A year older means a whole lot difference

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm blogging this exactly one month after my birthday. Yes, it's a long awaited post that should've been posted last month. But you know, a post wouldn't be complete without pics & I finally got them from my colleague ^^.

This year is different from previous years not cuz it's more extravagant than before. Reason being the celebration is somewhat special & had succesfully stamp a place in my heart. I already expected a mini celebration among my colleagues as it is customary in my company to buy cake for the birthday boy/girl. What I did not expect is...receiving a sweet surprise from none other than the one who makes me happy & sad at the same time, my dear WL.

This is what he gave me...

...and a delicious chocolate cake for my personal indulgence XD

Why two bouquets? Long story cut short, it was supposed to be a bouquet of 24 roses (red & pink). But the florist made a mistake & in the end, sent two instead. To WL, the plan turned out to be a blunder. I wish he knew that I was deeply touched by his efforts. And perhaps it was good that the florist caused this mistake cuz two bouquets made a more significant impact. Who would've expected receiving two large bouquets from the same person? ^^ Believe it or not, I was fighting hard to hold back my tears. Embarrassing, isn't it? Or else, WL would start calling me silly one again. Haha.

It was indeed costly & definitely didn't last for more than a week. Nevertheless, it was the thought that mattered. WL, not knowing what gift would suit me - decidedly ordered them after office hours. No wonder he cheekily asked me what kind of flowers I fancy the most prior to my birthday *blushes*. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to celebrate over the weekend together. He was quite adamant about it but I assured him that there was no one to blame. Falling sick on that weekend was untimely, that's all. We didn't meet up over the weekend & somehow distance tend to make our hearts grow fond of each other even more. ♥

What I'm trying to point out here is that growing up, then get out to the working world & meeting people from different walks of life eventually leads you to the man you're searching for. So it pays to be a little patient ^^. As for my beloved sis, she gave me a lovely present too.

Another cheeky one like WL =P I saw that she was doing some project on silkscreen printing & she did a cat. I obviously didn't know that she added some humour to it. And it turned out so adorable! This further proves that great gifts come from the heart irrespective of the value. My dear WL & beloved sis, thank you for making my day! *hugs & kisses*

Click here for more pics of my birthday.