Saturday, August 12, 2006

PC Fair wasn't as good as early this year. Less products were displayed & of all brands, HP didn't set up their booth at the ballroom. Where were they when I needed them? I went there cuz I desperately needed ink cartridges for my printer. After 2 hours of frantic search & our legs giving way, my sis & I finally found a dealer selling HP original ink cartridges. Thank God! Managed to get them at a much cheaper price (minus the free t-shirt & bath towel, of course...). Besides, it must be from the old stock. Nevertheless, I got a cute Luft clock ^^. See pic below:

Cute, eh?

After buying the ink cartridges, we headed straight to Isetan's supermarket & bought few boxes of sushi. Btw, we didn't eat lunch & we only ate the sushi at around 4pm. I also bought some pastries from Sun Moulin bakery. Omg, the pastries were awesome but they were pricey. I bought 3 pieces: a mini size custard raisin cinnamon bun (something like those cinnamon buns from St. Cinnamon) & 2 pastries (one with shredded pineapple & the other one filled with chocolate). Each costs RM1 & the size was pretty small. I still enjoy them though...XD.

On our way home, we got stuck at the train station for about 10 minutes. There were too many ppl taking the train at that time. We could've died of suffocation, seriously. Imagine if someone fell, that person would've died of a stampede or some sort. And that stupid machine that reads tickets wasn't working well that it took several extra seconds to release after reading the magnetic tickets. Oh well, we still managed to arrive home safely. ^^

Annndddddd, the good news for the day is..... *drum roll*


My very own copy of Vacanza~ *squeeeee* ^^

It arrived this afternoon & I thought it came rather fast. Just a few days...and oh boy, *faints* the pics were extraordinarily SHINY!!! High resolution pics printed on high quality paper. A poster & a sheet of stickers were included. I totally love the poster cuz it's a double sided one. Right now, this book is hidden in my wardrobe. I wonder whether mum would discover it & starts yelling at me XD. The next package will be TVXQ's albums. Can't wait~