Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I kissed the ice. ROFL. Okay, not literally. Read on & you'll get what I mean. Yesterday, I went skating with my sis. My first ever skating trip since 8 years ago ^^. I had great fun though I was a little wobbly at the beginning. If that's not enough, I landed on my ass twice & nearly passed out cuz the pain was unbearable. All I saw was stars & the surrounding became blurry. Seriously.

After resting for approximately 10 mins, I got up & return to the ice rink. This time, I was extra careful not to fall hard again. And I got better after each round. Seems like I didn't really forgot how to skate XD. *sighs* I guess I was over-confident & skate too fast or maybe I tripped over a hole...BAM! There I was on the ice; face flat.

It was not supposed to happen but it still did -_-". I fell forward & used both of my hands to support myself on the ice but unfortunately, my hands gave way & my face ended up brushing hard against the ice. Boy, it was awfully painful. And awesomely embarassing too. Why? There was a large group of Business students having their skating trip there & they witnessed the whole incident.

One girl was kind enough to offer me a plaster. But it's not enough to save me from my ultimate public humiliation. Guh! And to have a guy staring at my swollen face for 5 mins was the worst experience ever. The other "pro" skater was probably laughing hard to himself -_-". The least I could do is skate way better than the bunch of students there. Told ya I could skate. I don't do twists, turns & jumps, though. Strictly basic skating. Cuz I'm a slow learner.

My body is aching all over now with some minor bruises on the knees. Ankles are hurting real bad much thanks to the stupid rented skates. Other than that, the pain is due to the lack of physical exercise. I'm THAT weak, sad to say. I really need to work out more. So guess what? Despite all the sores & humiliation, I'm looking forward to another round next week. Hard to believe, eh? XD