Wednesday, August 30, 2006

There were some things to be done & that's why I woke up earlier today. I was supposed to wake up when my mobile phone alarm rang at 9am. It rang twice cuz I deliberately set the snooze to ring 2 times. I practically ignored it & continued sleeping. It was then I had a horrifying dream. In the dream, I got a tooth decay & had to visit the dentist to get it removed. It was so surreal & scary. So much money was spent on putting braces to correct my rabbit teeth & now it needs to be removed cuz of a bad tooth. I screamed so loud in the dream &...*poof* I was awaken from slumber. And the Ikea clock on the wall showed 9.50am!! Cuzzie bro has class at 11am & he'll be leaving in 1/2 hour. I quickly washed up & made myself some breakfast. Guess what? Cuzzie bro was still snoring away. -_-"

A new semester is gonna commence next Monday so I went to college to enrol for new subjects. Since the coming semester will be a short one (7 weeks), students are only allowed to take a maximum of 3 subjects. I planned to take all 3 cuz the 2 Marketing subjects are 100% based on coursework. Only English is 50:50 for coursework & exam. Due to the timetable clash btw ENL208 & MKT233, I had to dropped the initial plan. "Then let it be!" I thought. Taking fewer subjects is a plus point XD. I just discovered an equation which further proves the benefit of lesser subjects.

Few subjects = Low stress level + Quality assignments + Extra free time for fangirling to polish up Photoshop skills, Japanese & learn some Korean

My math is not too bad, huh? See...I fully made use of my knowledge & applied in real situation XD. Okay, okay I know this is rubbish. Recently, I've been diagnosed with a new disease called Micky Yoochun Obsession Syndrome. Any guy I come across who bears a slight resemblance to Yoochun (hair, looks, style...whatever) will be labelled a hottie! This reminds me about the incident 2 years ago, where I thought I saw Keita in KLCC. It was just an ordinary guy who so happened to resemble Keita's profile look.

And I just saw a new Korean student who got transferred from Penang who has some Yoochun qualities. He's got fuzzy hair, his voice sounded like Yoochun & he's tall!! His face isn't as cute as Yoochun but he's good enough XD. was fun stealing a few glances at him. He noticed that I was looking at his direction & turned towards me but I looked away -_-". Ah well, at least the day ended with a big, stupid smile plastered on my face...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Alas, a brand new skin for a change! ^^ I see that some of you didn't like my pink blog skin. That's why I've decided to put up a new one. Anyways, the pink one is already few months old. It's high time to revamp my blog, I thought. In case y'all are not familiar with the blog menu, rest assure cuz it's exactly similar to the old one. Credits to shining_starrynite for the design layout.

I've added a new feature which is not included in the original layout. See the player at top right hand corner of the blog below the Blogger Navbar? *pssttt* I stole it from another layout in blogskinz XD. I would love to credit that person but I forgot the user's nick. Will find it out asap & give appropriate credits. So yeah, the player actually plays music each time you view my blog. Just stop the player if you think the tunes are annoying you to bits. Bear in mind the streaming player is not dial-up friendly. Even it's not that friendly to my broadband. Ah well, my ISP sucks all the time. *sighs*

Gah~ I couldn't log on to wflforums main site for some reason. Some error message keeps on appearing each time I typed my username & password. Is it because I received a pucchi warning from the mods & the error occurs as a punishment? Hmm...but it can't be. I managed to pm her & still post some messages in certain topics in the forum. Weird. Why isn't YesAsia shipping out my TVXQ dvd box set?? *sobs* The payment should be confirmed by now since I've gotten the email. Or maybe the cheque is yet to be cleared? Ah, the new w-inds. PV is already out. It's got a cabaret style with a jazzy feel. A rather unusual song but interesting somehow. Click the link below to view the video. Enjoy!

[PV] w-inds. - ブギウギ66

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I've collected my package from the post office HQ at the airport yesterday. Took us more than an hour to reach the building. If I knew the place is THAT far, I could've arranged a delivery directly to my house or something. At least the shiny stuff in the package made up for the troublesome trip I had XD. Just in case y'all didn't know, the building is even further than the airport & Sepang F1 Circuit. An entrance pass is required to enter the building. Anyone who enters the building needs to surrender the driving license at the entrance hut in exchange for the pass. I've never seen such dumb officers who demanded for all the driving licenses of everyone in our car. It's not necessary since I was the only one entering. Sheesh -_-"

The clearance process is pretty simple. Here's how it goes:
  1. Collect your package from counter 1
  2. Bring it to counter 2 to be examined
  3. Pay the necessary fees at counter 3 (if tax is applicable)

See? Sounds easy, isn't it? Well, it was the lazy dude at counter 1 who refused to fetch my package from the warehouse rack that made everything a hassle. He insisted that I return at 2.30pm after their Friday prayers -_-". Later he unwillingly obliged when I told him the customs officers ordered him to do so. Other than that, the customs officers were alrite. And I managed to walk away without having to pay any tax. Hehehe...there I went, trotting happily towards the exit while carrying the huge box from Hong Kong. When we were about to leave, something happened. Guess what? The male officer at the entrance hut approached the car & yanked open the door, asking rudely what I had in my hands. I felt so annoyed & pissed. As if I'm in the midst of an illegal smuggling activity & got caught red-handed by his oh-so-observant eyes. Gosh~ *rolls eyes*

What puzzles me is the reason why my box was being held by the customs. I supposed they wanted to charge taxes on it just because the box size is huge like this...

When there is only 2 items in it... -_-"

The huge box is deceiving to the human eye. The officers must've thought there were loads of stuff inside & wanted to grab this opportunity to dig some cash from me. Too bad! Enough said about these ppl. So, what's exactly inside these special edition albums? Each has a photobook, original stickers, CD & multimedia VCD. Only one of the albums has 6 B3-size posters which are extremely huge. Time for pic spamming!

TVfXQ! 3rd STORYBOOK in Los Angeles

'Rising Sun' Repackage Storybook: Five Secret Story

There are lots of shiny wallpapers & screensavers included in the multimedia VCD. And I've already started using it...XD

Look, look! My desktop XD

Jaejoong happened to appear in this screencap of the screensaver when I pressed the 'print screen' button

Alrite, I should end here. Y'all are most likely bored reading this post, ne? Too much to handle, huh? Before I forget, never in my life have I seen & heard the most disgusting music video aired in our local TV channel. Two irritating dudes featured in that video was singing about Malaysian public toilets! Yes, I meant the WC. God, the public toilets are already an eye sore. What's more singing about it...ewww!!! *shrugs*

Friday, August 25, 2006

Yup, it was the last day of the conference yesterday. Work only started at 2pm which meant I got to wake up later in the day. I was sleep deprived on the 1st day since I woke up really early. As usual, I met up with Jen at the station again & off we head to PWTC. When we arrived there, we were stunned by the amount of people gathering outside the hall & registration counter. All the delegates were waiting to collect their certificates before leaving (some had to catch a flight home). *pssstt* Some thought the talks were dull & boring, that's why they wandered around the lobby or even left early.

However, we were told not to distribute the certificates to the delegates. We tried explaining to them but it made the situation worse as some started fuming with rage. Voices filled with anger can be heard from all the counters. All the part-timers were seriously in a dillemma. Initially, the emcee announced on the 1st day that certificates can be collected the next day after 3pm. Apparently the time was moved earlier to after 2pm, as told by the emcee. Here's where the problem lies. There was a serious miscommunication going on internally. And we, part-timers had to bear the consequences by taking the blame for being irresponsible, so & so -_-"

Anyhow, the certificates were distributed & all of us sat at the counters feeling rather bored. My Walkman came in handy during these times *grins*. It started raining later in the day & the temperature dropped tremendously. Listening to Begin was a bad idea cuz it made me felt lonely all of a sudden. Furthermore, the air-cond was blasting at full speed...*shivers* Thank God we were wearing black blazers to keep us warm. Btw, me & Jen had a funny moment in the washroom. We found out the best way to stay warm by using the hand dryer & started playing around with it *rofl*.

Work ended at 6.30pm & each of us got RM100 before we left. There was no free tea break for us. I had no idea why this happened whereas we were told that we're entitled for it. Just because the conference ended late, we didn't get any tea -_-". All of us quickly rushed home before the rain started pouring heavily again. By the time I reached Asia Jaya station, the sky was dark. was my first time going home late after work. Felt kinda insecure, though.

One of my dogs which was chained up managed to free itself & was happily trotting around the garden. I'm glad that my family had decided not to tie it again & let it roam freely. I'm just worried this dog would end up injuring visitors who come by to my house. This dog is well known for its notorious behaviour.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First day of National Tax Conference, it was! I felt so proud & cool cuz I'm actually wearing a formal outfit *grins proudly*. Ok, I'm such a dork. But hey, who wouldn't? It's not like I get to wear it often. In future, maybe. We were supposed to gather at PWTC's lobby 7.30am. Knowing that I'm a slow person, I woke up at 5.30am & got ready. My initial plan to take the train with Jen was cancelled cuz grandma was being her usual paranoid self & wouldn't allow me to do so. Cuzzie bro fetched us there instead & the trip only took us 15 mins to arrive at the venue. We were too early, I thought. So we waited in the car for 30 mins, taking several rounds around the building before me & Jen finally entered through the side entrance.

Some participants were already there registering names & collecting their complimentary bags. Sooo early!! -_-" I quickly rushed to my counter & stood there. I was in charge of registering all the participants under their company name starting with the letter, H. Apparently, my friends needed a helping hand so every now & then, I dropped by at their counter to help. And they helped me in return while I was away. This is what we call teamwork ^^. It was pretty hectic at first. Nevertheless, things turned out to be quite fun & we made new friends.

Free refreshments & luncheon were provided to us. Food was not at its best, of course. Can't expect much since it was prepared by Malays. Not trying to be racist here but their cooking is never nice, imho. Lets just say their cooking is not to my liking. I guess the ushering part was the most troublesome job. We had to ensure all the delegates proceed to the respective rooms during luncheon according to their colour nametags. Some deliberately flipped their nametags thus making it difficult for us to identify the colour. The worse are those who slot theirs into the shirt pockets -_-". This proves that even old working adults can be as childish just because they insist to dine with their friends. Due to this, one of the rooms was fully occupied & had insufficient tables. *sighs*

At the end of the day, I arrived home feeling incredibly tired & numbness on my feet. Try standing for hours with a 2 1/2 inches high heels. It should be fine in a few days time. Just one more day to go! And then RM100 is in my hands...*grins* It was pure coincidence that we met our college mate at PWTC. Of all places! He'll be working there as well for another event. Will be looking forward to him to "kacau" me & Jen tomorrow XD. Cuz we're bored...

Speaking of boredom, I was reading one of the posts in TVXQ's LJ Community & found this hilarious picture of Jaejoong. Omg, it was so adorkable that it made my boring day a cheerful one. All hail Princess Jaejoong~ XD

[Image courtesy of elunia@LJ]

Monday, August 21, 2006

You would never know how stupid troublesome my country's postal service can be at times. No, wait...correction! I mean, all the time. I received a mail stating that my package containing TVXQ's special package albums was detained by the customs. There are few options that I can consider:
  • Hire the local postal service as an agent to clear the package from the customs & get it sent to the post office nearby my house with a minimal charge
  • Request for a direct delivery to my house (also with a surcharge)
  • Hire my own agent to collect my package (I still need to pay the agent, anyhow -_-")
  • Collect the package myself at KLIA

Aww...all the options sucks! I still have to incur costs either way. Most likely I'll be going to the airport to collect it personally. *sighs* This sucks...I have no idea why the customs refused to release my package. Too heavy? Hmm, perhaps. Taxable cuz there were too many items in it? Probably...-_-"

I went to PWTC with my friend yesterday for the briefing. There was 2 Indian wedding reception being held at the same time. As expected, there were plenty of Indians hanging around the lobby. You can say I felt kinda out of place cuz me, Jen & the few other part-timers were the only Chinese people there. The briefing ended at 6 something & boarding the train during the rush hour (especially today!) was the disastrous experience ever. Poor me & Jen got squeezed & squashed in the train with almost no air to breathe. It was the worst train trip in my life. Comparable to the day when I was about to leave KLCC station after the PC Fair. We got home safely, somehow.

I was flipping the Astro's August magazine & found this beautiful watch in one of the pages. Honestly speaking, I'm not the type who wear watches though I have them. Tag Heuer watches are gorgeous, though XD. Especially those which are made up of full metal body & clasp. Anyways, I don't usually browse through ads featuring watches but this Citizen watch caught my eye. I really loved how they incorporate tiny flowers into a simple, yet classy design. See this for yourselves! I scanned this page from the magazine.

Ain't this beautiful?

I read a post recently from the TVXQ LJ community that claimed that Yoochun wrote a short letter to IN:COM forum informing the fans not to worry & that all the members are well. Surprisingly, he posted the letter in English. That's obviously good news to the fans cuz I'm sure not many are Korean literate (I'm one of them). I read the letter originally written by him & oh boy, I couldn't believe that his English is atrocious poor. I still doubt the credibility of the letter. I'm sure Yoochun can write much better than that. Besides, he composes his own songs & the rap parts in Sky was well written. He does speak "broken" English when I saw a video clip of him muttering the word, "passionable". *rofl* I didn't know there's such a word! It doesn't even exist. That mistake is forgivable neways...^^ I kinda fancy his light American accent. Makes him even cuter & sexier XD. Oh, did I mention he looks extremely hot with hats?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ah~ What a week it has been with nothing much better to do. All I did was becoming a chauffeur; driving my sis home from school & sending my grandma for groceries. Besides that, I spent most of my time watching Full House on YouTube. And yet I still couldn't finish watching the whole series. This is all because of my stupid Internet connection for being wonky again. Slow connection, that's right -_-".

I was offered a 2 day job to help out in this National Tax Conference organised by the taxation institute I used to work in. This time, I had to travel all the way to PWTC where me & Jen will be in charge of registration & ushering. We were told to comply to a certain formal dress code. Just for this job, I blew RM428 just to get a black blazer & matching skirt. Indeed, the suit is fabulous. I didn't wanna buy it at first cuz I'm gonna wear them for 2 days only. Somehow, I couldn't find someone who could lend a coat & skirt with the right size & colour. I'm sure y'all wanna see how my attire looks like. That's why I snap a pic of it & spam this post XD.

The skirt is on the hanger too but not caught on camera

No discounts for new arrival items T.T

See what I mean by blowing RM428 just for a 2 day job? And for your info, I will be paid only RM50 including a free lunch for half a day. Me & Jen is scheduled to work in the morning shift on Tuesday & afternoon shift on Wednesday. Hopefully things will turn out well on both days. *sighs* I have to purposely travel to PWTC on Monday at 5pm for a briefing. More money spent even before work starts T.T

Oh yes, I've finally placed order & made payment for the All About 東方神起 DVD box set. It's pricey but quite worth it for a 3-disc dvd set. Right now, I'm waiting for my albums to arrive. I pressume the package should arrive at my doorstep by next week. Dang! I just realised there's only 2 weeks left before my holidays end. I wonder I can receive the dvd & watch it before the next semester starts. Ahhh, I haven't even watch w-inds. WORKS vol. 3 yet...-_-"

In my previous post, I mentioned that I would share with y'all my w-inds. collection. I doubt you guys remembered neway. It's the post dated May 25, 2006. Check it out if y'all have nothing else better to do. Besides, reading my older posts is pretty fun...I even found it amusing myself. Hehe ^^. Behold~ My precious w-inds. collection!

Noticed two similar but different colour album jackets? The white one is CD+DVD while the red is CD only

Music videos & concert dvds...

Look out for magazine collections in the next post! :D

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Internet is acting weird again. Normally, the connection is slow at night cuz there're more ppl using it. But mine works fast at night & slows down in the morning -_-". Well, nothing much happened yesterday. I only went back to the college library to return a book, then drove straight to collect Mum's cheque book & help grandma update her account passbook. Drove my sis home from school & then joined her to watch Full House on YouTube. Took a nap & got up feeling energised & refreshed again. I sleep late every night so a nap is a must. Since I'm currently having my college break now, why not? XD

While taking my bath in the evening, the electricity was suddenly cut off. There I was taking my shower in mid darkness without any hot water. It was freezing cold but I survived the ultimate challenge. Hehe XD. We had dinner in a romantic candle-lit style (we had no choice... -_-") but minus the steak & red wine. Dinner was all about soup, fish, vegetables & my favourite belacan. The electricity was restored within an hour so candles were no longer needed. Ah, thank God it came back. If not, I wouldn't be happily blogging away now & my family members busy "smacking" (hitting mosquitoes, mind you!) themselves while sleeping. But poor cuzzie bro couldn't use his comp for now. I guess the sudden cut off & power surge might have blew off the power source in his CPU. Sad!

I can put aside all my worries about the cheque now. Not only the cheque arrived safely at YesAsia's office but it's already cleared! Can you imagine that? They only got it last Friday & now they confirmed that my orders are ready for shipping. My TVXQ stuff...*flails* So that means, I'll be getting it by next week. I guess I'll be ordering the dvd on Wednesday. Now I know paying cheque using HKD gets cleared faster. Apparently, there's a Public Bank branch in Hong Kong. No wonder! Why didn't I find out earlier? Silly me! *smacks head* I'll have to end here. Feeling rather hungry...*runs off to the kitchen to grab snacks*

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Today is the last day for me to redeem my Lee Jeans voucher. Actually, the voucher expires on Aug 15. But I needed Mum to accompany me to some unknown shopping mall in KL therefore today is the best & last day to do so. Should've redeem it earlier but heck, I was fully occupied with tests & heaps of assignments. That mall is freakin' "ah pek" & I really can't imagine myself "lepaking" there. It was small, humid, old, dirty & ...the list would go on. I shall let you imagine the worst condition you can ever think of.

We found the shop & headed straight to the ladies section to scout for jeans. Unfortunately, there weren't much ladies cut jeans & mostly are men cut. We were thinking of getting a pair of jeans for Dad if I couldn't find what I want cuz the choices were really limited. Anyway, lucky me cuz I found one which suits me though not exactly perfect. The jeans were mid-low waist which is slightly higher than my Levi's. I kinda got used to wearing low waist so it feels weird wearing a higher waist jeans than normal.

Stupid me for not reading the voucher thorough enough to make a photocopy of my IC. Me & Mum had to walk rows of streets away from the mall just to search for a shop that offers photocopying service. I almost gave up & kept on pestering mum to leave. Both of us were already sweaty & exhausted. Finally, we found one rather small photo shop that offer such service & quickly rushed back to the mall to buy the jeans.

We had a shopping spree at Sogo. Which woman in the world can resist shopping when there's a sale? C'mon, it's Mega Sale here in Malaysia. I think Mum bought two blouses while I grabbed a blue blouse (I hardly had any bright blue ones), a white skirt & a Radioactive bag. You know those postman-ish bag that can be found in shops like Tropicana Life, BodyGlove & Roxy. Honestly, I wouldn't go to the extend of paying a canvas bag for RM70++ which is the normal price. There's 50% off for these bags so I seized the opportunity to own one. Didn't use the credit card to pay them. *sighs* Should've used it neway cuz when mum knew I paid cash for it, she asked why I didn't use the card instead.

To spice up this post, I'll start spamming with pics again XD. They are mostly my newly bought bag. Here it is...

Now you see the flap of the bag,

Now you don't...

I only paid RM29.95 for this bag *grins proudly*

P.S.: Basically, I just folded the flap & slip it into the bag. That's how it works cuz it's designed to be like that.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

PC Fair wasn't as good as early this year. Less products were displayed & of all brands, HP didn't set up their booth at the ballroom. Where were they when I needed them? I went there cuz I desperately needed ink cartridges for my printer. After 2 hours of frantic search & our legs giving way, my sis & I finally found a dealer selling HP original ink cartridges. Thank God! Managed to get them at a much cheaper price (minus the free t-shirt & bath towel, of course...). Besides, it must be from the old stock. Nevertheless, I got a cute Luft clock ^^. See pic below:

Cute, eh?

After buying the ink cartridges, we headed straight to Isetan's supermarket & bought few boxes of sushi. Btw, we didn't eat lunch & we only ate the sushi at around 4pm. I also bought some pastries from Sun Moulin bakery. Omg, the pastries were awesome but they were pricey. I bought 3 pieces: a mini size custard raisin cinnamon bun (something like those cinnamon buns from St. Cinnamon) & 2 pastries (one with shredded pineapple & the other one filled with chocolate). Each costs RM1 & the size was pretty small. I still enjoy them though...XD.

On our way home, we got stuck at the train station for about 10 minutes. There were too many ppl taking the train at that time. We could've died of suffocation, seriously. Imagine if someone fell, that person would've died of a stampede or some sort. And that stupid machine that reads tickets wasn't working well that it took several extra seconds to release after reading the magnetic tickets. Oh well, we still managed to arrive home safely. ^^

Annndddddd, the good news for the day is..... *drum roll*


My very own copy of Vacanza~ *squeeeee* ^^

It arrived this afternoon & I thought it came rather fast. Just a few days...and oh boy, *faints* the pics were extraordinarily SHINY!!! High resolution pics printed on high quality paper. A poster & a sheet of stickers were included. I totally love the poster cuz it's a double sided one. Right now, this book is hidden in my wardrobe. I wonder whether mum would discover it & starts yelling at me XD. The next package will be TVXQ's albums. Can't wait~

Friday, August 11, 2006

What a nice feeling to wake up on a cloudy Friday morning! XD I'm weird, that's for sure. I love how the cold wind blows on a cloudy day. This is good especially when certain days in Malaysia are deprived of cold weather. Anyways, I felt my right eye was hurting me a lot & thought some dust or a little eyelash of mine was the cause of the irritation. One glance at the toilet mirror gave me a shock. My eye was totally swollen! I guess it was an infection of some sort. Believe it or not, I could barely open my right eye cuz the pain got worse.

Due to this, I had to cancel lunch with my friend. Yeah, it was a last minute decision & I felt bad. Obviously I didn't wanna meet him with my current condition. Anyhow, I got to have a chat with him on the phone. Ahh, when was the last time I did this with him? Hmm...September last year, perhaps. We chatted for an hour or so with me initiating the talk most of the time. I guess it's usual considering he's a no good talker. Nevertheless, it feels great to be able to talk to him again. Since he's leaving on Aug 13, I wish him all the best.

I got a little worried about whether YesAsia received my cheque or not. I tried tracking the mail I sent & the website said the mail was successfully delivered today. Praying hard that YesAsia would send a confirmation e-mail upon receiving the cheque. Seems like the price of the TVXQ stuff that I ordered increased recently. I was utterly surprised & shock. The Rising Sun repackage edition increased by USD7!! This is ridiculous~ -_-" I'm thinking right YesAsia gonna charge me extra or just based on the current price in my order? *sighs* I'm desperate for a feedback...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

EXAM IS OVER!! Yay~ *throws confetti into the air* Surprisingly, I felt quite confident doing this paper besides Economics. Ahh well, everything's over now. Too late to cry over the mistakes neway. Believe it or not, I feel a little bored now. I seriously have no idea how to spend my holidays. I'm supposed to feel extremely relax cuz all the burden is gone but somehow, I feel nothing. Weird, huh?

PC Fair will be held from 11-13 August at the KL Convention Centre again. I wanna go but couldn't get anyone to go. Oh gosh, I just remembered...I'm supposed to redeem my Lee jeans voucher this weekend. Argghh! I wanna go buy my ink cartridges & get freebies *sobs*. Too bad...

So, what exactly happened during the 4-day exams? Here's what happened...

I went to college at 9am to print & hand in my Marketing assignment. That took me 1 hour & I had 5 hours (yes, exactly 5 HOURS!) before my IT exam at 4pm. I did many things...I ate a couple of times, was busy flipping my notes & ended up studying at the International Office. My friends were there & we ended up goofing around. That was really distracting so I went to the canteen with Jen. Took a brief 15 mins nap there. Rather amazing that I managed to sleep cuz the canteen was pretty hot. Definitely not a good place for slumber. I headed back to the office again & the rest is history. Basically, I was revising till exam starts. Damn IT exam! I wouldn't say I did well in this paper cuz I always suck at writing essays. Was panicking when ppl started leaving the exam hall. I thought I must've been working on too slowly. Gah~ one glance at the watch shows that I still got time. Besides, it's not a good a idea to leave early. Exam ended at 7pm & off I went straight home while others stayed on for dinner.

Nothing much happened on this day cuz the exam was at 8am. I was quite disappointed with the outcome of the paper. Not because the paper was hard but I felt I didn't study enough to answer it perfectly. I was being lazy cuz it's Economics, a subject that I've studied for 2 years & doing it again now. There was something odd with one of the questions & was a little late at informing my lecturer. The demand schedule was showing an increase in quantity demanded although the price was increasing. I wouldn't say it's an error cuz the quantity may not be affected by price. But it's still odd. After exam, I went up to the faculty to check my grades for Finance Test 2. *gasped* I got a 75.5% & was the highest in class again! *blinked eyes* No, wasn't me. It was my classmate! Gosh, how can I read the marks wrongly & assume that I topped the class for another time. Gee~ boo boo to myself. I went home after that.

Had English paper at 8am. Again, it wasn't my best paper cuz I kinda screwed up the summary part. I had another long 6 hours break before Finance exam. Ate a couple of times again & taking 1/2 hour nap in the Student Affairs Office. Couldn't help it cuz the cool air from the air-cond provided an extremely conducive environment for a comfortable nap. I got really nervous during the last 1/2 hour before exam commenced. Overall, exam was ok & I was sure that the calculation questions were pretty easy. Sad to say, I think the essays were pretty messed up. Had to leave home immediately cuz it was grandma's birthday. Dinner at Tai Thong was sucks & oh boy, our dinner lasted from 7pm till 10.30pm. You guys must be wondering what kind of food we had that took long hours to eat. It was an 8 course meal, for your info. I dunno what the hell happened to the cooks that night. So unproductive -_-".

Ahhh...the last paper! Exam was sheduled at 4pm so I had the opportunity to wake up later. Was supposed to wake up at 8am to study but I slept till 9.30am. Gosh, I quickly woke up & started studying while digging into a bowl of Koko Crunch (I can't live without it. A must have in the morning~ Tee hee...XD). If only you all could see how vigorous I was flipping the Marketing notes & cross-referring to the huge block of Marketing essential bible for detailed explanation. I read thoroughly the topics that will appear in the essays & told myself I can't screw up again. After lunch, I was already slacking & watching tv. And there was my sis watching Philadelphia on Cinemax. I eagerly joined in & watched till the end. *sighs* That movie never fails to make me cry inside especially towards the end. So exam it was, at 4pm. Voila! Exam was a breeze cuz I did well in the essay. Haha! And there you see me leaving the exam hall with a huge, stupid grin plastered on my face. Hey, it was the last paper & I'm on a break already!

*giggles* This must be a one hell of a long post to read, huh? Can't blame cuz I was on a blog hiatus neways. Btw, I'm supposed to meet up my ex friend later for lunch. Everyone will be curious how I will feel meeting him again several months after the breakup incident. Yeah, the feeling is odd when he called earlier to re-confirmed the time & stuff. He hasn't got the British accent (sad -_-") so I presumed he didn't change at all. We'll see what happens...don't worry, I shall blog the details of our meet up if deemed necessary. Besides, I wouldn't wanna embarrass myself & him cuz he's very likely to read my blog. I'm not entirely sure but, isn't it better to be safe than sorry?

I tracked my mail to Hong Kong. Seems that it's already there. Hopefully YesAsia will get the cheque asap before I place my next order. It'll be All About 東方神起 3-disc dvd.'s expensive but there's the whole collection of MVs & extras ie. photobook. Sweet, isn't it? The radio version of w-inds. new single, Boogiewoogie66 was out last week. The song is rather refreshing but I need some time to get used to it. Heard that the PV was filmed in the Kobe concert. Lucky fans out there...*envious* Alrite, I shall end this post. Nites~

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

*squees* My photobook was shipped on Sunday... :D Can't wait~

Omg, I just realised my wishlist has expanded. More TVXQ items to look forward to...gosh, I feel broke. -_-"

~*.*~BLOG HIATUS~*.*~

Will be back on Thursday night. Stay tune!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A frustrating Friday, it was! My good ol' Streamyx had been wonky again for the past few days. Just couldn't get connected to the net for the whole day though the ADSL light on the modem indicated a green. I got hold of TMNet customer service & explained my problems. As usual, the staff on the phone gave me useless troubleshoots to solve my issue. It didn't work, obviously. And TMNet refused to admit that it was their fault. I even thought those parasitic virus in my computer caused such havoc to the connection that I ended up doing a virus scanning spree. Indeed my pc was badly infected but I realised the virus couldn't have affected 2 computers simultaneously, mine & cuzzie bro's. For your info, I didn't configure the network to share our hard disks. Yup, I'm networking with him but it's for Internet only. I think it's better this way cuz I dun wanna "transmit" the virus to his grey box.

I sent my cheque to YesAsia again. My initial plan was to send a money order & that's why I stayed on till 11am after class to visit the post office nearby my college. So much for being a cheap skate saving a few dollars, I didn't know money orders sent to Hong Kong is only applicable to HKD -_-". All this while, I thought the post office standardised the currency to USD. I was wrong again...and I stood feeling like an idiot. Then I decided to buy a bank draft in HKD this time to take advantage of the lower exchange rate. The bank is charging me extra RM7 for wire transfer & commission but it didn't matter. At least, I didn't have to put up with those blur faces at the post office counters like they didn't know what was going on (I think they really dunno how to process my money order, in fact!). Besides, money order doesn't have a space for me to jot down the order number. draft rules!

Was expecting YesAsia to ship out my much-awaited photobook on Friday but my order status stated Sourcing from suppliers. *disappointed* How can this be?! I've already pre-ordered mine 2 months ago using credit card & yet, I didn't have the privilege to receive it asap. Btw, I saw some sneak pics of the photobook. Omg, there're so many eye candy pics of topless w-inds. XD Really worth every dollar paid!!

So, today (I mean, later at 10am in Korea) will be the final viewing of Vacation drama. I hope the response was good. Aww...why am I saying this? It must've been good considering TVXQ's huge fan base in Korea. I wanna share with y'all peeps the last poster for this theatrical drama. This is one of my favourites cuz it sh0wcases Yoochun's secretive & lonely image. Forgive me for having bad hair tastes but I adore his current fuzzy hairstyle. Ohhh btw, I nearly forgot...I saw another guy in college who has the exact fuzzy locks like Yoochun's. Ain't this amazing?? I'm actually seeing ppl with Yoochun's traits hair in campus *drools*. I'm off to continue my assignment, bye peeps!

Ep. 4: Eternal

edit: *squeals* My photobook is ready for shipping. I guess YesAsia just updated it. *spazzzzz*

Friday, August 04, 2006

*jumps gleefully* Yay, my Internet is much faster now. It was being such a boo-boo lately. I supposed the defragmenting & thorough virus/malwares scanning do help. Anyways, just wanna spare some moment for pic spam before I hop to bed. *grins*

Ep. 3: The Way U Are

*hops to bed & sleeps* Zzzz...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm depressed cuz I failed my 2nd Marketing assignment... T.T I had no choice but to re-do it to get a better grade. *sighs* What a waste of time -_-". Hmm, exam is starting next Monday. First subject will be CSC208 at 4pm. reminds me of my first LAN exam in during my A Level days. I still remember the that exam was scheduled on Saturday at 4pm. By the time it ended, it was already 7pm. Pretty late, huh? CSC208 paper will be the same as well but it's on a weekday. I think I'm gonna be stuck in the traffic jam during that time. Why on earth they planned for such timing?? *grrr*

So, anyways...I just ordered 2 CDs from YesAsia. Yup, I ordered both TVXQ's 1st & 2nd album. But these albums are specially packaged so there'll be lots of extras inside. There's VCD, a photobook & huge (yes, HUGE) posters. Whee! And what is so special about tomorrow? The photobook I've been anticipating for 2 months will be released! It's w-inds. Vacanza~ *squeals* The cover looks awesome. Classy & very laidback style ^^.

Vacanza, baby~ XD

Oh yeah, I forgot to post the posters for other episodes of Vacation. Sorry ppl, but I love to spam my post with pics. Before that, I read in several blogs about Yunho's current health condition. His condition worsen after the Malaysian concert. Aww...I felt so heartbroken after reading this. Most of the TVXQ members weren't feeling well during their Asian live tour. No wonder the members didn't smile nor grin during the press conference. At first, I thought they were kinda arrogant but now the truth is revealed. Lets just hope all of them especially Yunho & Jaejoong will recover soon. *prays for TVXQ's speedy recovery*

Ep. 2: Beautiful Life