Monday, January 07, 2008

My ex-schoolmates & I only meet up once or at most twice in a year. Everyone is busy studying abroad while some are too occupied with their own lives. I supposed that includes me as well. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to intiate a meetup or something like that. I think this part of the growing up process in which everyone has their own thing to do. The day finally came when we managed to gather at my house & headed to Strawberry Cafe at The State, PJ.

At first, we were contemplating on whether to dine in at this cafe (I forgot the name, sorry XD) or Strawberry Cafe instead. Both are just next to each other with tables & chairs arranged in such a way that resemble sidewalk cafes. After passing by these 2 cafes while in the car, I suggested that we choose Strawberry Cafe cuz generally it looked more appealing compared to the other. This cafe serves a variety of food from Western to our local foods i.e laksa, nasi lemak etc. The food is priced at mid-range starting from RM6 (excluding tax).

We could've taken lots of pics but we were too busy yakking away to even bother to do anything. We chatted about anything under the sun from gossips to studies. It's only the studies topic that bored me a lot. Speaking of food, I ordered a fried fish & chips while the rest ordered spaghetti bolognaise, mushroom carbonara, laksa & so on. When my dish came, I was kinda displeased. The dory fish didn't look like one at all. This piece of fillet looked so...unappetizing. Looks like some ordinary fish fillet that my grandma usually buys from supermarket.

Thank God, it tasted pretty ok. Of course, Secret Recipe's one looks better. And no doubt Manhattan Fish Market's fish platter rocks big time! For the price of RM8.90, what more can I expect? But it could've been better too. No harm improving it. Well, we didn't miss out the opportunity to snap a shot before we left the cafe. Better than nothing ^^.

Omg, I looked so haggard... -_-"

After lunch, May Sun left while the rest of us headed to Yen Ping's house for another round of chit-chatting. I guess we were too bored & ended up playing with the camera XD. Here are the results of our boredom.

Teddy with Marianne's cool phone~ ^^

Cellphones galore! R-L: Yen Ping's, mine & the last 2 is Marianne's

Look for Marianne sifu when it comes to massaging techniques XD

Yo, brotha'! Ya checkin' out my goggles & cap?

Not wanting to decline Yen Ping's Mum's generous offer to have dinner together, we decided to tag along. Besides, how often do we see Yen Ping in a year? This kind of dinner makes the whole gathering more meaningful. It's something that we always look forward to every year. I still remember when we used to have steamboat for her bday every year XD. Hopefully we get to do it this year ^^.