's so 90s!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The other day I was too bored & decided to dig up some old videos to watch. Imho, YouTube was the answer to (almost) all things old & new alike. With one click, voila! There you have it...the video that you've been looking for. So I searched for clips of singers from the 90s. The search results brought back many long forgotten memories during my heydays. I didn't realise that I knew the lyrics to almost every single 90s boybands/girlbands songs until I started singing along to the clips. Fast forward 10 years later, the words just flowed easily out of my mouth. Gosh...

I hate to admit this but I used to adore 911 so much when I was 11 years old.

~Credits to pi's 911 site~

I still remember that I always gush at the image of my favourite member, Lee Brennan. What do you expect? Please accept the fact that I was reaching puberty age, hence that's how the squeals/flailings/ogglings came about when such a cutie pie like Lee actually exists. XD Looking back makes me laugh out loud cuz the outfits were so 90s. You know, I really can't imagine myself dressing like that. o.O

And there's this underrated singer whom I've been having a secret crush too all this while :P. It's none other than Kavana.

It's a pity that he stopped releasing albums during the peak of his career. Apparently, he decided to move to US to expand his music influence but somehow failed & ended up working as songwriter for artistes. There were many favourite boybands such as Backstreet Boys & N'Sync that I faithfully listen to before the fad died down in the early 2000.

I'd have to say that it feels good to re-live those memories again. Nevertheless, once the fad is's gone forever. It would be meaningless to revive it again as the ex-members are too old for vigorous synchronised dance. Oh, the horror of watching grown-up men dancing likes they were in their teens! O.O The 90s boyband craze was good while it lasted. It should remain in the past, as it should be.

I'm amazed that South Korea is still going strong in terms of producing teenage boybands. It works & I dare say that they managed to capture my heart as a matured lady fan of 東方神起. With my current financial capability, the fandom is crazier than ever as compared to my youthful days. Even ladies who never liked Western boybands became obsessed with pretty boys. This shows that it's never too late to become a fangirl. Lets just say that the boyband craze has evolved, not defunct. Pop will always prevail irrespective of the direction the music industry heading into.