Thursday, October 18, 2007

Look, look! I found the vid for the "I love you lahhhh" part during the press con. OMG! It was Yoochunie who overdid the "lahhh". was so hilarious.


Ish...I regretted for not going to Sunway Resort after class. Why? Because my beloved Dong Bangs were there for the press conference. I already missed the entire adventure of stalking them at the airport. Ok, I already intended not to welcome them at the airport anyways cuz it's a waste of money. But I didn't expect they were just a few mins drive away from my college T.T I could've just take a cab & join Teema to fangirl for about 1/2 hr then head home.

Well, I didn't go in the end. Cuz I called Mum & Dad to pick me up at 6pm :(. When I was on the phone with Teema, she was practically spazzing about how gorgeous the boys were. Of course! I was standing right under their nose in the concert last year. Of course, I can remember clearly how they looked like back then. Perhaps I wasn't lucky to be inches away from them XD. To Teema: Yes, I know how gorgeous Yunho is & so is my Yoochunie. What's more he's baring his chest again *drools* Don't you dare steal him~ He's mine! *glares* :P

I was looking for fancams & pics of the boys at the airport while reading up my assignment question XD. Oh boy, Junsu had this same stuck up look plastered on his face just like last year. And Jaejoong was being moody & dreamy like he did previously. What's exactly on their mind? I wonder...well, at least Changmin is smiling away! Aww he look so cute with that short hair. As usual, Yunho looks cheerful & flashing his infamous political smile XD. And lastly, my Yoochunie!! It's ok that you recently got your coconut shell haircut cuz you still looked great despite the dorkiness ^^. Your bare chests is enough to kill me~ *dies* Flaunt your shoulders more in the concert ok...LOL. There was this press con vid that showed them talking about our lah culture. And they purposely drag the lah by saying "I love you lahhhhh~". *dies of laughter* Guess what, they even planned to use the lah in the concert next month. OMG! I'm starting to feel proud of our Manglish XD.

Speaking of my parents, I bumped into Mum at McD's during my usual snacking time at 6pm after class. Initially, I saw a lady in pink at the counter in front of me so I just ignored. When she started walking towards the door, something hit my senses. That frame looked so familiar & so I decided to turn around to take a closer look. Ah, it's Mum after all. Lol. That was random. I shall continue with my assignment. Tata! ^^