Monday, August 28, 2006

Alas, a brand new skin for a change! ^^ I see that some of you didn't like my pink blog skin. That's why I've decided to put up a new one. Anyways, the pink one is already few months old. It's high time to revamp my blog, I thought. In case y'all are not familiar with the blog menu, rest assure cuz it's exactly similar to the old one. Credits to shining_starrynite for the design layout.

I've added a new feature which is not included in the original layout. See the player at top right hand corner of the blog below the Blogger Navbar? *pssttt* I stole it from another layout in blogskinz XD. I would love to credit that person but I forgot the user's nick. Will find it out asap & give appropriate credits. So yeah, the player actually plays music each time you view my blog. Just stop the player if you think the tunes are annoying you to bits. Bear in mind the streaming player is not dial-up friendly. Even it's not that friendly to my broadband. Ah well, my ISP sucks all the time. *sighs*

Gah~ I couldn't log on to wflforums main site for some reason. Some error message keeps on appearing each time I typed my username & password. Is it because I received a pucchi warning from the mods & the error occurs as a punishment? Hmm...but it can't be. I managed to pm her & still post some messages in certain topics in the forum. Weird. Why isn't YesAsia shipping out my TVXQ dvd box set?? *sobs* The payment should be confirmed by now since I've gotten the email. Or maybe the cheque is yet to be cleared? Ah, the new w-inds. PV is already out. It's got a cabaret style with a jazzy feel. A rather unusual song but interesting somehow. Click the link below to view the video. Enjoy!

[PV] w-inds. - ブギウギ66