Slow-mos ain't cool

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It definitely isn't my interest to watch movies that really don't worth every dollar I pay. But sadly, September month seems to offer the poorest array of movies with no good movies to expect. Due to this, we settled for Resident Evil: Afterlife without any other choice.

Perhaps the production team was trying too hard to follow the market trend of 3D movies that they've decided to add in slow motion scene. Just so you can enjoy the wonders of bullets, fire & butt-kicking actions in popping 3D.

I heard that this instalment is the best among the all Resident Evil movie franchise. Still, I found this movie a total waste of time & money. Sorry babe, I hope you wouldn't mind me saying this. The movie was outrageously dumb & exaggerated. Maybe there were some elements adapted from the game but the plot & character development failed terribly. Just so not like the game at all. Please save your money & watch something else.