Another one gone

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A couple of months ago, two managers decided to leave after years of service in the company I work for. It was quite a sad moment for most of us cuz it feels like we have lost two great leaders. For me, it's a little unfortunate reason being I didn't have the opportunity to know them better. Or perhaps work with them in any other way.

Today is the last day for one of my colleagues. On that day I found out she has tender her resignation letter, I was utterly shocked. I didn't expect that she would make such a quick decision. No doubt, among a few of us had certainly consider leaving. Anyways, these are P&C info & therefore I shall not reveal much.

I felt a tinge of sadness when she broke the news that she's leaving. It's only barely 5 months that I got to know her. She has been a great senior, guiding me through until I was accustomed to the work flow. Being the elder one, she gave me advices on many things. And I shared opinions on issues that she finds it difficult to tackle. Indeed, she has become a friend in the office before WL came into my life.

On the other hand, WL knew her for more than a year. What made their friendship so strong was the fact that they shared many experiences together. They'd struggled & was on the verge of giving up but in the end, strived hard to achieve their goals. No one, not even me can ever understand the good & bad times they've gone through. Honestly, I felt quite sad for the both of them. Upon seeing WL in his usual antics - jokingly criticising her while she quickly rebounded saying that she won't be missing him, it was all too fake. I felt for him too when he's upset.

The fact that he gave her a farewell hug last night didn't ignite my jealousy towards my dear colleague. Truth is...I was glad that WL hugged her cuz she needed it more than anything from her closest friend. There was a mixture of jealousy & envy towards her for knowing WL so much; that as a gf, I felt inadequate & such a failure cuz I don't know much about him. After some serious thinking, it was so silly of me to even have this kind of feeling towards her. It must be due to my own insecurities lately that might have led to such low self-esteem.

Despite all that, I really miss her deeply. It's like losing another friend in my life. However, I guess this is the harsh reality of life. People come & go, but it's friends that leave a mark in your life - memories that you'll cherish in time to come. I hope all is well for her. Good luck & take care, dear friend!