Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Internet is acting weird again. Normally, the connection is slow at night cuz there're more ppl using it. But mine works fast at night & slows down in the morning -_-". Well, nothing much happened yesterday. I only went back to the college library to return a book, then drove straight to collect Mum's cheque book & help grandma update her account passbook. Drove my sis home from school & then joined her to watch Full House on YouTube. Took a nap & got up feeling energised & refreshed again. I sleep late every night so a nap is a must. Since I'm currently having my college break now, why not? XD

While taking my bath in the evening, the electricity was suddenly cut off. There I was taking my shower in mid darkness without any hot water. It was freezing cold but I survived the ultimate challenge. Hehe XD. We had dinner in a romantic candle-lit style (we had no choice... -_-") but minus the steak & red wine. Dinner was all about soup, fish, vegetables & my favourite belacan. The electricity was restored within an hour so candles were no longer needed. Ah, thank God it came back. If not, I wouldn't be happily blogging away now & my family members busy "smacking" (hitting mosquitoes, mind you!) themselves while sleeping. But poor cuzzie bro couldn't use his comp for now. I guess the sudden cut off & power surge might have blew off the power source in his CPU. Sad!

I can put aside all my worries about the cheque now. Not only the cheque arrived safely at YesAsia's office but it's already cleared! Can you imagine that? They only got it last Friday & now they confirmed that my orders are ready for shipping. My TVXQ stuff...*flails* So that means, I'll be getting it by next week. I guess I'll be ordering the dvd on Wednesday. Now I know paying cheque using HKD gets cleared faster. Apparently, there's a Public Bank branch in Hong Kong. No wonder! Why didn't I find out earlier? Silly me! *smacks head* I'll have to end here. Feeling rather hungry...*runs off to the kitchen to grab snacks*