Somewhere in the heart of KL

Friday, February 27, 2009

Being part of the hippest department in the organisation brings a great deal of benefit. Not only you're invited to grace events i.e. product launchings, public events yadi yada; but the best part is to be able to step out of the office for several hrs or more, leaving your stash of workload behind...momentarily.

There I was at a bungalow-turned-restaurant at the centre of KL in a bright morning for the media launch of our new product. As promised, I quickly took my position at the reception & welcome the guests that arrived. I observed the surroundings around me & this restaurant definitely lives up to the beautiful camera shots featured on their website.. The serene environment with trees, fountain & warm lightings created a cosy environment, imho highly recommended for private functions or weddings.

No matter how cosy the place was, the interior was a tad too Malay for my liking. I thought it was exquisite without a doubt but the room gave the impression of a old, musty place. From the chandeliers to the furnitures used to adorn the interior. Well, what can I say? It's an old house converted into a business operation. Much of the purpose would be defeated if the bungalow is demolished & re-built using a contemporary architecture. That would go against their restaurant's concept.

Overall, the simple launch event was successful. It's amazing how event management ppl can plan everything so perfectly well. I guess that's what the pros are for =). And the Tetra Brik dummy of our product made by our trusty, long-time supplier. Oh-so-huge!

One thing that seems so unrealistic is the fact that the launch was immediately reported on one of the local TV channels when I was at the location a couple of hours ago. The bizarre feeling is...somewhat indescribable. Anyways, this event was an eye-opener for me. Now I understand why product launches are (most of the time) a joy to attend.