Original Cake: Is it really worth the queue?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Original Cake, the brand founded in Taiwan in 2010 that specialises in soft, fluffy cakes finally entered our Malaysian shores. Its opening at one of their first few stores, Sunway Velocity Mall attracted a huge crowd to queue for hours just to get a piece of their cake. One wonders why our fellow Malaysians were so madly in love with Original Cake, not like the brand name was revolutionary or fancy either.

Many Malaysians, particularly the Chinese community (or to be specific the Mandarin educated) who have been to Taiwan or are following Taiwanese urban culture, will definitely know Original Cake is a go-to bakery for its authentic traditional egg cake recipe. According to my colleague, the original store in Taiwan serves the incredibly fresh bakes non-stop & the aroma can be felt in the air when you're nearby. So, that generally explains the frenzy that happened during their grand opening.

I hate super long queues, even more so if the product sounds ordinary & doesn't warrant wasting my precious time for the long wait. I didn't join in the previous frenzy but instead opted for another outlet at Sunway Pyramid with lesser crowd. Not sure if the crowd really died down at this outlet or it wasn't as packed to begin with.