Thursday, August 10, 2006

EXAM IS OVER!! Yay~ *throws confetti into the air* Surprisingly, I felt quite confident doing this paper besides Economics. Ahh well, everything's over now. Too late to cry over the mistakes neway. Believe it or not, I feel a little bored now. I seriously have no idea how to spend my holidays. I'm supposed to feel extremely relax cuz all the burden is gone but somehow, I feel nothing. Weird, huh?

PC Fair will be held from 11-13 August at the KL Convention Centre again. I wanna go but couldn't get anyone to go. Oh gosh, I just remembered...I'm supposed to redeem my Lee jeans voucher this weekend. Argghh! I wanna go buy my ink cartridges & get freebies *sobs*. Too bad...

So, what exactly happened during the 4-day exams? Here's what happened...

I went to college at 9am to print & hand in my Marketing assignment. That took me 1 hour & I had 5 hours (yes, exactly 5 HOURS!) before my IT exam at 4pm. I did many things...I ate a couple of times, was busy flipping my notes & ended up studying at the International Office. My friends were there & we ended up goofing around. That was really distracting so I went to the canteen with Jen. Took a brief 15 mins nap there. Rather amazing that I managed to sleep cuz the canteen was pretty hot. Definitely not a good place for slumber. I headed back to the office again & the rest is history. Basically, I was revising till exam starts. Damn IT exam! I wouldn't say I did well in this paper cuz I always suck at writing essays. Was panicking when ppl started leaving the exam hall. I thought I must've been working on too slowly. Gah~ one glance at the watch shows that I still got time. Besides, it's not a good a idea to leave early. Exam ended at 7pm & off I went straight home while others stayed on for dinner.

Nothing much happened on this day cuz the exam was at 8am. I was quite disappointed with the outcome of the paper. Not because the paper was hard but I felt I didn't study enough to answer it perfectly. I was being lazy cuz it's Economics, a subject that I've studied for 2 years & doing it again now. There was something odd with one of the questions & was a little late at informing my lecturer. The demand schedule was showing an increase in quantity demanded although the price was increasing. I wouldn't say it's an error cuz the quantity may not be affected by price. But it's still odd. After exam, I went up to the faculty to check my grades for Finance Test 2. *gasped* I got a 75.5% & was the highest in class again! *blinked eyes* No, wasn't me. It was my classmate! Gosh, how can I read the marks wrongly & assume that I topped the class for another time. Gee~ boo boo to myself. I went home after that.

Had English paper at 8am. Again, it wasn't my best paper cuz I kinda screwed up the summary part. I had another long 6 hours break before Finance exam. Ate a couple of times again & taking 1/2 hour nap in the Student Affairs Office. Couldn't help it cuz the cool air from the air-cond provided an extremely conducive environment for a comfortable nap. I got really nervous during the last 1/2 hour before exam commenced. Overall, exam was ok & I was sure that the calculation questions were pretty easy. Sad to say, I think the essays were pretty messed up. Had to leave home immediately cuz it was grandma's birthday. Dinner at Tai Thong was sucks & oh boy, our dinner lasted from 7pm till 10.30pm. You guys must be wondering what kind of food we had that took long hours to eat. It was an 8 course meal, for your info. I dunno what the hell happened to the cooks that night. So unproductive -_-".

Ahhh...the last paper! Exam was sheduled at 4pm so I had the opportunity to wake up later. Was supposed to wake up at 8am to study but I slept till 9.30am. Gosh, I quickly woke up & started studying while digging into a bowl of Koko Crunch (I can't live without it. A must have in the morning~ Tee hee...XD). If only you all could see how vigorous I was flipping the Marketing notes & cross-referring to the huge block of Marketing essential bible for detailed explanation. I read thoroughly the topics that will appear in the essays & told myself I can't screw up again. After lunch, I was already slacking & watching tv. And there was my sis watching Philadelphia on Cinemax. I eagerly joined in & watched till the end. *sighs* That movie never fails to make me cry inside especially towards the end. So exam it was, at 4pm. Voila! Exam was a breeze cuz I did well in the essay. Haha! And there you see me leaving the exam hall with a huge, stupid grin plastered on my face. Hey, it was the last paper & I'm on a break already!

*giggles* This must be a one hell of a long post to read, huh? Can't blame cuz I was on a blog hiatus neways. Btw, I'm supposed to meet up my ex friend later for lunch. Everyone will be curious how I will feel meeting him again several months after the breakup incident. Yeah, the feeling is odd when he called earlier to re-confirmed the time & stuff. He hasn't got the British accent (sad -_-") so I presumed he didn't change at all. We'll see what happens...don't worry, I shall blog the details of our meet up if deemed necessary. Besides, I wouldn't wanna embarrass myself & him cuz he's very likely to read my blog. I'm not entirely sure but, isn't it better to be safe than sorry?

I tracked my mail to Hong Kong. Seems that it's already there. Hopefully YesAsia will get the cheque asap before I place my next order. It'll be All About 東方神起 3-disc dvd.'s expensive but there's the whole collection of MVs & extras ie. photobook. Sweet, isn't it? The radio version of w-inds. new single, Boogiewoogie66 was out last week. The song is rather refreshing but I need some time to get used to it. Heard that the PV was filmed in the Kobe concert. Lucky fans out there...*envious* Alrite, I shall end this post. Nites~