Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm back again with another post. It'll be really short this time. Decided to put up IT'S IN THE STARS PV for viewing. Look, look! Another postcard from w-inds. *grins* This postcard is lovely...looks sharper compared to PRIME OF LIFE. Seems like some w-inds. fans doesn't fancy this brand new single. I wonder it because of the guys' sudden change of musical style from their usual bubblegum pop to house/trance? Hmm, maybe. IMHO, the shift in their style of music is rather refreshing. Love it! I personally like house music too *smiles*. Who said the cover was horrid? Yeah, it was plain but quite artistic for such a simple cover.

Got a ticket to the Musical Charity Concert that my sis was pestering me to go. The reason:- to show moral support since my sis will be performing some cowboy dance. Other than that, it'll be a chance for me to re-visit my "school" life (watching performances by students like I used to do back in secondary school). There will be a trip to the shelter in PJ area on Sunday & I wonder how it'll turn out. Not many people going...*sighs* Hopefully everything will be fine (though I secretly hope that the trip will be cancelled at the last minute) *smiles devishly*. I'm LAZY to go.


Bad timing

Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm so slow at updating my blog ne~ *smiles sheepishly*. Last week, I was accepted to work in THAT bank I mentioned in my previous post. I was delighted because the pay is pretty decent for data entry work. THE bank is paying me RM995 a month & required me to serve 3 months. Unfortunately, I had to decline the job & called them the next day. I was unable to fully fulfil the 3 months job because my uni's intake is coming up. THE bank didn't need me after all. If there is a 2 months job, they would contact me (which I doubt so). How disappointing! I could've earned RM2000++ (I'm soo close to getting my Walkman~ *sobs*).

When the girl from Tower Records called me last Saturday evening to inform that my ageha DVD had arrived, I was utterly shocked! Ohmigod...she managed to order one for me & it came all the way from Taiwan. My mood lifted up once again. I quickly followed mum for shopping & collected the dvd. The DVD was RM82.90, no joke. A little too pricey compared to PRIME OF LIFE DVD. But heck, it was worthed every cent because that DVD rocks big time~! I went to bed at 3am that night after watching the entire 1st disc & a little bit from the 2nd disc. *grins proudly* :P Mum found out that I paid so much for that thing...and called me a crazy nuthead. I ignored her...I found out that w-inds. is bound to release their 5th album on March 15. Geez, I just got my DVD recently and seems like I'm getting "poorer". I wish someone would be nice enough to buy their new album for my birthday *tsk tsk* (my birthday is on March 19). This time the poses on their new album cover has been toned down rather than their usual high flying & kicking positions. Less colourful compared to ageha & only gray shades is used. There's 2 version for the cover though I personally prefer the regular edition (pic below).

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention their new single. It was released a few days ago. Of course, I didn't buy's insane having to pay RM40++ for it. So I downloaded it and I was very, very impressed. The single & coupling songs are interlinked, exactly like house music. Like what Keita said, this single leaves a deep impression whenever we listen to it. I was addicted to it & right now, those songs are still spinning in my head. The PV was hilarious & there were some cute moments which I personally like. However, the spaceship looked awful. One of the worst CG I've ever seen. Even the CG used in ageha PV was much better.

My best friend got hitched with a guy from the same uni recently. Hmm...I was a little envious & jealous at first. After some serious thought, I told myself I shouldn't be feeling like this. How silly of me for being jealous! Besides, why should I even bother? There are other things that require more of my attention...

[Image courtesy of IdolThoughts]


Friday, February 10, 2006

ニューシングル[IT'S IN THE STARS]のリリースをまっています~!

I have a disappointing story to share with everyone (not that all my friends knew about this secret diary -_-"). The protagonists:- me & my bubbly, talkative college mate. Other supporting characters:- 2 staffs working in the credit card department of THE bank.

*Note: I prefer not to reveal the name of this particular bank to avoid getting myself into serious trouble.

My college mate's friend's Dad (a little confusing...-_-") apparently recommended the job to her. She was kind enough to inform me because she knew I was pretty desperate for one. She wanted someone to accompany her so that she wouldn't feel lonely. Haha, I seriously doubt I can be a good company but off we go to THE bank, not expecting the disappointing outcome. We were told to look for this Indian man who was supposed to conduct the interview with us. When we finally met, that man seemed surprised (the blur face) to see us. He didn't look as if he was being informed about our arrival. From that moment, I had a queasy feeling that he had forgotten our appointment. Finally, we were told to fill up a form and submit it to HR department. "We'll give you a call in 1-2 weeks for an interview. Bring along your CV as well," a lady said. What?! Did I hear that they wanted my CV? We need not submit our CVs in fact, according to my friend. Still, we had to go through the official procedure for recruitment & selection...whether with recommendation or not. Yup, that's interviews that day. We went to KLCC for lunch. For the first time, I felt like a grown up adult because those perfume salesgirls & salesmen approached me to promote their new product. I bet they wouldn't even noticed me if I wore my usual mini skirts.

I tried searching for ageha tour DVD at Tower Records. All they had was 1/2 dozen of VCDs. What the heck! This made me soo eager to order the DVD online instead. *begs Mom* I saw the pv preview of IT'S IN THE STARS. More like a fusion between retro and pop. The guys mentioned that CG were used when filming the pv. I can't wait to watch the whole pv...where are the CG scenes? Ryohei looked good like usual. Keita is super hot in that video...however Ryuichi was the only one who curled his hair, like in the good 'ol days of Forever Memories. He looked funny...not that it's ugly but just plain weird. Alrite, I should end here. Too sleepy >_<. Oyasumi~

A great New Year & lots of shinies...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Happy CNY 2006!'s a little too late to say this now but who cares. I've been pretty lazy to post new stuff on my blog lately. I can't even remember the last time i uploaded a new post until now. Yup, my A Level results were out 2 weeks ago. I only got 3Bs, much to my disappointment. I was expecting to get an A for Math but what the hell...on the other hand, I felt pretty surprised & happy because I scored straight As for Economics resit papers. If it wasn't the D grade for Paper 4, I could've gotten an A for Econs. Dammit!

Chinese New Year in Ipoh was pretty ok...what more can I say. Getting ang paus is the most exciting of all, obviously! The other fun part was meeting my cousins. Just sitting down oggling at their pretty boy faces was already satisfying (laughs). I even had stomachache a few times thanks to my elder cousin. Why? His jokes were too funny (or lame or stupid?). During the street party in Ipoh, he stood guard to make sure me, my sis & my other cousin sis is safe. Awwww...he's such a nice bro. I adore him soo much~! I supposed my ang pau collection amount is approximately RM500 & above. I really couldn't believe it after having a peek in my last angpau from my Ipoh aunt. Furthermore, I have yet to receive my salary & the deposit....ahhhh, I feel so rich this year. A prosperous year, indeed! One step closer to obtaining an mp3 player!! (a Sony Network Walkman A1000, eh?)

I bought w-inds. "PRIME OF LIFE" Live Tour 2004 DVD recently. Ohmigod, it was fantastic. This was the first time I bought w-inds. dvd & I love it. The 1st Live Tour VCD I had was a far cry from the DVD. And I really cannot wait for the ageha tour DVD. Why is the VCD out & not the DVD? Stupid music shops. I felt like collecting all of their concerts but I don't know why I decided not to buy SYSTEM OF ALIVE tour the other day. Maybe getting the VCD is good enough since the concert may not be as good as ageha & PRIME OF LIFE, ne~? Not to forget, w-inds. will be releasing their 18th single, "IT'S IN THE STARS" on 22/2/06. I'm soooo anxious...I won't be buying their's just too pricey. Sorry w-inds., I'm gonna download your new single. I'm about to watch the pv preview now. They looked SUPER HOT! *drools* I just want my ageha dvd right now!!! Mum, I'd wished you would allow me to order the DVD online. Perhaps the Japan version if our player could play it? *cries* Look, there's a postcard included in DVD. :D