Friday, August 11, 2006

What a nice feeling to wake up on a cloudy Friday morning! XD I'm weird, that's for sure. I love how the cold wind blows on a cloudy day. This is good especially when certain days in Malaysia are deprived of cold weather. Anyways, I felt my right eye was hurting me a lot & thought some dust or a little eyelash of mine was the cause of the irritation. One glance at the toilet mirror gave me a shock. My eye was totally swollen! I guess it was an infection of some sort. Believe it or not, I could barely open my right eye cuz the pain got worse.

Due to this, I had to cancel lunch with my friend. Yeah, it was a last minute decision & I felt bad. Obviously I didn't wanna meet him with my current condition. Anyhow, I got to have a chat with him on the phone. Ahh, when was the last time I did this with him? Hmm...September last year, perhaps. We chatted for an hour or so with me initiating the talk most of the time. I guess it's usual considering he's a no good talker. Nevertheless, it feels great to be able to talk to him again. Since he's leaving on Aug 13, I wish him all the best.

I got a little worried about whether YesAsia received my cheque or not. I tried tracking the mail I sent & the website said the mail was successfully delivered today. Praying hard that YesAsia would send a confirmation e-mail upon receiving the cheque. Seems like the price of the TVXQ stuff that I ordered increased recently. I was utterly surprised & shock. The Rising Sun repackage edition increased by USD7!! This is ridiculous~ -_-" I'm thinking right YesAsia gonna charge me extra or just based on the current price in my order? *sighs* I'm desperate for a feedback...