Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm officially 20 years old from now on. I feel sooo old... T.T Nothing much happened on my birthday. The fun part was my friend singing a song to me through Skype. Lol...because I insisted it; he wouldn't have done it if I wasn't persistent. Don't worry Wira, you sounded great. Truly appreciate it~ :D
Today is the fourth day of work at the taxation office. Seriously, I can't wait till the last day of work & quickly run off after getting my paycheck. Only the second day of work, I got scolded for being 15 minutes late after lunch. I got lost at the other end of the mall's exit after visiting Kinokuniya. I knew it sounded stupid about getting lost...but somehow, I did. -_-"
I spent RM200++ just within two days. T.T I bought the w-inds. WORKS Vol. 2 dvd on Monday & also Vol. 4 yesterday. This is bad...real bad! I bet my salary is not enough to cover all my expenses. Furthermore, I even planned to expand my w-inds. goodies collection & it would probably costs me RM1000. I missed out the SOA tour dvd, WORKS Vol. 1 & 3 as well as 1st Message tour dvd (though I've already owned a vcd of the 1st tour :P). And I have not got my hands on the 5th album yet...this is freaking bad >.<
My loathe for commuter trains is growing lately. I really dislike taking commuter trains nowadays after six days of work. I'm constantly surrounded with men. *shrugs* Last Friday, it was raining & everyone was rushing to go home. The train was indeed crowded so I had to wait for the next one to arrive. This Chinese dude was pushing me from the back & his chest was almost pressing against me. Sooo uncomfortable. Ugghhh...then on Monday morning, I had to squeeze in the train again. I was standing in between this tall white guy & Indian gal. That white guy was holding the metal rods for balance while I was struggling to balance myself & not fall onto him or that girl. Half the time, it felt like that white guy was protecting me from harm. Haha. But I felt really embarrassed because my arms kept brushing against his too often. He was pretty courteous though...asking me whether his luggage was on my shoes. That's very sweet of him. *giggles*