Wednesday, January 23, 2008

With only one more piece of clothing left to buy for CNY, I went to 1 Utama again. Yeah, I know it's boring to go there so often. But what can I do? Mid Valley Megamall is definitely out of the question for it being overly crowded. I loathe crowded malls in the weekends especially when this is the only second last weekend left for any last min shopping. 1 Utama was not an exception, either. At least there was some fresh air to breathe XD.

It took me less than an hr to get what I wanted as I already have a clear idea of what I wanted ^^. I got myself a pair of jeans from Romp :D. Not wanting to miss out on those bright colour decors at the mall, me & sis decided to camwhore again. I found that 1U is surprisingly creative this year cuz they have lots of huge giant Chinese words around placed around the mall. Don't ask me what the words mean cuz I failed at Chinese -_-" my Chinese is limited. Here's an example.

Another one here.

And another one here too.

Of course, there's always the Golden Oval at New Wing that has the most extravagant decor to hype up the CNY atmosphere. It was a tad too red, imho. Think again...if it isn't red, what can it be? Obviously there're no other colours to substitute the auspicious red. Perhaps yellow? Hmm.

On the other hand, the Old Wing has its own share of decor though not as equally grand. We still took pics neway. Just for fun.

We took quite a few snapshots but I'm too lazy to post up. Resizing makes the whole uploading process a lot more tedious. Oh man, I haven't even clear the junk from my room -_-". Can I just leave it as it is?? *hides from Mum's glare*

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You know, I can never get tired when it comes to adorable puppies. Just a couple of days ago, my granduncle & his wife came for a visit while bringing along a female pup. How can you resist a 2 month old pup who enjoys the attention & loves to be cuddled? Not possible when that little thing looked awesomely cute in front of the camera just like this.

I can't remember exactly which kind of breed she is. All I know is that she has similar characteristics as compared to my dog. She loves to lie down on her back like this...

Getting pats on her head like that...

Or just plain posing for the camera!

Just like my dog~ XD

Don't you ever wish you have a doggie like mine?? XD

Monday, January 14, 2008

A new Chinese restaurant just opened recently in this building called LYL Plaza which is not too far from my house. We decided to give it a go knowing that my grandma loves dim sum A LOT. To be honest, I've been eating dim sum for the past few weeks & I'm starting to feel nauseatic each time I think about it. Oh well...*shrugs* For the sake of pleasing grandma, I put aside my dim sum phobia.

No doubt the ambience is good cuz it's brand new, anyways. The restaurant even have little teapots stacked against the wall as decor. I would say the fixtures & lightings used really exude a sense of class & exclusivity.

While my grandparents were busy ordering dishes off the menu...

I was goofing around in front of my camera. (cuz me ♥ the camera very much ^^)

After finalising the orders, we waited & I continued to camwhore again. This time, my sis joined in ^^.

Food came but unfortunately many of the dishes were cancelled due to insufficient ingredients. I supposed the restaurant underestimated the crowd turnout that day. Apparently, one of the captain said that they're afraid they might be able to sell all the food hence leading to wastage. It was stupid idea to assume that way! C'mon, anyone would walk in to eat when they see a new restaurant newly opened being advertised in the newspaper.

And so we waited again for the rest of the dishes. We waited & waited...

Even my cousin bro got really bored of waiting. -_-"

Overall, food was pretty good. The main prob is the mediocre service cuz the restaurant is seriously lacking manpower during peak hrs. Not to mention poor planning & forecasting of customers. Hopefully they'll work out a solution asap. Nevertheless, my favourite dish that I have to mention is the...

The yummy egg tart~ *drools*

Trust me, you just can't stop eating it the min you take the first bite on the scrumptious pastry. The filling is lovely & the sweetness level is just nice ^^. It's THAT good. What's more, it was fresh from the oven when it was served. Gosh, I feel like eating it again. T.T

After the meal, I couldn't resist myself from posing in front of the restaurant. Since I'm there, why not? XD

Future restaurant lady boss in the making! XD

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Geez, F4. How degrading can you all get? Or should I put the blame on your recording company & the director of your not-so-original music video? You're making me despise you guys even more. Okay, perhaps using the four seasons in music videos ain't a new idea. But what's puzzling me is that how can the scenes be so similiar. Especially when F4's MV showed the members walking in the background of different seasons. I wouldn't have known about it until I saw the headlines in Sin Chew's entertainment section.

In the article, it stated that F4's new MV Waiting for you has been blamed by the media & fans for plagiarising Dong Bang's PV Step by Step. There were also pics included the article to show the comparison between F4 & Dong Bang's music video. There is no doubt that there is a slight resemblance in both videos. On the other hand, F4's recording company & management had denied all accusations in relations to the music video. As usual, they gave lame excuses just to avoid the problem. -_-"

I was shocked that whatever was mentioned in the article was true. How can it be so coincidental that both videos turned out to be so alike? I mean, I would only considered the similarity to be a coincidence if both videos were released at the same time. The prob is...F4 released their latest video months after Step by Step was aired on Japanese TV. In fact, it was aired last 2 yrs ago. Wouldn't that be plagiarism? Go to YouTube & watch both vids. You be the judge.

Credits: dbsk_cyn@soompi

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Somehow, I just can't express how ridiculously stupid my class timetable is. I have 6 hours break every Monday though I only have 2 subjects to attend for the day. Yes, you read that right. Moreover, the first class for the day commences at 8am while the last class starts at 4pm. See? Imagine waiting for endless hours just for the next lesson; knowing that the next lecturer will definitely cast a sleeping spell whenver she starts lecturing. It's bloody torturous!! T.T GUH. Spare me.

As you know, 6 hours are more than enough for a movie, lunch outing & some time off for window shopping; not to mention extra time for tea break too -_-. On the first Monday in January, me & friends decided to visit Sunway Pyramid. We bought tickets for this movie called Codename: The Cleaner cuz everyone seemed to have watch all the movies that I have not & intended to watch. Then, we ate at Nando's since we couldn't really make up our minds. Of course, group outings are always the best excuse for more camwhoring activities XD.

We're checking the menu. It'd better be good~

Meanwhile, the rest are goofing around XD

A pic is not complete unless the whole gang is in! ^^

When the food came...

Just look at our hungry faces~ XD

Food was so-so (service was bad) so there's no reason to elaborate on that. By the time we're done eating, we were so fashionably late cuz the movie already started for about 5-10 mins. I think all of us sat there & watch mindlessly as we had no idea how the story started. Thankfully, the plot wasn't too complicated for us to pick up our pace from the part we missed. That movie was funny but it got lame pretty quick. There were some notable scenes worth mentioning. For example, how often do you see a grandma getting aroused when she gets whacked continuously on the butt by a black guy? Totally random~ *rofl*

We still had exactly 2 hrs after exiting the cinema hall. Can you imagine it? Even a movie is not enough to fill up our length break. We even had time for tea break at J.Co Donuts & Coffee. It was my first visit there; not to mention my first time tasting 12 different donut flavours simultaneously & sharing among ourselves. Definitely an exciting experience!

Good stuff always comes in a huge box. ^^

Can you resist the sweet temptation?? I just lurrvve the glaze & Oreo flavour ones.

Eating donuts alone can stuff you up. We had to take a walk, no matter what. We ventured further into the new wing of Sunway Pyramid & came upon this area where the interior looked a little...Middle Eastern? Just had to take a shot cuz the lighting & ambience looks damn good.

There's this tidbits shop which sells a myriad of snacks, crackers & candies bla bla; you name it. When I was about to enter the shop, I noticed something. Mountains of chicken floss & dried tidbits were piling at the back of the shop. OMG! Those can probably last me a lifetime from the rate I take these sweet, sour & salty tidbits. o_O

Last pic of the day. I guess we were too bored. Whatever it is, 6 hrs is definitely too hard to bear. Hopefully when our next plan to watch Sweeney Todd wouldn't be as bad. Ah Sweeney aka Johnny Depp, you look darn cool! *glomps movie poster*

Monday, January 07, 2008

My ex-schoolmates & I only meet up once or at most twice in a year. Everyone is busy studying abroad while some are too occupied with their own lives. I supposed that includes me as well. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to intiate a meetup or something like that. I think this part of the growing up process in which everyone has their own thing to do. The day finally came when we managed to gather at my house & headed to Strawberry Cafe at The State, PJ.

At first, we were contemplating on whether to dine in at this cafe (I forgot the name, sorry XD) or Strawberry Cafe instead. Both are just next to each other with tables & chairs arranged in such a way that resemble sidewalk cafes. After passing by these 2 cafes while in the car, I suggested that we choose Strawberry Cafe cuz generally it looked more appealing compared to the other. This cafe serves a variety of food from Western to our local foods i.e laksa, nasi lemak etc. The food is priced at mid-range starting from RM6 (excluding tax).

We could've taken lots of pics but we were too busy yakking away to even bother to do anything. We chatted about anything under the sun from gossips to studies. It's only the studies topic that bored me a lot. Speaking of food, I ordered a fried fish & chips while the rest ordered spaghetti bolognaise, mushroom carbonara, laksa & so on. When my dish came, I was kinda displeased. The dory fish didn't look like one at all. This piece of fillet looked so...unappetizing. Looks like some ordinary fish fillet that my grandma usually buys from supermarket.

Thank God, it tasted pretty ok. Of course, Secret Recipe's one looks better. And no doubt Manhattan Fish Market's fish platter rocks big time! For the price of RM8.90, what more can I expect? But it could've been better too. No harm improving it. Well, we didn't miss out the opportunity to snap a shot before we left the cafe. Better than nothing ^^.

Omg, I looked so haggard... -_-"

After lunch, May Sun left while the rest of us headed to Yen Ping's house for another round of chit-chatting. I guess we were too bored & ended up playing with the camera XD. Here are the results of our boredom.

Teddy with Marianne's cool phone~ ^^

Cellphones galore! R-L: Yen Ping's, mine & the last 2 is Marianne's

Look for Marianne sifu when it comes to massaging techniques XD

Yo, brotha'! Ya checkin' out my goggles & cap?

Not wanting to decline Yen Ping's Mum's generous offer to have dinner together, we decided to tag along. Besides, how often do we see Yen Ping in a year? This kind of dinner makes the whole gathering more meaningful. It's something that we always look forward to every year. I still remember when we used to have steamboat for her bday every year XD. Hopefully we get to do it this year ^^.

Christmas at 1 Utama & Happy 2008!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Yes, this is late. But who cares? HAPPY NEW YEAR! Forgive me for the lack of updates during the past few days. I was still working till New Year's Eve & then I was busy preparing for uni. It's the start of the new semester again -_-. Gosh, I'm so lazy to go back to class. Anyways, it's my final year in uni so the journey would be a rough one. For this year's resolution, I certainly hope to graduate with flying colours. Hopefully a First Class Honours though I highly doubt I'm capable of achieving it. Nothing is impossible but I'd better not be too confident nor over-ambitious with my goals. Lets just hope for the best.

So, there's a last set of Christmas pics taken on New Year's Day that I'd to share with you guys. They were taken at New Wing, 1 Utama Shopping Centre. I deliberately went there cuz I wanted to buy a new pair of sneakers. Didn't wanna go to Mid Valley Megamall as I went there several times in December. Since Christmas had just passed not long ago, I reckoned the Christmas decors are still around. So I took chances by bringing along my trusty digicam ^^. The pics turned good as usual so that's not surprising anymore. Here they are...

The Oval (New Wing, 1 Utama) at first glance.

How come I never good look in pics?? :(

I own 'zis tree, muahahahaha!

Hello, nutcracker soldiers~ ^^

Aerial view of The Oval.

I think I bought the hat half an hr ago XD.

Taken at Old Wing, 1 Utama. Love those trees! ^^

It's another new year again. So we should be good girls/guys & work hard to achieve our goals XD. Hopefully we'll get to see some fruitful outcome at the end of the year ^^.

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