any other way.

Today is the last day for one of my colleagues. On that day I found out she has tender her resignation letter, I was utterly shocked. I didn't expect that she would make such a quick decision. No doubt, among a few of us had certainly consider leaving. Anyways, these are P&C info & therefore I shall not reveal much.

I felt a tinge of sadness when she broke the news that she's leaving. It's only barely 5 months that I got to know her. She has been a great senior, guiding me through until I was accustomed to the work flow. Being the elder one, she gave me advices on many things. And I shared opinions on issues that she finds it difficult to tackle. Indeed, she has become a friend in the office before WL came into my life.

On the other hand, WL knew her for more than a year. What made their friendship so strong was the fact that they shared many experiences together. They'd struggled & was on the verge of giving up but in the end, strived hard to achieve their goals. No one, not even me can ever understand the good & bad times they've gone through. Honestly, I felt quite sad for the both of them. Upon seeing WL in his usual antics - jokingly criticising her while she quickly rebounded saying that she won't be missing him, it was all too fake. I felt for him too when he's upset.

The fact that he gave her a farewell hug last night didn't ignite my jealousy towards my dear colleague. Truth is...I was glad that WL hugged her cuz she needed it more than anything from her closest friend. There was a mixture of jealousy & envy towards her for knowing WL so much; that as a gf, I felt inadequate & such a failure cuz I don't know much about him. After some serious thinking, it was so silly of me to even have this kind of feeling towards her. It must be due to my own insecurities lately that might have led to such low self-esteem.

Despite all that, I really miss her deeply. It's like losing another friend in my life. However, I guess this is the harsh reality of life. People come & go, but it's friends that leave a mark in your life - memories that you'll cherish in time to come. I hope all is well for her. Good luck & take care, dear friend!

Peaceful & serene

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today is one of those days that only come by once in a while. My company held an AGM session for the whole day & as expected, all the managerial positions were required to be present. I overheard that the scale of the meeting is very much reduced this year. Therefore, fewer manpower is needed to be on standby for ad-hoc duties. Which left me with nothing else to help out except staying in the office instead.

I arrived at my office with the usual bustling sounds of people walking around, the wheezing sound from the photocopier when it starts warming up & the little chatters among colleagues. Not to mention the vigorous tapping on the keyboard resonating in the room. Soon enough, my colleagues departed to the venue while I was left alone at my workstation.

The air was so still that even a prick of a needle might've echoed every corner of the office. Furthermore, there was no other staff from other departments dropping by for queries. This made the environment amazingly comfortable to work in. I admit that I did feel sleepy occasionally due to the stillness but it gave me the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to blast the music off my desktop; so loud that even WL can hear me from the other side of the department. :P

While WL was buried in between his pile of workload, I felt safe & secured. I wasn't alone. Every now & then, I went to his place to distract him for several minutes (I know this is bad~ XD) before I went searching for more work to do. How often do you get days like this? With no one to bug you for ad-hoc stuff or your immediate superiors setting insanely tight deadlines to complete impossible tasks. Of course, it's a little too laidback if this goes on. But everyone needs to take a breather. If not, how can they be productive? Agree?

A year older means a whole lot difference

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm blogging this exactly one month after my birthday. Yes, it's a long awaited post that should've been posted last month. But you know, a post wouldn't be complete without pics & I finally got them from my colleague ^^.

This year is different from previous years not cuz it's more extravagant than before. Reason being the celebration is somewhat special & had succesfully stamp a place in my heart. I already expected a mini celebration among my colleagues as it is customary in my company to buy cake for the birthday boy/girl. What I did not expect is...receiving a sweet surprise from none other than the one who makes me happy & sad at the same time, my dear WL.

This is what he gave me...

...and a delicious chocolate cake for my personal indulgence XD

Why two bouquets? Long story cut short, it was supposed to be a bouquet of 24 roses (red & pink). But the florist made a mistake & in the end, sent two instead. To WL, the plan turned out to be a blunder. I wish he knew that I was deeply touched by his efforts. And perhaps it was good that the florist caused this mistake cuz two bouquets made a more significant impact. Who would've expected receiving two large bouquets from the same person? ^^ Believe it or not, I was fighting hard to hold back my tears. Embarrassing, isn't it? Or else, WL would start calling me silly one again. Haha.

It was indeed costly & definitely didn't last for more than a week. Nevertheless, it was the thought that mattered. WL, not knowing what gift would suit me - decidedly ordered them after office hours. No wonder he cheekily asked me what kind of flowers I fancy the most prior to my birthday *blushes*. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to celebrate over the weekend together. He was quite adamant about it but I assured him that there was no one to blame. Falling sick on that weekend was untimely, that's all. We didn't meet up over the weekend & somehow distance tend to make our hearts grow fond of each other even more. ♥

What I'm trying to point out here is that growing up, then get out to the working world & meeting people from different walks of life eventually leads you to the man you're searching for. So it pays to be a little patient ^^. As for my beloved sis, she gave me a lovely present too.

Another cheeky one like WL =P I saw that she was doing some project on silkscreen printing & she did a cat. I obviously didn't know that she added some humour to it. And it turned out so adorable! This further proves that great gifts come from the heart irrespective of the value. My dear WL & beloved sis, thank you for making my day! *hugs & kisses*

Click here for more pics of my birthday.'s so 90s!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The other day I was too bored & decided to dig up some old videos to watch. Imho, YouTube was the answer to (almost) all things old & new alike. With one click, voila! There you have it...the video that you've been looking for. So I searched for clips of singers from the 90s. The search results brought back many long forgotten memories during my heydays. I didn't realise that I knew the lyrics to almost every single 90s boybands/girlbands songs until I started singing along to the clips. Fast forward 10 years later, the words just flowed easily out of my mouth. Gosh...

I hate to admit this but I used to adore 911 so much when I was 11 years old.

~Credits to pi's 911 site~

I still remember that I always gush at the image of my favourite member, Lee Brennan. What do you expect? Please accept the fact that I was reaching puberty age, hence that's how the squeals/flailings/ogglings came about when such a cutie pie like Lee actually exists. XD Looking back makes me laugh out loud cuz the outfits were so 90s. You know, I really can't imagine myself dressing like that. o.O

And there's this underrated singer whom I've been having a secret crush too all this while :P. It's none other than Kavana.

It's a pity that he stopped releasing albums during the peak of his career. Apparently, he decided to move to US to expand his music influence but somehow failed & ended up working as songwriter for artistes. There were many favourite boybands such as Backstreet Boys & N'Sync that I faithfully listen to before the fad died down in the early 2000.

I'd have to say that it feels good to re-live those memories again. Nevertheless, once the fad is's gone forever. It would be meaningless to revive it again as the ex-members are too old for vigorous synchronised dance. Oh, the horror of watching grown-up men dancing likes they were in their teens! O.O The 90s boyband craze was good while it lasted. It should remain in the past, as it should be.

I'm amazed that South Korea is still going strong in terms of producing teenage boybands. It works & I dare say that they managed to capture my heart as a matured lady fan of 東方神起. With my current financial capability, the fandom is crazier than ever as compared to my youthful days. Even ladies who never liked Western boybands became obsessed with pretty boys. This shows that it's never too late to become a fangirl. Lets just say that the boyband craze has evolved, not defunct. Pop will always prevail irrespective of the direction the music industry heading into.

Wired again

Friday, April 10, 2009

After almost having no access to the Internet, I'm finally back online. Ahhh! Behold, what a great feeling~ I've been feeling rather tired lately for some unknown reason. Could be due to work or ppl around me. Or just plain tired with life, so to speak.

Sometimes I wished that I didn't have to grow up. Growing up is already a painful experience for me; with an incredibly low self-esteem due to many lack ofs. To live as a grown no less taxing either. Despite all that, I'm amazed at myself for having such determination to pass through these stages. What would be the left of me should I failed miserably?

*sighs* I tend to ponder the meaning of life (more like unnecessary stuff) when I'm sick, I tell ya. The brain is all messed up & all I can think of is the negative side & suddenly there's no happiness left in this world. I felt only sorrows & miseries come crashing down on me. -.-" God, I'm such a pessimist.

Anyways, it's good to be back online again ^^. It was like hell troublesome not able to surf the net for the stuff that you need, things you need to do. More personal time for blogging too. I know I haven't been blogging lately. Therefore, I'm trying hard to keep up with the posts that I've yet to publish. Keep a look out, peeps. ^^

Vrooooommm...are you up for a fast & furious race?

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The 4th instalment of The Fast & The Furious was released two days ago.

And I watched it already! How nice that is~ XD Haha. All I can say is that this movie is surprisingly...okay. Knowing that a film with a theme based solely on nothing else other than cars, racing & babes; it can't get any better. From the past sequels that I've seen, the concept is pretty much the same. I thought Tokyo Drift was pretty cool cuz I was always fascinated by the art of drifting.

This movie featured much lesser car racing scenes but instead focussed more on developing the plot. Honestly, it's not bad for a try as I personally prefer watching movies with a strong storyline. However, I don't think I can stand another Fast & Furious franchise. It's gonna be boring unless the filmakers input fresher ideas. But how fresh can you get with these movies? *shrugs*