How much can you watch?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

(With pun intended). Can you keep your full attention to a movie without averting your eyes to others or your partner beside you? Especially catching a lengthy 2 hour 45 mins film with a pain-in-the-ass plot. This is probably the worst superhero movie I've ever seen so far. Watchmen, it is.

Sorry, fanboys. If only the narrative structure was less complex, I would've enjoyed the movie as much as you all do. There's a good story behind every Watchmen character but pity that the screenplay sequence was so messed up, not to mention unnecessary mild porn included to whet the appetite of raging male hormones out there. As usual, even those scenes never make pass our censorship board's scrutiny. Haha.

WL & me walked out of the theatre hall, still confused of the whole purpose of the story. It was by far worse than Inkheart in me & WL's history of movies we've watched together. Certainly not worth your time if you aren't already familiar with the original graphic novel written by Alan Moore. Nevertheless, Watchmen might prove otherwise among die-hard fans as I've mentioned earlier.

Poster taken from Movie Poster Addict