Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First day of National Tax Conference, it was! I felt so proud & cool cuz I'm actually wearing a formal outfit *grins proudly*. Ok, I'm such a dork. But hey, who wouldn't? It's not like I get to wear it often. In future, maybe. We were supposed to gather at PWTC's lobby 7.30am. Knowing that I'm a slow person, I woke up at 5.30am & got ready. My initial plan to take the train with Jen was cancelled cuz grandma was being her usual paranoid self & wouldn't allow me to do so. Cuzzie bro fetched us there instead & the trip only took us 15 mins to arrive at the venue. We were too early, I thought. So we waited in the car for 30 mins, taking several rounds around the building before me & Jen finally entered through the side entrance.

Some participants were already there registering names & collecting their complimentary bags. Sooo early!! -_-" I quickly rushed to my counter & stood there. I was in charge of registering all the participants under their company name starting with the letter, H. Apparently, my friends needed a helping hand so every now & then, I dropped by at their counter to help. And they helped me in return while I was away. This is what we call teamwork ^^. It was pretty hectic at first. Nevertheless, things turned out to be quite fun & we made new friends.

Free refreshments & luncheon were provided to us. Food was not at its best, of course. Can't expect much since it was prepared by Malays. Not trying to be racist here but their cooking is never nice, imho. Lets just say their cooking is not to my liking. I guess the ushering part was the most troublesome job. We had to ensure all the delegates proceed to the respective rooms during luncheon according to their colour nametags. Some deliberately flipped their nametags thus making it difficult for us to identify the colour. The worse are those who slot theirs into the shirt pockets -_-". This proves that even old working adults can be as childish just because they insist to dine with their friends. Due to this, one of the rooms was fully occupied & had insufficient tables. *sighs*

At the end of the day, I arrived home feeling incredibly tired & numbness on my feet. Try standing for hours with a 2 1/2 inches high heels. It should be fine in a few days time. Just one more day to go! And then RM100 is in my hands...*grins* It was pure coincidence that we met our college mate at PWTC. Of all places! He'll be working there as well for another event. Will be looking forward to him to "kacau" me & Jen tomorrow XD. Cuz we're bored...

Speaking of boredom, I was reading one of the posts in TVXQ's LJ Community & found this hilarious picture of Jaejoong. Omg, it was so adorkable that it made my boring day a cheerful one. All hail Princess Jaejoong~ XD

[Image courtesy of elunia@LJ]