Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ah~ What a week it has been with nothing much better to do. All I did was becoming a chauffeur; driving my sis home from school & sending my grandma for groceries. Besides that, I spent most of my time watching Full House on YouTube. And yet I still couldn't finish watching the whole series. This is all because of my stupid Internet connection for being wonky again. Slow connection, that's right -_-".

I was offered a 2 day job to help out in this National Tax Conference organised by the taxation institute I used to work in. This time, I had to travel all the way to PWTC where me & Jen will be in charge of registration & ushering. We were told to comply to a certain formal dress code. Just for this job, I blew RM428 just to get a black blazer & matching skirt. Indeed, the suit is fabulous. I didn't wanna buy it at first cuz I'm gonna wear them for 2 days only. Somehow, I couldn't find someone who could lend a coat & skirt with the right size & colour. I'm sure y'all wanna see how my attire looks like. That's why I snap a pic of it & spam this post XD.

The skirt is on the hanger too but not caught on camera

No discounts for new arrival items T.T

See what I mean by blowing RM428 just for a 2 day job? And for your info, I will be paid only RM50 including a free lunch for half a day. Me & Jen is scheduled to work in the morning shift on Tuesday & afternoon shift on Wednesday. Hopefully things will turn out well on both days. *sighs* I have to purposely travel to PWTC on Monday at 5pm for a briefing. More money spent even before work starts T.T

Oh yes, I've finally placed order & made payment for the All About 東方神起 DVD box set. It's pricey but quite worth it for a 3-disc dvd set. Right now, I'm waiting for my albums to arrive. I pressume the package should arrive at my doorstep by next week. Dang! I just realised there's only 2 weeks left before my holidays end. I wonder I can receive the dvd & watch it before the next semester starts. Ahhh, I haven't even watch w-inds. WORKS vol. 3 yet...-_-"

In my previous post, I mentioned that I would share with y'all my w-inds. collection. I doubt you guys remembered neway. It's the post dated May 25, 2006. Check it out if y'all have nothing else better to do. Besides, reading my older posts is pretty fun...I even found it amusing myself. Hehe ^^. Behold~ My precious w-inds. collection!

Noticed two similar but different colour album jackets? The white one is CD+DVD while the red is CD only

Music videos & concert dvds...

Look out for magazine collections in the next post! :D