Wet duck

Monday, February 02, 2009

Driving to work was supposed to be fun. There're so many reasons to rattle about driving as it gives you the liberty to places - anytime, anywhere. However, things turn ugly when the weather decidedly become gloomy. The worse has yet to come. Wait until the rain pour & see.

It's so much harder to walk to where your car is parked. Especially when you're clad in an office suit (not slacks, unfortunately -_-) & a pair sandals. Imagine the misery & torture while braving through the strong winds blowing rain droplets on you; not to mention struggling to avoid puddles of water on roads.

The most embarrassing thing that would ever happen is having a vehicle driving fast through a puddle of water - without any hint of consideration - with you as the unlucky one getting wet thoroughly, top to toe. WTF!

Now if that's not enough. How about this...you get stuck in the freezing air-cond in the car as you rush home to strip off your soaking wet clothes. And getting nagged by your mother for spending too much money hanging out with colleagues when there's a need to chill out once in a while. Really WTF!

P.S. Thousand apologies for the profanities. My good mood has just gone down the drain.