I've won it again!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm sad to announce that this year's annual dinner was held at the plant again. But this time at our humble ol' PJ plant. Despite the poor environment & so-so food, the lucky draw prizes were surprisingly good - even for the top 300 winners.

I wouldn't complain if I'm given the opportunity to win something again, hopefully better. Last year, I got an unknown brand iron. Until now, I still have no idea how to get rid of it cuz my family wouldn't even consider using it for ironing. It's so plastic & fragile, not to mention having a hard time to heat up properly. As lucky as can be, I was selected as a winner again! Yippee~

Guess what I've won? I won a thermal pot! But in the end, I've decided to exchange with WL's hair dryer cuz his mum needed a thermal pot. Furthermore, WL has no idea what he's gonna do with the hair dryer considering his short hair. Hence, I'm now the proud owner of Philips Salon Essential hair dryer. =)

It's a pretty lightweigh model with 3 settings for careful drying & styling, cool wind to set your preferred style & lastly foldable handle for extra portability. Using it to dry my hair was an easy task cuz the hot wind is surprisingly strong & hot - which is essential for long hair like mine. I supposed this little thing cost about RM70+ at electrical shops. The exchange was worthwhile, indeed. =D