Hail Hitler, The Fuhrer

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Me & WL's initial plan was to watch this highly anticipated movie (apparently, according to critics)...

...but unfortunately, most good seats were sold out at our frequent movie hangout. We decided to try our luck at Cineleisure - me being the first time watching a movie there. Gosh, I'm so slow! Anyways, we booked Benjamin Button but agan - for the first time - we arrived fashionably late for the movie. Unaware that Cineleisure's system only supports booking & not e-ticket purchase, our reservation was cancelled. Which means using your credit card number will not guarantee you tickets as it's merely a verification method. What a bummer~

Feeling dejected, I told WL that we need to watch a movie somehow. Since we're already here, why not? In the end, we made up our minds to watch Valkyrie.

The plot was predictable as it depicts the true story of the failed attempts of Hitler's assasination, masterminded by General...err, God! What was Tom Cruise's character again? General so & so. We thought it was a much better movie as compared to Inkheart cuz that one was quite lame.

One thing we found Valkyrie rather odd was that Tom Cruise is still able to move his prosthetic eye. I thought badly damaged eyes will be fully removed leaving no eyeballs behind. Which means no eye muscle is intact to assist the prosthetic eye's movement. And in certain scenes, you get to see that he wears a one-sided blindfold to hide his bad eye. Perhaps that's the only flaw that we noticed from it. Not the best movie but still not too bad for a historical movie.

Posters taken from Movie Poster Addict