Sunday, October 28, 2007

God. Exams. Guh... -_-"

Just to let ya guys know that I'll be on a hiatus for 1 week. Oh well, I guess it doesn't make any difference since I don't blog every day *shrugs*. Wish me luck, ppl! I need loads of them especially for Consumer Behaviour. T.T

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Woohoo! I got my ticket~ *excited* XD Somebody pls stop me. I've got to prepare for my exams instead of counting the remaining days to the concert. I gotta look for a job too cuz I've been kinda broke lately -_-". *sighs* Oh's a glimpse of my ticket. Random note: Praying hard that it won't rain on Nov 24. *crosses fingers*

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Look, look! I found the vid for the "I love you lahhhh" part during the press con. OMG! It was Yoochunie who overdid the "lahhh". was so hilarious.


Ish...I regretted for not going to Sunway Resort after class. Why? Because my beloved Dong Bangs were there for the press conference. I already missed the entire adventure of stalking them at the airport. Ok, I already intended not to welcome them at the airport anyways cuz it's a waste of money. But I didn't expect they were just a few mins drive away from my college T.T I could've just take a cab & join Teema to fangirl for about 1/2 hr then head home.

Well, I didn't go in the end. Cuz I called Mum & Dad to pick me up at 6pm :(. When I was on the phone with Teema, she was practically spazzing about how gorgeous the boys were. Of course! I was standing right under their nose in the concert last year. Of course, I can remember clearly how they looked like back then. Perhaps I wasn't lucky to be inches away from them XD. To Teema: Yes, I know how gorgeous Yunho is & so is my Yoochunie. What's more he's baring his chest again *drools* Don't you dare steal him~ He's mine! *glares* :P

I was looking for fancams & pics of the boys at the airport while reading up my assignment question XD. Oh boy, Junsu had this same stuck up look plastered on his face just like last year. And Jaejoong was being moody & dreamy like he did previously. What's exactly on their mind? I wonder...well, at least Changmin is smiling away! Aww he look so cute with that short hair. As usual, Yunho looks cheerful & flashing his infamous political smile XD. And lastly, my Yoochunie!! It's ok that you recently got your coconut shell haircut cuz you still looked great despite the dorkiness ^^. Your bare chests is enough to kill me~ *dies* Flaunt your shoulders more in the concert ok...LOL. There was this press con vid that showed them talking about our lah culture. And they purposely drag the lah by saying "I love you lahhhhh~". *dies of laughter* Guess what, they even planned to use the lah in the concert next month. OMG! I'm starting to feel proud of our Manglish XD.

Speaking of my parents, I bumped into Mum at McD's during my usual snacking time at 6pm after class. Initially, I saw a lady in pink at the counter in front of me so I just ignored. When she started walking towards the door, something hit my senses. That frame looked so familiar & so I decided to turn around to take a closer look. Ah, it's Mum after all. Lol. That was random. I shall continue with my assignment. Tata! ^^

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's better late than never. Don't you agree with me? ^^ Well, here're some of the pics I took during Mid-Autumn Festival. Just a note: I used my cousin's Nokia 5300 to take these snapshots & it turned as sucky as ever even with the night mode scene. Camera phones just plain suck! You won't be able to see my face but I guess it should stay that way since I looked terribly awful anyway.

We lit up the pathway in my house & it sorta resembles a mini airport runway XD

The walls were glowing too ^^

Dong Bang ♥ is anywhere, anytime...

Lastly, here're the pics of my sis & I being perasan~

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Since the poster was officially released in the Chinese paper, I wouldn't hesitate posting the pic here. In fact, I saw it on the GB Stargazer webbie days before the paper was distributed nationwide on Friday. Here, I present you TVXQ! 2nd Asia Tour "O" Live in Kuala Lumpur.

P.S. To those who are going, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there XD

Pic credit: GB Stargazer

Friday, October 05, 2007

I supposed I was overly excited about booking tickets for the concert & ended up...dropping my cellphone on the floor with a crash. And out came the metal plate from the front part of the phone. Without further delay, I took out the super glue (we call it elephant glue here XD) to stick the plate to where it should be.

The first glue tube dried up cuz the previous user didn't screw the cap tightly so I had to dispose it. Since the 2nd one is brand new, I had to poke a hole for the glue to flow out. I put too much force to it & things turned out disastrous. The glue came gushing out like volcano erupting, spilling all over my fingers. Knowing the glue's ability to dry instantly when in contact with air, I made sure that my fingers were spreaded apart.

In the end, I had to let the glue dry first before I can continue my work. *sighs* How can this happen?! You wouldn't have imagine how hard my fingers were -_-. I could hardly bend them but I managed to stick the plate anyway. After that, my sister helped to clean off the glue using nail remover; scrubbing so hard that I almost felt that my skin would tore. LOL.

After bath, my fingers sorta soften a little & the glue remains can be peeled off. Thank goodness! It's back to normal now so there's nothing to worry about. I couldn't help laughing how stupid things turned out yesterday. *giggles*

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Details have been confirmed. The boys are coming! The ticket price is out too. Can you believe how much the tickets cost this time? I sorta expected that the price would be higher. sorta doubled tripled last year's price :(. Stupid me to even dare to think that I can afford the most expensive ticket -_-". How am I to afford the seat with clear view of my Yoochunie?? T.T

Date: 24/11/2007
Venue: Stadium Merdeka
Price (inclusive fee): RM103, RM183, RM283, RM323, RM423, RM503