Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Felt very accomplished today...I dunno why. Maybe it was the last task I did before I left the office for home. It wasn't a huge nor difficult task but I admit that it was a little tiring. I took 25 minutes to sort out all the cheques. Not just a few cheques but hundreds of them. The minute I completed the sorting, I quickly tied them up nicely & put them in the tray. And then, I rushed home. My colleagues were kinda amused that I was woking so fast. I mean, what's wrong with that? That shows I'm a productive worker. I deserve even higher pay lol. Luckily the train wasn't crowded today & I stood at the end of the train where it should be cooler (the air cond duct is above my head). But that damn thing ain't working properly so I felt warm air instead. What's more, the sky was sunny & the train seemed to get a little hotter near the windows. Thank goodness I wasn't suffocating...

Went to Kinokuniya at Isetan today & saw some interesting magazines there. Felt very tempted to buy that Oricon Style March issue mag because there's w-inds. in it. But ended up not buying because I was afraid that it might be just a page or two about w-inds. like what I had in CD Hits. I'm currently addicted to Bread You wouldn't have believe that I only have buns for lunch. Seriously, their bread & buns are fantastic! Love it~ Really fancied their tuna buns with some corn inside. Much better than the tuna fuilette from Delifrance which was awfully salty & expensive. But their peach custard tarts & croissants are my favourites...I hardly eat them anyway. If mum finds out that I only take buns for lunch, she's gonna kill me >.<

Walking with high heels everyday has taken a toll on my feet. My little left toe started growing blisters. Yikes! It hurts too...I'm praying hard that it wouldn't bleed. In fact, most of my high heels are ill-fitting sizes because my feet size is odd. Maybe I'll just wear sneakers tomorrow for a change. Hopefully I won't be scolded by the boss...these two days she weren't at the office. So peaceful~

*swoons to Kageboushi, the lovely & sweet ballad by w-inds.*