Somewhere in the heart of KL

Friday, February 27, 2009

Being part of the hippest department in the organisation brings a great deal of benefit. Not only you're invited to grace events i.e. product launchings, public events yadi yada; but the best part is to be able to step out of the office for several hrs or more, leaving your stash of workload behind...momentarily.

There I was at a bungalow-turned-restaurant at the centre of KL in a bright morning for the media launch of our new product. As promised, I quickly took my position at the reception & welcome the guests that arrived. I observed the surroundings around me & this restaurant definitely lives up to the beautiful camera shots featured on their website.. The serene environment with trees, fountain & warm lightings created a cosy environment, imho highly recommended for private functions or weddings.

No matter how cosy the place was, the interior was a tad too Malay for my liking. I thought it was exquisite without a doubt but the room gave the impression of a old, musty place. From the chandeliers to the furnitures used to adorn the interior. Well, what can I say? It's an old house converted into a business operation. Much of the purpose would be defeated if the bungalow is demolished & re-built using a contemporary architecture. That would go against their restaurant's concept.

Overall, the simple launch event was successful. It's amazing how event management ppl can plan everything so perfectly well. I guess that's what the pros are for =). And the Tetra Brik dummy of our product made by our trusty, long-time supplier. Oh-so-huge!

One thing that seems so unrealistic is the fact that the launch was immediately reported on one of the local TV channels when I was at the location a couple of hours ago. The bizarre feeling is...somewhat indescribable. Anyways, this event was an eye-opener for me. Now I understand why product launches are (most of the time) a joy to attend.

Not a child, not yet a grown up

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Deep inside their hearts, my parents never (& still) thought that I'm a child. Their precious baby girl. No matter how old I am. They tend to be very strict & protective of me, thinking that this is the best way to shower me with lots of love, care & support. And I've been in their protective arms for as long as I can remember; that most of the time I ended up willingly obliged to their wishes & demands. Be it a "yes" to this, a "no" to that.

When I thought I've finally started working, things would change. Unfortunately, my circumstances seem to remain the same. I'm still denied the full liberty that I ought to have long ago when I turned 21. I was the least bit frustrated cuz I understood how each family differs from one another. It's so happened that my family is the type that are ready to let go...yet. Neither did I complain nor rebel. I'm still the goody-two-shoes, fulfilling their wishes.

No doubt it was my mistake that I didn't do what I promised yesterday. Despite that, the errand was small & could be postponed to the next day. I told Mum that I'm most likely returning home from dinner at 8pm or 9pm. But circumstance changed & I only returned home at 10.30pm. With that, I got a serious sounding from her for coming home late & it made me wonder the cause that led to such reaction. Is it my Mum's depleting hormonal level that influenced her to amplify her voice & behave irrationally? Or could it be the source of the prob is nothing else but my own fault?

For God's sake, I'm turning 23 in a month. And this dire situation is starting to get on my nerves. Guilt & embarrassment hit me hard as I'm still unable to be fully independent as I hope. My family wants me to stand on my own feet but funny that they're restricting my independence. Oh, the irony! Talk things out, you say? *sighs* I can assure you that a peaceful discussion usually leads to nowhere. Especially when both parties are equally stubborn, strongly keeping their stance & beliefs. I guess time is the only way to make them realise. Hmm. =(

Best Valentine's Day...ever

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'd have to admit that I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to celebrating lovers' day although I'm aware that V-Day is blatantly commercialised. I absolutely adore how guys shower their gfs with such cliched act of love - spanning from overpriced bouquets & chocolates to candle-lit dinner at you-name-it romantic places - that my mind becomes so clouded by the fact that all these are ridiculous. Unshamely speaking, every girl (including me) just want to be pampered at least once in a lifetime; in a ridiculous way by their bfs declaring their undying love. This is a sad truth for the guys. XD

For this year, I felt there's a need to note down my V-Day celebration with my dear WL. Reason being I've been pampered...ridiculously XD. Haha. Now that I've eternalised it in my blog, it's something that I can cherish in the future in case my poor memory wears off as age catches up. Not too bad, eh? ^^

1. Flowers
This can never go wrong as the perfect gift for a girl, for V-Day or not. Be it one stalk, bouquet or the whole rose garden (okay, a lil' exaggerating). It's undeniably a romantic gesture. Behind every stalk or bouquet lies a wonderful story, or so I believe. Here's my story...WL added a personal touch through the way he presented the bouquet to me. While driving, he casually told me to pick up his jacket that fell behind the seat. Fyi, his jacket was usually hung over the driver's seat. When I reached for it, I was puzzled as to why it became so heavy & only realising that there were green & yellow ribbons peeking out underneath. Beautiful, isn't it?

You couldn't imagine how thrilled I was. Not only it was my first time receiving a bouquet from a bf but it was also his first time buying flowers for his gf. What's even more amazing is that he bought it at midnight, Feb 14. This must've cost a bomb! I was close to bursting into tears when he did this but fearing of smudging my mascara, I didn't. I kissed him instead when the car came to a stop at the traffic lights. ♥

2. Arcade centre
I decided to give WL a surprise since the supposedly movie outing couldn't materialise due to his hectic schedule. After all, watching a movie on V-Day seemed too common. Believe it or not, I took him to the arcade centre at Pyramid. Yes, of all places! Honestly, we felt too old to be in such places; noticing that many youths way younger than us crowding around the gaming machines. He was incredibly surprised, I tell ya. Haha. Watching my cousin bro play videogames has been my part-time hobby since young. So it's only natural that I watched while WL got busy with his game. Observing him reveal his youthful side & childlike smile really tickled my heart. In fact, I felt very much in love with him when his innocence emerged from all those witty & at times brotherly figure he had portrayed all this while. So it's true that ppl still stay young at heart even when they reach the 40s. I could see that he clearly enjoyed his brief gaming session in which I gladly obliged to accompany him ^^.

3. Candle-lit dinner
Since it was my turn to plan for V-Day (he organised for Chap Goh Mei aka Chinese V-Day XD), I selected this Spanish restaurant located at USJ9. A huge change from our usual hangout place at 1U. As a token of appreciation & love for everything he had done for me, I paid for the bill. This is a twist from the usual guy paying for all the bills that night. The restaurant ambience was cosy & romantic with love ballads playing softly through the night.

Food was pretty good but it's a pity that the menu was limited to V-Day sets only. Pricey~ -_-" I was hoping to try their signature that many blog reviewers were so hoo-haa about. Tough luck. The restaurant owners were indeed very hospitable & courteous as well as attentive to every diner's needs. I would've asked for wine if only the price didn't skyrocket that night (yeah, yeah dream on...). I mean, how often do I get to have a booze with him? And he'd probably forbid me from having even a sip cuz I ain't much of a drinker. Hehe. A long good talk we had, just like our humble beginnings at Italiannies. The gaze, the smile...everything we felt for each other.

For all I know, I arrived home at midnight. The latest that I've ever spent with a guy. It's surprising to know that none of my family was ringing like usual to get me home asap. And of course, it's not to say that I did anything fishy with WL but we had long hugs & kisses together. As days passed, we realised how important each of us are. How our feelings have evolved from liking to loving one another when initially he had doubts on whether we would be able to last till this date especially dating with someone like me who's so young. I believe those uncertainties are no longer hinder us in any way. It's the matter of the willingness to share & be honest to each other. Communication is the key...and I'm praying hard all would go well for us. I'm asking no more than that.

Guilty pleasure

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I was dumbfounded when I saw this piece of scrap paper on my car windshield.

So much for the joy of sex... -____-

Anyone men up for virility enhancement can kindly call this number. Certified "halal" too. o_O

Wet duck

Monday, February 02, 2009

Driving to work was supposed to be fun. There're so many reasons to rattle about driving as it gives you the liberty to places - anytime, anywhere. However, things turn ugly when the weather decidedly become gloomy. The worse has yet to come. Wait until the rain pour & see.

It's so much harder to walk to where your car is parked. Especially when you're clad in an office suit (not slacks, unfortunately -_-) & a pair sandals. Imagine the misery & torture while braving through the strong winds blowing rain droplets on you; not to mention struggling to avoid puddles of water on roads.

The most embarrassing thing that would ever happen is having a vehicle driving fast through a puddle of water - without any hint of consideration - with you as the unlucky one getting wet thoroughly, top to toe. WTF!

Now if that's not enough. How about get stuck in the freezing air-cond in the car as you rush home to strip off your soaking wet clothes. And getting nagged by your mother for spending too much money hanging out with colleagues when there's a need to chill out once in a while. Really WTF!

P.S. Thousand apologies for the profanities. My good mood has just gone down the drain.