Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Somehow, I just can't express how ridiculously stupid my class timetable is. I have 6 hours break every Monday though I only have 2 subjects to attend for the day. Yes, you read that right. Moreover, the first class for the day commences at 8am while the last class starts at 4pm. See? Imagine waiting for endless hours just for the next lesson; knowing that the next lecturer will definitely cast a sleeping spell whenver she starts lecturing. It's bloody torturous!! T.T GUH. Spare me.

As you know, 6 hours are more than enough for a movie, lunch outing & some time off for window shopping; not to mention extra time for tea break too -_-. On the first Monday in January, me & friends decided to visit Sunway Pyramid. We bought tickets for this movie called Codename: The Cleaner cuz everyone seemed to have watch all the movies that I have not & intended to watch. Then, we ate at Nando's since we couldn't really make up our minds. Of course, group outings are always the best excuse for more camwhoring activities XD.

We're checking the menu. It'd better be good~

Meanwhile, the rest are goofing around XD

A pic is not complete unless the whole gang is in! ^^

When the food came...

Just look at our hungry faces~ XD

Food was so-so (service was bad) so there's no reason to elaborate on that. By the time we're done eating, we were so fashionably late cuz the movie already started for about 5-10 mins. I think all of us sat there & watch mindlessly as we had no idea how the story started. Thankfully, the plot wasn't too complicated for us to pick up our pace from the part we missed. That movie was funny but it got lame pretty quick. There were some notable scenes worth mentioning. For example, how often do you see a grandma getting aroused when she gets whacked continuously on the butt by a black guy? Totally random~ *rofl*

We still had exactly 2 hrs after exiting the cinema hall. Can you imagine it? Even a movie is not enough to fill up our length break. We even had time for tea break at J.Co Donuts & Coffee. It was my first visit there; not to mention my first time tasting 12 different donut flavours simultaneously & sharing among ourselves. Definitely an exciting experience!

Good stuff always comes in a huge box. ^^

Can you resist the sweet temptation?? I just lurrvve the glaze & Oreo flavour ones.

Eating donuts alone can stuff you up. We had to take a walk, no matter what. We ventured further into the new wing of Sunway Pyramid & came upon this area where the interior looked a little...Middle Eastern? Just had to take a shot cuz the lighting & ambience looks damn good.

There's this tidbits shop which sells a myriad of snacks, crackers & candies bla bla; you name it. When I was about to enter the shop, I noticed something. Mountains of chicken floss & dried tidbits were piling at the back of the shop. OMG! Those can probably last me a lifetime from the rate I take these sweet, sour & salty tidbits. o_O

Last pic of the day. I guess we were too bored. Whatever it is, 6 hrs is definitely too hard to bear. Hopefully when our next plan to watch Sweeney Todd wouldn't be as bad. Ah Sweeney aka Johnny Depp, you look darn cool! *glomps movie poster*