Wrongly blamed

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today was indeed a long day for me at work. No doubt work related matters should never be brought home, sometimes it's inevitable. Especially when the bitterness still linger on. I really need to release my dissatisfaction. Me & my boss had a tele-con with the plant manager to highlight on some issues pertaining to the transfer of 6 SKUs from Ipoh to a contract packer.

Guess what, the plant manager somewhat couldn't control his anger & was yelling on the phone at our incompetency for failing to meet the dateline as planned. WTF! It was clearly known that it was another department who was being less cooperative that caused all these delays yet some idiot here refused to act rational, understand the actual situation & try resolve the issue by providing support. How unprofessional! And to even call yourself a plant manager. Who the hell are you to dictate whether to run production or not? Are you calling for a strike?? Bring it up to the management & the union then. Make a big deal out of it!!

It was more nerve-wrecking to later hear that he personally called our GM to apologise. Like hell does my GM needed an apology when he shouted & threw some papers & files in rage, as heard clearly during the tele-con. Are you trying to pick up a fight?? And to even dare bully us females?? This is sex discrimination!! Seriously, you don't deserve any respect at all.

I've won it again!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm sad to announce that this year's annual dinner was held at the plant again. But this time at our humble ol' PJ plant. Despite the poor environment & so-so food, the lucky draw prizes were surprisingly good - even for the top 300 winners.

I wouldn't complain if I'm given the opportunity to win something again, hopefully better. Last year, I got an unknown brand iron. Until now, I still have no idea how to get rid of it cuz my family wouldn't even consider using it for ironing. It's so plastic & fragile, not to mention having a hard time to heat up properly. As lucky as can be, I was selected as a winner again! Yippee~

Guess what I've won? I won a thermal pot! But in the end, I've decided to exchange with WL's hair dryer cuz his mum needed a thermal pot. Furthermore, WL has no idea what he's gonna do with the hair dryer considering his short hair. Hence, I'm now the proud owner of Philips Salon Essential hair dryer. =)

It's a pretty lightweigh model with 3 settings for careful drying & styling, cool wind to set your preferred style & lastly foldable handle for extra portability. Using it to dry my hair was an easy task cuz the hot wind is surprisingly strong & hot - which is essential for long hair like mine. I supposed this little thing cost about RM70+ at electrical shops. The exchange was worthwhile, indeed. =D

Slow-mos ain't cool

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It definitely isn't my interest to watch movies that really don't worth every dollar I pay. But sadly, September month seems to offer the poorest array of movies with no good movies to expect. Due to this, we settled for Resident Evil: Afterlife without any other choice.

Perhaps the production team was trying too hard to follow the market trend of 3D movies that they've decided to add in slow motion scene. Just so you can enjoy the wonders of bullets, fire & butt-kicking actions in popping 3D.

I heard that this instalment is the best among the all Resident Evil movie franchise. Still, I found this movie a total waste of time & money. Sorry babe, I hope you wouldn't mind me saying this. The movie was outrageously dumb & exaggerated. Maybe there were some elements adapted from the game but the plot & character development failed terribly. Just so not like the game at all. Please save your money & watch something else.

Raya escapade

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This year's Raya holidays seemed to stretch aross a long weekend because both days fall on Saturday & Sunday. Not long after that, we have another newly declared holiday this year which falls on 16 September which is a Thursday. Seeing the opportunity to take some time off, WL's family booked a few rooms at a Port Dickson resort. I was invited to join in the fun & I graciously accepted their offer.

I haven't been to Port Dickson for ages & the only thing I could recall is the dirty beach & the seemingly haunted rented bungalow that me & my family almost stayed for the night. Fast forward more than 10 years later, here I am back at the signature dirty beach for a Raya getaway. Together with WL & his brothers' families. XD

It was only 1 1/2 hour drive from KL but even then, I was fast asleep throughout the entire journey. When we arrived, the building & surrounding looked decent & clean though not particularly grand.

Sad to say that the compound surrounding the resort is pretty bare with not much greenery view. The next drawback is that it doesn't have beach. Can you believe that? -_-" At least the resort looks pretty good in a way with little homes built on both land & stilts. The landed area does give a modern, homey neighbourhood. Plus point for that! =)

Each home has an indoor swimming pool about 4 feet deep. Too small a pool for swimming but good enough to get wet & relax within the comfort of your own room. It has a mini fountain shaped of a frog shooting water out of its mouth. The fountain seems to operate on itself by refilling the pool as & when it detects the water level falling below minimum.

I quite liked the spacious room which is capable of accommodating 2 queen size beds. There's a kichenette equipped with microwave oven, kettle, cutleries etc for a quick meal preparation. The bathroom is just next to the kichenette; incorporating an open concept with the shower area, toilet & sink separated from each other. I personally prefer to have them combined together to be a proper bathroom so that I didn't have to tiptoe around in my wet condition after shower to use the toilet. Too bad. :/

A glimpse of other facilities such as the cafe & public swimming pool reflects a decent & simple environment. Quite disappointing to say that the buffet breakfast menu lacks variety & even a dish as simple as omelette failed to give out its fragrant & savoury taste. On the other hand, the pool is generally divided into 3 sections - adult's pool, children's pool & mini size pool. Although I'm not much of a swimmer, I believe it's obvious if the pool was not properly maintained ie not cleaning regularly hence causing the water to look a little murky. Eww!

There is no recreational activities to do in the resort besides swimming, cycling, going to the gym & playing ping pong at a miserable location near the toilet entrance. Apart from the free breakfast for two, there ain't any restaurants to dine which means driving out for meals is a must. Driving out to look for food is literally useless at a dead town like Port Dickson cuz very scarce eateries can be seen. Imagine driving out to search for a local coffee shop but ended up lunching at KFC -_-" Bicycles are available for rent within the vicinity but trust me it sure ain't an enjoyable ride. They were poorly maintained - chain gears not oiled & probably left out in the sun for too long that the cushion seats had hardened.

I guess, it's who you travel with that determines how enjoyable the trip would be. =) Otherwise, any posh hotel or beautiful beach would be equally dull & less meaningful.

But if you asked me, I doubt I would visit this place again reason being it's a little too pricey for a few night's stay with hardly any activities to look forward to. I guess I'm the type of guest or tourist who seeks for something to do instead of just spending the entire day in the hotel room in a deep slumber. Perhaps it's not my perfect idea of winding down & getaway.

Depth & realism like never before

Saturday, September 04, 2010

The teaser ad came as an attention grabber with only a pair eyes staring out viciously on a FP+FC page on dailies of various languages. Instantaneously, my Dad thought it was some car advertisement trying to create attention of an upcoming big bang launch.

Two days later on 2 Sep, the same pair of eyes appeared again. This time on another newspaper but with something extra - a pair of 3D glasses. If you look carefully, the ad was printed in double image which was supposed to mimic the 3D effect once you put on the glasses provided.

This ad did not just end here. It had a centre spread page revealing the brand new Panasonic 3D Full HD Plasma TV. Use the 3D glasses & you should be able to see the 3D image of the puma jumping out of the TV screen.

Flip to the back page & you'll see the same pair of puma eyes staring viciously - this time with a night safari background. This visual is in 3D too!

Too bad the 3D image wasn't visually stunning cuz this is probably the best newspaper printing can achieve with the ordinary 3D glasses. At least Panasonic had succeeded in communicating the main theme - 3D to the readers. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time such an interesting concept is introduced in Malaysia. It sure is one hell of an expensive ad launch. No wonder they have this exclusively for The Sun. The Star would probably cost a bomb. =P