Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My grandma barged into my room yesterday morning & calling out loud, "You have a package~!!". I woke up, eyes still half shut & walked out to the gate whereby the postman was happily chirping "Good morning!" to me while holding up a huge box. I signed lazily at the spot he pointed at on the paper, grabbed the box & headed back to my room.

I've got heaps of items to sort out since one of my friends ordered a lot this time. *sighs* Seeing this pile of junk items makes me feel lazy. Well, at least all of them already paid so there's less headache. For the love of Dong Bang, I'm doing the gals a favour to order these overly-priced items from Japan. I feel so noble for once XD

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yesterday's karaoke session was fun. What's more exciting than singing your heart with a bunch of girls who are 4 years your junior? XD I had no one to go with, sad to say. It's expected of an introvert like me. Let's see, the last time I went to karaoke was 3 years ago. LOL. To some people, going for karaoke is like their weekly routine. It's no wonder they can sing so well. Guess it's a cheaper alternative for vocal training instead of signing up for vocal training classes.

Since the girls (including me) know nothing about Chinese, we sang lots of English oldies. Like lots of them ^^. Ranging from Bohemian Rhapsody, How Deep Is Your Love to the latest Apologize by Timbaland feat. OneRepublic. We did add a few Japanese songs to pump in some variety cuz me & one of my sis' friend do know how to read hiragana.

After 2 long hours of singing, we decided to hit the bookstore. Coincidentally, Borders is having anniversary sale which means all full priced books are entitled 15% off. How cool is that? XD Initially, I was really tempted to grab 4 books but had to drop the idea cuz the total amount ain't easy on the pocket *sighs*. Finally, I settled for 2 books while sis got one for herself. There goes RM80+ worth of books~

My books ^^

What's better than indulging in my favourite apple cheese slice cake for the 2nd time in a week? ^^ It's expensive but I guess it wouldn't hurt as long as it makes me happy. Remind me to not eat it again this Friday. No more Secret Recipe or I'll be extremely broke. XD

I always have weakness for any apple desserts XD

Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm bored. And still depressed too. The intense loneliness made me ponder about so many things. It made me reflect on the days that gone by. And so, pics are the best to re-live those moments. Events & little incidents that I didn't have the opportunity to blog about as I was too occupied. So here it is - a recap of what happened...

2 Jan 2008

My crazy friends had nothing else better to do & decided to goof around. If you're wondering what this is, it's err...bubbles blown out of a tube. It's impossible to burst & it can be pinched according to the shape you desire. Smells like UHU glue, though.

17 Feb 2008

A long overdue pic taken a week after CNY. It's a small gathering organised by my close friend of 7 yrs at her house. I don't get to see her often though we live so near each other. Guess the timing ain't right for the both of us.

21 Mar 2008

A surprise birthday cake from someone special a friend. Lovely cake, it was! Wished that I could taste it just once more. It's a day that I'll never forget.

1 Apr 2008

A trip to DiGi's headquarters. I tell you, the place is like every man's dream place to work. For a moment, I actually thought of applying to be part of the Yellow Man team XD.

5 Apr 2008

This is the shop I was raving about last year. Remember the fish paste wrapped in fu zok?? I had it again this year & it tasted as good as always ^^. Pity that I lost so much appetite that week; if not I would've eaten more.

11 Apr 2008

This unusual shape of a glass can be found at D'Italiane Kitchen, Jaya 33. Food is delicious, the price is EVEN BETTER XD. I had to take a snapshot of it cuz it's really weird. And you can see how the water takes it shape in the glass, further accentuating its curves.

*sighs* What a journey it has been...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I kissed the ice. ROFL. Okay, not literally. Read on & you'll get what I mean. Yesterday, I went skating with my sis. My first ever skating trip since 8 years ago ^^. I had great fun though I was a little wobbly at the beginning. If that's not enough, I landed on my ass twice & nearly passed out cuz the pain was unbearable. All I saw was stars & the surrounding became blurry. Seriously.

After resting for approximately 10 mins, I got up & return to the ice rink. This time, I was extra careful not to fall hard again. And I got better after each round. Seems like I didn't really forgot how to skate XD. *sighs* I guess I was over-confident & skate too fast or maybe I tripped over a hole...BAM! There I was on the ice; face flat.

It was not supposed to happen but it still did -_-". I fell forward & used both of my hands to support myself on the ice but unfortunately, my hands gave way & my face ended up brushing hard against the ice. Boy, it was awfully painful. And awesomely embarassing too. Why? There was a large group of Business students having their skating trip there & they witnessed the whole incident.

One girl was kind enough to offer me a plaster. But it's not enough to save me from my ultimate public humiliation. Guh! And to have a guy staring at my swollen face for 5 mins was the worst experience ever. The other "pro" skater was probably laughing hard to himself -_-". The least I could do is skate way better than the bunch of students there. Told ya I could skate. I don't do twists, turns & jumps, though. Strictly basic skating. Cuz I'm a slow learner.

My body is aching all over now with some minor bruises on the knees. Ankles are hurting real bad much thanks to the stupid rented skates. Other than that, the pain is due to the lack of physical exercise. I'm THAT weak, sad to say. I really need to work out more. So guess what? Despite all the sores & humiliation, I'm looking forward to another round next week. Hard to believe, eh? XD

Monday, April 21, 2008

I'd swear that I died laughing after watching this. So random! LOL. I know it's a stupid vid but please do watch. It definitely made my day~ XD

Weird Al Yankovic - Eat It


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back from hiatus. Exams were okay; not too difficult nor very easy. It's over anyway so no point discussing about it. I'm still struggling in the road to recovery but so far things are good. Trying to keep myself as busy as possible so as not to let my mind wander off again unnecessarily. Perhaps the IM individual assignment make me a busy bee over the weekend. *shrugs*

I have a serious sleeping disorder, I think. For the past 2 nights, I've been going to bed at 4am. Why would ppl sleep at such late hour when there's a holiday? Wouldn't it make more sense to stay up late when college semesters are on & filled with assignments? *shrugs* I just couldn't sleep for some reason cuz my mind is running wild with imaginations.

No doubt I was thinking a lot about someone...

But the main reason is probably cuz I was over-enthusiastic about ice skating. The thought of putting on skates & going back to the rink after 8 years of not setting foot on the ice at all is overwhelming. It was a sport I used to & still love. Though I was never really good at it, having basic skating skills is more than enough for me. I really love the fact that gliding on thin ice provides that sense of freedom. Indescribable.

Ice skating makes you forget everything that worries you as all the energy is focused on balancing well & pushing your legs across the ice. At the end of the day, all you feel is sore feet but the experience makes you wanna go for the next round. I'm definitely looking forward to my first skating trip in 8 years this Tuesday. ^^

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. My life is in a turmoil at the moment & I'm trying to sort out the mess while preparing for the upcoming exams next week. This is definitely one of the toughest challenge that I have encountered in my life. And I'd probably be in a depression mode in months to come. Not that I wished for it but emotions tend to take over when I'm deeply hurt. It's just me. Enough said.

For the past whole week, I've been thinking a lot. Why on earth did I get myself into such a mess? This is the kind of distraction that I've been avoiding for the past 2 years & should've continued avoiding it. But I have weakened & succumbed to an irresistible temptation. I thought I saw hope in it & finally gather the courage to start over. *sighs* I should've trusted my instincts back then. Sadly, it's too late to regret now as there's nothing that can be done.

The more I ponder about this, the more guilty I felt though I wasn't at fault right from the beginning. I was deprived the chance that I truly deserve. I always tried really hard, unfortunately he never had faith in me. Right now, I felt betrayed. I was told that I understood him the most & listened to him when others pretended they did. That girl treated him badly which is why he decided to give up on her. On top of that, both of us were compatible in so many ways. He also said that he doesn't fall for anyone so easily. Those were the words that I can still clearly recall.

I'd like to believe there was some sincerity in it. However, it's disheartening when all things fail & those words become merely sweet nothings. LIES. Hypocrisy. To the one I'm referring to, I sincerely apologise for such harsh words on you. I can't help it. You'd probably won't understand how excruciatingly painful to wake up every morning, feeling like someone has stabbed through the heart & let it bleed profusely. And to return home from class, locking up myself in the bathroom crying until the swollen eyes & headache set in. Not forgetting the sleep loss, massive appetite loss and the dazed look on the face.

Honestly, it's difficult to endure seeing you every day especially when I hate & love you at the same time. Stick to your promise if you still care for me. Don't be a dumbass & pretend that you don't know cuz I will seriously hate you. No more being friends then. It would be so much easier for me to heal if you get out of my life. It's impossible, anyhow. You're just stupid for not knowing how to treasure a nice girl who sincerely loves you a lot. Ass!

Boy, this is painful... T___T

P.S. Hiatus mode due to exams.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Shit just happens at the wrong place & time. And here I am waiting for a miracle & hoping things would turn around.

I was wrong.

Miracles never exist...


How could the one I gave my heart to,
Break my heart so bad?
How could the one that made me happy,
Make me feel so sad?
Won't somebody tell me
So I can understand
If you love me
How could you hurt this heart of mine?
Tell me...yeah
How could you be so cold to me?
When I gave you everything
All my love, all I had inside
How could you just walk out the door?
How could you not love me anymore?
I thought we had forever
I can't understand
How could the one I shared my dreams with,
Take my dream from me?
How could that love that brought so much pleasure,
Bring such misery?

Won't somebody tell me
Somebody tell me please
If you love me,
How could you do that to me?
Tell me

Song title: The One I Gave My Heart To
Sung by: Aaliyah