Sunday, August 13, 2006

Today is the last day for me to redeem my Lee Jeans voucher. Actually, the voucher expires on Aug 15. But I needed Mum to accompany me to some unknown shopping mall in KL therefore today is the best & last day to do so. Should've redeem it earlier but heck, I was fully occupied with tests & heaps of assignments. That mall is freakin' "ah pek" & I really can't imagine myself "lepaking" there. It was small, humid, old, dirty & ...the list would go on. I shall let you imagine the worst condition you can ever think of.

We found the shop & headed straight to the ladies section to scout for jeans. Unfortunately, there weren't much ladies cut jeans & mostly are men cut. We were thinking of getting a pair of jeans for Dad if I couldn't find what I want cuz the choices were really limited. Anyway, lucky me cuz I found one which suits me though not exactly perfect. The jeans were mid-low waist which is slightly higher than my Levi's. I kinda got used to wearing low waist so it feels weird wearing a higher waist jeans than normal.

Stupid me for not reading the voucher thorough enough to make a photocopy of my IC. Me & Mum had to walk rows of streets away from the mall just to search for a shop that offers photocopying service. I almost gave up & kept on pestering mum to leave. Both of us were already sweaty & exhausted. Finally, we found one rather small photo shop that offer such service & quickly rushed back to the mall to buy the jeans.

We had a shopping spree at Sogo. Which woman in the world can resist shopping when there's a sale? C'mon, it's Mega Sale here in Malaysia. I think Mum bought two blouses while I grabbed a blue blouse (I hardly had any bright blue ones), a white skirt & a Radioactive bag. You know those postman-ish bag that can be found in shops like Tropicana Life, BodyGlove & Roxy. Honestly, I wouldn't go to the extend of paying a canvas bag for RM70++ which is the normal price. There's 50% off for these bags so I seized the opportunity to own one. Didn't use the credit card to pay them. *sighs* Should've used it neway cuz when mum knew I paid cash for it, she asked why I didn't use the card instead.

To spice up this post, I'll start spamming with pics again XD. They are mostly my newly bought bag. Here it is...

Now you see the flap of the bag,

Now you don't...

I only paid RM29.95 for this bag *grins proudly*

P.S.: Basically, I just folded the flap & slip it into the bag. That's how it works cuz it's designed to be like that.