Fantasies come alive

Monday, March 09, 2009

My 2nd trip to Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP) for this year brought both good & bad experiences. The good moments were worth remembering reason being the performance is no ordinary classical music by Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert...the list goes on. It's a themed performance featuring guest conductor, Richard Kaufman leading our MPO to churn out tunes from several world renowned fantasy films. The one-hour performance included songs from the following list:

1. William Tell
2. Sleeping Beauty
3. Hansel & Gretel
4. Spiderman
5. Pirates of the Caribbean
6. The Wizard of Oz
Symphonic Fantasies, the show was called.

Imho, it was indeed a fantasy come alive as I got to hear the all-too-familiar themes not to mentioned performed live in front of my very eyes. In fact, I didn't expect that the first piece - William Tell Overture (Finale) was actually the majestic horse-racing song that I grew up listening to. Never came into my thought that this song was written for a play depicting a hero's true story.

Although Sleeping Beauty and Hansel & Gretel ain't my cup of tea due to its melancholic mood, the atmosphere quickened the minute the struck the note signaling the start of Spiderman soundtrack. And it got better & better with Pirates. Absolutely amazing! Just like the movie. E.T. was popular among the Mums & Dads as it was hit during their childhood days. Irregardless of all these, I'd have to admit that the last performance was timeless. Somewhere Over The Rainbow taken from The Wizard of Oz was such a heartfelt performance that I was nearly moved into tears. How I wished to hear it again live~

Good news aside, the supposedly family fun day on a Sundan afternoon turned out an tiresome & distracting one. I can't believe parents actually brought their kids despite knowing their children would never appreciate orchestral music. What's worse, they couldn't be bothered educating their children to sit still the whole time...albeit fun or boring. Oh, there was a parent behind me who'd probably eats & sleeps football - kicking my seat every now & then as if itching to play footie. Hello, uncle?? Can't you behave yourself??

Now it's a little pity & relief that the performance was merely an hour long. Pity cuz it was too short; perhaps they could've played more song selections. There're abundance of good fantasy movie themes that they've missed out. Definitely a relief cuz there's no way I can endure another hour with the kickin' parent & kids slouching, leaning roughly on the seats. Mind you, family fun days are a big no-no if you're looking forward to enjoying good music in a peaceful, comfy surrounding.