Wednesday, January 23, 2008

With only one more piece of clothing left to buy for CNY, I went to 1 Utama again. Yeah, I know it's boring to go there so often. But what can I do? Mid Valley Megamall is definitely out of the question for it being overly crowded. I loathe crowded malls in the weekends especially when this is the only second last weekend left for any last min shopping. 1 Utama was not an exception, either. At least there was some fresh air to breathe XD.

It took me less than an hr to get what I wanted as I already have a clear idea of what I wanted ^^. I got myself a pair of jeans from Romp :D. Not wanting to miss out on those bright colour decors at the mall, me & sis decided to camwhore again. I found that 1U is surprisingly creative this year cuz they have lots of huge giant Chinese words around placed around the mall. Don't ask me what the words mean cuz I failed at Chinese -_-" my Chinese is limited. Here's an example.

Another one here.

And another one here too.

Of course, there's always the Golden Oval at New Wing that has the most extravagant decor to hype up the CNY atmosphere. It was a tad too red, imho. Think again...if it isn't red, what can it be? Obviously there're no other colours to substitute the auspicious red. Perhaps yellow? Hmm.

On the other hand, the Old Wing has its own share of decor though not as equally grand. We still took pics neway. Just for fun.

We took quite a few snapshots but I'm too lazy to post up. Resizing makes the whole uploading process a lot more tedious. Oh man, I haven't even clear the junk from my room -_-". Can I just leave it as it is?? *hides from Mum's glare*